Things I’ve learned from a 3 yr old…

If he wants something, he will get it… no matter how high up it is or how well I’ve hidden it.

Nothing is really hidden from him…

Liquids are more fun when they are poured on the floor/rug/tile…

If it’s sharp or dangerous he’ll want to play with it…

A magnet on a TV screen makes pretty colors, and now everyone on that TV screen is blue or purple….

Never, EVER think you can wear him out….

If he knows he’s not supposed to touch something, that makes it all the more desirable to touch….

He knows how to watch a video on the computer and uses a mouse better than his Grandpa does. lol

He runs A LOT faster than I do…

All it takes is him hearing a swear word once, and it’s in his vocabulary… Gee thanks Grandpa….

Toys, especially cars or trucks, that show any sign of defect/weakness, are immediately dismantled. Ever seen a Marine dismantle his gun for cleaning? You know the ones that can do it blindfolded? Well, they put the gun back together again…. this lil guy has the dismantle down just as fast! Now, if I could just teach him to put things back together again….

The kittens WANT to be put in drawers, cages, boxes, buckets, totes, backpacks, pillow cases, the dryer… etc. etc. (So he says, the cats tell me different)

Our dog is really a horse!

I hate Sid the Science Kid, and yet, I will sit and watch it with him… (Have you heard about the kid who wants to know everything about everything? Well if it were up to me he and his parents would be dismembered and buried in my yard.)

Have I mentioned he runs a lot faster than I do?

He’s also taught me to say, I LOVE YOU, often, and how good it feels to have it come from that sweet lil face.

Just thinking out loud….
I hope you all  have had a fantastic summer. My youngest started High School today, and I’m not handling it well. Who said they could grow up so fast?


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  1. Unknown
    Sep 24, 2010 @ 14:54:41

    Priceless! Sometimes I have to wonder if children are sent here for us to learn from them, instead of the other way around.


  2. R U Serious
    Sep 30, 2010 @ 12:25:48

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! I have nephews so I know what you mean. That was a GOOD one! (Still laughing…sorry!).As you may know, Spaces is closing down in March and have kindly offered to transfer all of our stuff, almost, to WordPress. YUCK!!I have resurrected my Blogger space ( and will be posting from there from now on. If you get or have a blogger space, please let me know the addy.MSN and WordPress be Damned!!! LOLTake care Steph!!XX Bob~


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