Another week starting…

Last week was difficult. We had Mary Ann’s Memorial.
They had a wonderful slide show of her life. Pictures of her as a little girl, growing up, a beautiful bride, loving mother, proud grandma, and even photos of her with her family during the last days of her life.
After the music and reverend/pastor spoke, they opened it up to anyone who wanted to get up and say something.
Public speaking has never bothered me, but, I knew I was going to cry, and told them so beforehand.
When I first met her the thing I noticed was how very kind and genuine she was. She always made me feel loved and accepted for who I was (which is something I strive for with my family and friends).
I told about our trip to California, how with both of us loving thrift shops and antique stores, that every time we would stop for a break, we would hit at least one shop or store of the area. If I had been with anyone else, they would not have enjoyed that like we did.
We took turns driving and talking (about crazy Italian families, and dealing with growing up in one).
I had a wonderful time, and even got to meet some of her family (Her sister Cookie, brother-in-law Ron,  her daughter Sandy and her children.) I liked them all very much.
I said that I knew how much she loved her family, and her husband Daryl. How they were meant to be together, each complimenting the other.
When they were first married, and would have an argument, she was used to yelling, screaming, (the way her parents did, the way MY parents do). Darryl would quietly walk away and come back later when she was calm and then discuss things. She learned that he was not going to argue/fight with her that way, and from that she learned patience, understanding and a better way to communicate.
He was the calm in her storm. They were together for 49 years, a true loving team.
She loved the Lord, and would always strive to be closer to him.
To me and all those who knew her she was a wonderful example of Christian love and charity. She served others, even when she was sick and in pain. While doing so, she never, ever made anyone feel like they were a burden.
One woman told that even in her last days on earth, they called to go visit her, and arrived to find she had made a special dinner for them all.
Her granddaughter spoke about her (and made me cry). Her husband spoke and told how grateful he was to have had 49 years with her. He told that she had a rough childhood and how her finding the Lord had helped her find and receive the gift of giving/serving others.
Her daughter, Sandy spoke, her other daughter Suzie sent an email (she was able to be here and spend time with Mary Ann before she died, but had to get back to Alabama).
Her letter made even the pastor cry.
The memorial was not only a tribute to Mary Ann, but, she wanted it to be a "preaching of the word" because her faith in the Lord was so strong, she wanted to share it with everyone.
After we all got together for a meal that Mary Ann had planned. I sat with old friends and other friends who knew her and we had a great time talking and reminding each other of different stories and things that she had done.  
She made you feel special, loved and accepted.
I believe it’s only her body that’s been left behind and that she’s with Christ, but, I still miss her.
I hope to strive to be more like her, and to be a better friend and influence on those around me.
On a different note, I was asked why "hubby" was upset that I won the Nintendo Wii… it was because if he had won it, he would have not let anyone else use it, because it was HIS. This way since I won with my name, everyone gets to play it. lol
Now, for some comedy. Jade found this and I love, love, LOVE it! Who knew Engineers could be so funny and sexy! lol Enjoy….



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  1. Ms Noanie
    Apr 21, 2008 @ 06:44:01

    Steph, you have had a rough time of it lately – too much loss.  Hope you are doing OK.  Keeping you in my prayers.


  2. Ms Noanie
    Apr 22, 2008 @ 11:22:25

    Steph,In the Catholic church it is usually only the Eucharist (body) that is received, but on certain occasions, like weddings and funerals they have the wine (blood).  The Catholic church only offers wine and you are not obligated to drink it – its not a sin or anything to refuse it.  In most other Christian faiths, when communion is served they have both wine and grape juice so alcholics can drink the grape juice.  Those eliticts Catholics!


  3. DragonBoy
    Apr 24, 2008 @ 02:53:37

    Just dropping in here to leave you a ****HUUUUUUUUUUUUUG****… i\’ll put it over there and you can use it when you feel the need…
    DB xxx


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