All the news that’s fit to print…

Let’s see… what’s been going on here. I’ll leave out the drama that’s turning my hair white.
That leaves…
I have a new kitten. The other night my oldest daughter came in crying with a very small, young kitten. It’s eyes aren’t even open yet. It seems that he was in a trailer of a family she knows and his mother has disappeared. The family was going to let him starve to death, so, she brought him home to me. After some frantic phone calls I have learned that if you are going to bottle feed a kitten you need to use a very tiny bottle, (specially made for these little ones) goats milk, warm wash clothes and Vaseline.
Never warm the milk in a microwave, it kills all the nutrients. They need to be fed every 2 hours (once you actually get them to accept being bottle fed). After they wake up you have to wipe their lil bottoms with a warm damp wash cloth to stimulate their bowels and every other time use Vaseline so their bottom doesn’t get to sore.
I fed the lil guy all night and the next day, while frantically trying to find a lactating Mama kitty. I made phone call after phone call and had no luck. Finally when I thought all hope was lost, my sister tells me that she thinks one of my brother’s has a mama cat who’s still nursing!
She’s just weaning hers and they are eating solid foods. I took the baby to their house and miracle of miracles, Mama kitty (Spicy) took to the baby like it was one of hers.
I brought her and the baby home with me. She’s a wonderful cat, and an answer to my many prayers.  (Photos to follow, I KNOW DavidShag is sitting on the edge of his seat!)
The wild blackberries are ripening. I went out and picked enough to make some jam. My hands are all scratched up, and I had to make sure Dekeon and Gauge didn’t eat all the berries before I got the jam made, but it was worth it.
The wild berries are much smaller than cultivated, but they are sweeter… yummmmmmm!
Local news, Kristen Armstrong (the first ever Boisean to win a gold medal) is on her way home to Boise. I think the whole city is planning on being at the airport to greet her. I plan to NOT be on the roads tomorrow. The traffic will be horrendous. Welcome home Kristen! 
A young man who went to school here in Emmett is at the Olympics, throwing the discus. He is my son, Nick’s age.
OH and today is supposed to get up to 100 degrees… oh joy of joys. BIG HUGS, Steph

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  1. Jade
    Aug 14, 2008 @ 15:31:05

    how wonderful you found a "wet kitty"!momma dragon\’s daughter brought home a kitten that turned out to be a hellion!can\’t wait to see pics of the baby!


  2. ZePp...
    Aug 14, 2008 @ 18:54:38

    Well back Mrs. Doolittle    :P:P  LMAO.. ( God I hope you remmeber the movie that is a reference from )
    Hmmmmmm berries.
    I have been getting some good cantaloupe, tomatoes, onions and peppers from my garden.. and watermelon coming real soon.  Ate all the string beans already.. didnt plant many tho.
    Ttyl Steph…


  3. Greg
    Aug 14, 2008 @ 20:22:44


    Hi Steph…
    Good to read you are still hanging in there.
    At least we know that you are not a lactating kitty. Just trying to get you to chuckle with all that you have going on.
    I was playing counselor today too…Mostly listening while oldest daughter vented.
    I\’m telling you the single life is a simple life.
    Kick me once…Kick me twice…Ah…I\’ll just be a dad.
    Be well my precious blogging friend.
    You know we have been doing this for awhile now.
    Have a wonderful weekend,


  4. Laoch
    Aug 14, 2008 @ 22:34:54



  5. Lola
    Aug 16, 2008 @ 11:11:58

    Those who offer kindness to such helpless creatures are very good people in my book.  🙂


  6. t i m
    Aug 16, 2008 @ 18:23:57

    Did you get to name the kitten? Its only right.


  7. Ms Noanie
    Aug 17, 2008 @ 08:14:31

    God bless you for taking care of that kitten.  And I so admire you for making jam – I\’ve not ever tried to do that and would like to before I die! Is it very involved?
    Stay cool today!  Peace


  8. KatSoup
    Aug 19, 2008 @ 07:49:11

    that is so sweet.  I am glad you found a mom.  My lil cat was hand fed at the rescue place and he has lots of "issues"  now. Our blackberries have come and gome.  I\’m seeing the "pick yer own blueberries" signs $4.00 a gallon. So, I guess its time for them.
     Oh yea, there has to be pictures of the baby – pleeezzze.
    Ps.  Jon is recovering very well.


  9. ...
    Aug 19, 2008 @ 14:52:56

    Cats. Now there is an animal that doesnt seem to like me much. Ask my old neighbours one that used to tease me daily. Hated him. Now I have moved. I miss him.


  10. Jean
    Aug 19, 2008 @ 17:35:31

    Happy third Blogaversary!! Last month, but you were gone! Cute new kitty!! I love baby kitties.. cute baby, too!! Gauge is looking pretty good. Thanks to gramma.. Hope you are ok with the two of them..
    love and hugs,


  11. Raven
    Aug 23, 2008 @ 21:08:24

    Blackberry jam! YUM!  You are such a good person…


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