What’s a few embarrassing moments between friends?

RecentlyJane, and a few other bloggers I read have posted of some embarrassing moments in their life, which got me to thinking.
I’m kind of shocked that I can’t really remember very many.
Growing up I was usually embarrassed for another person. (It’s why I couldn’t enjoy watching, "I Love Lucy" until I was an adult.)
My Grandpa on the Italian side was a huge tease, and IF he knew that something embarrassed you, bet money on it being brought up or talked about over and over again.
I guess that’s why I don’t remember being embarrassed. I learned early not to let things bother me, so I wouldn’t be teased. lol
On the other hand I have a  few cousins who were very gullible and dense because they never seemed to catch on.
My Grandpa’s favorite story about me was, when I was 2 years old and on their ranch, I disappeared for awhile. My Mom thought I was with my Dad, and Dad thought I was with my Mom.
Not too far away was a deep open well, and I guess I had made a bee-line for it. My aunts who were old enough to remember say that Grandpa and my Dad were jumping 6+ ft fences like superman, they were so afraid.
Around the well was a barb wire fence, and that’s where they found me, with my undies caught on the fence.
He would tell that story over and over again. Every boy I ever dated, that met him, knows that story.
When I was 16 or 17 I drew a picture for him of a little girl stuck to a barb wire fence by her undies. He loved it! lol
I would play along with him at times, but that really didn’t embarrass me too much.
Twice I can think of being very embarrassed and it was because I hurt someone I cared about, and that embarrassed and hurt me.
Once was when I was in High School, I had 2 boys my age who lived out in the "Sticks" near me.
"Greg" and "Randy" (not their real names), and they were like brothers to me.
 We hung out in the same group of kids, and they would come get me ever day (mostly Greg) and give me rides to and from school, so I wouldn’t have to ride the bus.
Our Senior year I was at my locker, Greg came over and asked if I wanted to go to Prom with him.
My only excuse for my rude answer was, I didn’t think before I spoke and I always thought of them both as buddies.
My best friend was a twin, and she had told me that her brother was going to ask me. So, I said, ‘No’ I’m waiting for "so, and so" to ask me.
The minute those words were out of my mouth I knew I had hurt him and was a total ass.
He let it drop, and for almost a week I felt like digging a hole and climbing in.
I finally got up the nerve to go to him and ask HIM if he wanted to go to prom with me.
He wasn’t totally gracious about it, and enjoyed flicking some crap on me, but I had it coming.
He said yes, after giving me a hard time, and you know what? Of all the years I went to prom, that was the most fun I had ever had.
We went with our ‘group’ and their dates, and I can’t imagine having a better time with anyone else.
Another time I can think of, was my very first trip to Hawaii. It was for work and I was with a bunch of Travel Agents (hard drinking, chain smoking.) At the time I was 18 and did neither. (that’s my story anyway)
On the island of Kauai we were at a big hotel where we were introduced to a lot of the staff. One of them had a last name that is the same as the Portuguese side of my family, and I mentioned that, plus the fact that I was half Portuguese. That immediately gave me an "in" with the staff, and they invited me to come eat dinner with them and watch the nightly show (hula, fire dancing, etc. etc.)
During part of the show the dancers dragged a bunch of us up to hula with them. I had a great time and everyone was funny.
When it came time to say goodnight to them all, I got big hugs and kisses on the cheek from everyone… except this one young woman.
There was the hug like the rest, but then she grabbed my face and did a big ol lip lock!
I was not expecting it, nor being 18 and from small town Oregon, had I ever thought something like that would happen.
I have never made a faster retreat from a group of people than I did that night.
I was totally embarrassed!
Now, if that were to happen to me later when I was more mature, I probably would have made some smart-ass, or flippant remark, but, at that time, I just wanted to retreat! (and double lock my room door!) LOL
So there ya have it. As a grown-up I can’t really say that I can think of anything that embarrasses me. If I come across something I’ll be sure to let you know. lol BIG HUGS, Steph

10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jane
    Aug 30, 2007 @ 12:54:02

    I tend to block out the embarassing moments, I think, because surely there must be more than I can remember.
    I think I would remember that kiss, though.  Yeah, I can see why you remember that. 


  2. Shari
    Aug 30, 2007 @ 17:50:14

    Hey Steph, haven\’t been by in awhile, hope you are doing well.
    I like the most embarrassing moments post; only I think I\’d have too many to admit to!  lol
    I\’m going to go and get myself caught up with you.  Take care. 


  3. R U Serious
    Aug 30, 2007 @ 18:36:56

    Oh Yeah!!!  If you think of something be SURE to let us know!!  LOL  I think that like me, embarassing things happen to you all the time but we just PFFFFT them off!  In my case, I\’m just used to it!


