Merry Christmas!
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and a very happy, but safe, New Year.
Things have been hectic, but, much better. We have the lil guy back in our lives! God really does answer prayers, just not always on our schedule. Looking back it’s HIS way that’s best.
I love all of you, and really enjoy when you stop by to see me. Sorry there hasn’t been much to see. I’ve happily been keeping up with a very busy 3 year old, helping with a community kitchen that feeds those who need a hot meal, community gift drive and a Library Open House/Auction.
My oldest son is still looking for work. Younger son is cooking at The Cheesecake Factory (YUM), and being a loving Dad.
My daughter Alaura is home on Christmas break. She’s been doing fantastic at college, and loving the freedom that comes with being on your own.
My Lisa is in 9th grade this year, and always on the honor roll (she’s keeping up with her older sister).
She’s an Anime fanatic and has some good friends with slightly twisted sense of humor… gee wonder where she gets that from? lol
One of them, Christopher, noticed and was quick to point out that "Edward" in New Moon, has two different size of nipples, and that the men in the movie all have "butt chins."  Throughout the whole movie they (including my daughter) could be heard whispering, "look another butt chin…" Ah goofy youth.
I’m proud of and love my children, and grandchildren more than I can ever say.
What have you all been up to? MERRY CHRISTMAS! BIG HUGS, Steph

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jade
    Dec 24, 2009 @ 13:50:25

    fantastic you working at a \’soup kitchen\’ I am either driving my altzheimer-mom all over while she drives me crazy or spending time with the love of my life…all while my foot heels :)Merry Christmas and a blessed new year.


  2. Laoch
    Dec 25, 2009 @ 11:37:52

    Merry Christmas to you!


  3. GreatGranny
    Dec 26, 2009 @ 12:07:47

    Hi, Steph, you\’ve been a real blessing serving in the soup kitchen. Blessings to you and yours in the New Year.


  4. Duckie
    Dec 26, 2009 @ 17:03:44

    All sounds good. "God\’s in His heaven. All is right with the world."Eileen


  5. Christina. Y.
    Dec 27, 2009 @ 23:32:03

    Merry Christmas! You have a sweet happy family! Best wish for you and your kin.


  6. Unknown
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 18:47:35 has come and gone.This New Year is the perfect time to renew the bond of friendship. Here\’s wishing you plenty of happiness, good health and good luck this day and always in 2010.Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. ……SETH


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