Thank you sir I’ll have another…

They say that God never gives you more than you can handle, or He loves you and gives you trials so you can grow… Then there’s the ‘ol, "What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger."
All I can say is…. God must really, REALLY love me!
That and I think instead of getting stronger, right now I’d prefer that it kill me!

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  1. Laoch
    Nov 11, 2009 @ 22:11:54

    I hope this next year will be brighter for you.


  2. DragonBoy
    Nov 14, 2009 @ 03:14:33

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw Steph… I loves ya and I\’m popping by to give you muchos huggles **huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles****huggles**Seeeeeeeeeeeeeee… And that\’s not even half of them. I haven\’t given them you all cos it\’d be like a tsunami of huggles and things may get washed away that you need to keep a grip of… like socks and griffins and marzipan. We all know what happens if you lose your socks and griffins and marzipan… you can\’t make sock, griffin and marzipan flapjacks and then you really may as well just throw the towel in and say… Hey you God… (even though it was my fault… but I was standing over there whistling non-chalantly and skimming through a magazine… ok so it\’s upside down but I\’m hoping you won\’t notice)… I NEED FLAPJACKS!!!Thinking of you and hoping things get better real soon.***More hugs and a bum pat***DB xxx


  3. Unknown
    Nov 15, 2009 @ 22:00:35

    Thanks for one of your recent comments……… It\’s always a pleasure to see you out \’n about on msn spaces! I MUST get back here to your space and very soon, I really need to catch up with what has been happening around here and with you! In the mean time, till I return… Keep well… enjoy the upcoming week! Cheers to you my friend!


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