  4. Delete52Mitch
    Aug 30, 2007 @ 21:37:04

    What a wonderful, well-written blog entry. It captured my attention from first to last. What was the deal with that kiss, though? Some strange Portugues ritual among young women. Or was she Lebanese? Much love from Alabama. Mitch


  5. DragonBoy
    Aug 31, 2007 @ 06:08:45

    Well Steph…. if you\’re going down to the hot place, save me a seat next to you cos i\’m pretty sure I\’m heading there myself and I want to sit next to someone I can giggle with while we\’re being roasted….
    Have a great weekend Steph…
    **crazy wave**


  6. Leah
    Aug 31, 2007 @ 21:56:15

     I have a scared and embarrassing moment. When I was about 7 months pregnant with Booties. I went to this store and i went to step off the curb and lost my balance. I fell on my ankle and my knees. I didn\’t land on my tummy thank goodness but out of all the people that were in and out of that store only one came to ask if I was ok. Maybe you couldn\’t see my fat belly behind my back? I don\’t know but it kinda irked me that I was sitting in the middle of a street knocked up falling, crying.


  7. Nooner™
    Sep 01, 2007 @ 09:11:04

    HaHaHa @ your "undies were caught in the fence"… lol
    What a great idea for a blog posting (sharing embarassing moments)…. I\’ll do one one of these days too 🙂
    Have a great Labor Day Weekend, Steph!


  8. David
    Sep 01, 2007 @ 17:27:40

    Yo – I have a couple of embarrassing things that I would never tell, even here on this anonymous venue – it embarrasses me to even think about them.  The other stuff – the sort of funny embarrassing stuff – doesn\’t really embarrass me, though it did a little, at the time.  Stuff like telling a cerebral palsy joke to my supervisor whose sister, it turned out, had it.  At least he said something at the time – it is way worse to find out shit like that later and not have any way to bring it up and apologize or weasel out of it, and to always wonder…  I, like you, used to be embarrassed FOR people.  Altho Lucy for me was never a problem (too wacky to be believable), I can\’t bear Woody Allen or Neil Simon movies, because the characters are embarrassing in a way that is too believable for me to laugh at.  The scene in Odd Couple where Jack Lemmon (wasn\’t it?) stood in the restaurant and did the breathing exercises or whatever, made me feel almost a little sick and I could feel my face getting hot with embarrassment.  There\’s a film called "The Heartbreak Kid" which I found so embarrassing, that I actually avoid films that have Charles Grodin in the lead to this day.  And foolish though it is, I used to sometimes feel embarrassed watching Lithgow in Third Rock.  Will Ferrell can do that to me, too. 


  9. The Divine Mrs M
    Sep 04, 2007 @ 10:04:16

    Hiya Steph,
    um well I dont think you know me but i hotfooted over here from Nooner\’s space where you got an honerable mention for this blog! and i can see why!  😉
    You certainly turned one of your embarrassing moments around, by re-capturing it in a drawing for your grandpa! I think that is amazing, and a gift to be treasured by him forever!  🙂 
    my MOst embarrasing moment-Ever!  is related in a recent "tag" blog of mine. And that is an open invitation to you to visit my space sometime! I would be honoured if you did.  🙂
    i also posted another embarrasing moment in nooners space, hmmm i wonder if i could possible think of another to leave here with you! *thinks? ….
    ok this is a BIG admission but its a true story what happened to me. and like the one I posted in Nooners space, I wasnt very long married at the time.
    I cam home from work one day and went into a local supermarket to buy some groceries.
    I duly got them all checked out, and when I opened my purse to pay? … it was EMPTY!!!   :l  
    It was a cringingly embarrasing moment (for me) but the check out assistant was lovely, she just printed of a receipt for the checked out goods, and kept them beside her chair, then i went home, grabbed some (DOLLAR) and went back and paid up and collected my shopping!
    Like I said to Nooner, Steph? … its a great subject   <thumBs Up!>   😉
    mags x


  10. ZePp...
    Sep 07, 2007 @ 23:14:52

    Ah .. embarrassing moments in life.  I have had soo many it seems.  Now I have to decide which one to disclose because my sweet lil angelicly evil friend Kitty  asked me to … sigh.. the things I do for friends I tell ya …   :P:P
    Lets see.. I think I will go with one that Stephs brought to mind for me…. All my girlfriends that my parents met learned this lil story….
    Its the late 60\’s.. 1969 as matter of fact.. School had been going a few fews at most..I\’m a big 1st grader finally…       Its a warm day .. I am walking home friends that lived close  ( Just because they were all girls is irrelavant …  😉 ….) as I decided to ask all these young ladies into my house for some cold water.  What I didnt know at the time was my father was laying on the fold out bed in the living room in just his tidy whiteys.  I proceed to march all 5 of them thru the living room into the kitchen for refreshements.. I can still remember the scream from mom.. dad waking up.. little girls running from the house….
    Or theres the time I was caught on camera kissing the little girl nexr door to my aunt.. at the tender age of 5 …
    or the pic of my lil fat butt laying out on a rug with my huge bengal stuffed tiger… that Mom had to show every girl I ever dated. ….oh yeah.. forgot to mention.. it was a naked fat lil butt to boot     :S
    Wait she said just one. damn it….  😦
    Peace people 😉


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