We have one grocery store in our little town. It’s a major chain, and charges an arm and a leg for things, but, it’s the only game in town…  Unless you "go over the hill" towards Boise.
One chain has a store that’s about a 20 minute drive, and the prices are usually almost half of what I pay in town.
Yesterday I was in our town’s grocery store, and the man in charge of the Butcher Block says, Hi, and asks where the heck I’ve been. He hasn’t seen me in a long time.
I told him I’ve been busy with my 3 yr old Grandson and haven’t been out much.
He looks at me and says, "You’ve been going to "XYZ" haven’t you?"
I was honest and told him, yes, actually I have. I gave him some examples of price differences, but assured him that I still tried to shop the sales here in town…
So tell me, why do I feel like I’ve been caught cheating on him?? lol BIG HUGS, Steph

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  1. Brandi and Kellie
    Feb 27, 2008 @ 11:21:06

    Ha Ha!!!  Too funny!  You know what?  I\’d be cheating on him as well if the other store was half the price of his!  LOL!


  2. SAAM
    Feb 27, 2008 @ 13:18:13

    Funny!!  I\’d be doing that too!


  3. Jean
    Feb 27, 2008 @ 16:04:45

    I don\’t know, but I\’d probably feel the same way! But, I\’d have told him it was just because I couldn\’t afford him! They need to lower some prices to compete!lol


  4. Jane
    Feb 27, 2008 @ 16:36:02

    Principles are great but you can\’t eat \’em.   Sometimes you have more time…. sometimes you have more money.  Everybuddy got theirs.


  5. David
    Feb 27, 2008 @ 18:37:01

    Maybe because you WERE?  Odd of him to ask, because I know, speaking for myself, I\’d be kind of uncomfortale going there if I felt like I was going have to answer for my absences.  Like the awful ad where the kid calls his MOm and all she does is asks why he never calls.  I suppose you could have said you like pissing away your money and they have a better restroom.  Or maybe not. 


  6. cowboy
    Feb 27, 2008 @ 19:26:19

    I know how you feel.  A friend of mine owns a small book, comic book and magazine store.  I go in there and buy magazines and comic books from him and the occasional book but the bottom line is I can get the hard covers cheaper at Amazon.  I throw him a bone once in awhile and buy a hardcover from him.  I too feel like I am cheating on him at times but times are tough for everybody right now and you need to look after number 1 and spend your money sensisbly.  I am sure the store merchant understands and the bottom line is if he wants to stay in business he is going to have to lower his prices to stay competetive instead of relying on loyalty and guilt to keep him in business. That is not your fault.


  7. Delete52Mitch
    Feb 28, 2008 @ 00:01:14

    Small town stores are basically convenience stores and they should know that and gear their sales in that direction. My mom built one in a small Minnesota town after the town\’s only other remaining store burned down. The marketing is geared to a market of people who do their large-scale grocery shopping at towns 30 miles away. Don\’t feel guilty.


  8. Lola
    Feb 28, 2008 @ 06:50:40

    You went for the better prices.  End of story. Plus the fact, I don\’t know why he  would ask you that kind of question anyway. 


  9. ZePp...
    Feb 28, 2008 @ 07:45:05

    Ahhhhh   GOOD thing it wasnt ME he asked that… lmao.
    I can see it now….
    Well yes, I sure have been.  They give me better service & better prices. Sorta like ur wife.. much cheaper than the the hookers over by "XYZ" store  !!!  So see I do try to shop locally if the value is right   😀
    Bet he would NEVER ask me anything again….. altho I doubt I would trust him with my produce after that !!!!   ;-D


  10. Jim
    Feb 28, 2008 @ 09:33:13

    Maybe just something honest, I would love to shop here if I could afford it.


  11. KatSoup
    Feb 28, 2008 @ 12:03:47

    Ha ha I know this too.  I shop at chain store and a super chain store opened across town.  I fell for all the glitz and spent like 300.00 dollars.  I came running back to my small chain and told the manager I would never stray again.
    I felt guilty too. 
    We live mirrored lives


  12. R U Serious
    Feb 28, 2008 @ 16:30:16

    You Traitor!!!  LOL!!   Screw them!!  Go for the best prices.  And then they turn on you and go on strike!!    Nothing like busting through a picket line to buy milk!!  LOL  You should have told him you were raising/slaughtering your own cattle!!!!


  13. Nooner™
    Feb 29, 2008 @ 17:54:20

    Almost "half"? Hell, I may drive to Boise!


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