Gardening in the rain

The weather this spring has been strange. It went from hot to cold, to wind and rain.
I have tons of flowers and garden stuff to get into the ground, and I got tired of waiting for the perfect day.
I decided that I would plant most of it this past Wednesday, come rain or shine…. it was raining, all day.
I have to say, that it was fun! I got soaking wet, and it reminded me of when I was little, playing in the park making mud pies.
I had Alli, (My daughter’s Golden Retriever Puppy) out there with me and she was having fun too.
This is Alli on a dry day….
Meet, "Bubba". He’s the newest addition to our family.
We had a huge storm go through here a couple of weeks ago, and the neighbor kids found him. After some shedding of blood (the kids), and some nasty bites, (inflicted on the kids) they finally caught him and brought him to me.
It’s taken some time but he’s finally decided he likes being loved and pampered.
I’ve become, "mama". 
Well that’s what’s been going on here. How have you all been doing? BIG HUGS, Steph

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  1. Jade
    Jun 05, 2008 @ 17:56:25

    KITTEN!!! eeeeee!!!That puppy will gladly dig up your flowers 😀


  2. Jean
    Jun 05, 2008 @ 18:53:48

    Poor little fella.. at least he\’s finally found his "mama".. The dog LOVED the rain, I\’m sure.. my nieces Golden heads straight for the lake every time they come over! Then she\’s relegated to the porch for the whole visit! That\’s how their old Golden would get to stay at Grandma\’s sometimes… where she was spoiled, I might add.. she\’d go jump in the lake RIGHT before they wanted to load her in the car.. so they\’d have to leave her til the next weekend!LOL Not so stupid.. Glad you got things planted!


  3. Ms Noanie
    Jun 08, 2008 @ 18:49:06

    Cute animals!  I miss having a pet, but then I\’m just not home enough to be responsible for one. 
    I remember playing in the rain on one particual summer day – jumping in the puddles and getting soaking wet – oh to be a kid again!


  4. Lola
    Jun 08, 2008 @ 19:21:04

    That is a super-cute kitty and puppy.  Oh my yes! How adorable.
    I loved making mud pies when I was little.  Now when I am gardening I love to open fresh bags of garden soil and smell that  lovely, fresh, spring-like dirt smell.  Oh yeah…..good times….
    Gardening is really like anything artistic and creative: it allows you to release your soul, get lost in the process and in the actions…
    I digress.  I went on a metaphysical tangent or something.


  5. Litespreader
    Jun 09, 2008 @ 12:37:14

    Hi there, Mama!  You are something else, my dear one..I love what you did for the homeless man.  Angels, unawares..I\’m sending my email addy, and I want to send you something in your email, that I just got in mine.  I thoughtof you when I opened it.  Getting ready for my new physical therapist, and work now.. take care, sis.  love,t


  6. Laoch
    Jun 09, 2008 @ 15:07:48

    Beautiful photos!  I love your pets.


  7. R U Serious
    Jun 09, 2008 @ 17:37:52

    LOL @ Jade!!  Rain, huh??  I hope you wore a T-Shirt…. and entered a contest!!  LOL!!  That dog is Beautiful and Bubba is really cute!!  Bonnie would be all over Alli!!  And Buzz would be his buddy!! Baxter???  Who knows??  LOL!
    Hope you are well and \’you know who\’ is working 24/7!!  HAH!
    Take care baby!!  Hope to chat soon!! 


  8. ...
    Jun 10, 2008 @ 15:14:33

    Cute pets. And a wonderful addition of the little one. Altho cats are not my fav animal in the universe, i had a love hate relationship with a neighbours cat and its not until I have now moved I realise I actually miss him.
    Maybe I am an animal lover after all.
    And hello again bye the way : )


  9. Greg
    Jun 11, 2008 @ 14:17:56


    Hi Steph…
    Awww…Look at Alli.
    Look at Bubba too!!!
    So planting flowers in the rain. Wet t-shirt and all eh??? Snicker!!!
    Be well Mrs. KittyCat and safe travels…Greg


  10. Ms Noanie
    Jun 11, 2008 @ 18:38:44

    Just checking in on you to make sure your still kicking!  Hope your plants are blooming nicely and you\’ve had time to enjoy them.


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