Late night ranting

 I don’t sleep well.
 I can fall asleep any place, any time, but, especially at night, it’s the staying asleep that’s the problem.
Because of that, I watch, and or half listen to more late night TV programming than I should, (or want to).
 I turn it on for the noise, because it’s certainly not for the quality entertainment that’s to be enjoyed at that time of early morning.
Some of the worse offenders, in my opinion, are the commercials for, "dating, and hook-ups."
The ones I hate the most, Live Links, and Interactive Male.
If you’ve never seen the ads, consider yourself lucky.
 Live Links usually has a cute girl on the phone, and she says, to the audience,  "I can’t talk right now, I’m on a date!"
Her phone call is the date.
How lame of a love life do you have that you consider a phone call a date? OH and come on, you know damn well that the girl on the phone call does NOT look like the young actresses they use for the commercials.
To the guys that might be on the other end of the line… you know the ones that are in their 30’s, still living at home with their parents and has "Mommy" do his laundry… GET A LIFE, and how cheap are you? Come on, try a real date, person to person. You just might like it!!!
To the girls on the other end of the line. I reiterate, GET A LIFE!
 Living a fantasy life where the other person never gets to see you or meet you in real life (because you’re afraid to let them see what you really look like) is no way to live.
Besides, those aren’t hunky actors on the other line… see above description, add adult onset acne or a night brace, and there ya go.
You might want to bring up that you like comic book conventions, and or your warcraft character’s level.
Just saying…
Now, "Interactive Male" the dating service for Gay Men. I know that there are a lot of gorgeous gay men out there, but come on… how many are really gonna want to take a chance of hooking up over the phone?
That first line the actor uses, where he says how he travels alot for work and how it’s hard to find, other "curious" males.
 PFFFFT Let’s be honest here and cut the crap. You’re looking for hot and horny. Curiosity has nothing to do with it… well other than who likes being on top.
If the guys on the other end of the line were that hot, they wouldn’t be on the phone, on a Friday or Saturday night, they would have real dates!
Lately there’s been a newer ad. Another phone hook-up line. They state over and over, by voice and print in the commercial that’s it’s FREE. Over and over they say how you don’t need a credit card, it’s free! No fees, it’s free!
Then at the end of the commercial in small letters, and maybe they say it once. Long distance charges apply! OK, ummmmmm WHAT? 
Gotta love "Truth in Advertising" or a reasonable facsimile there of.
Thanks for letting me ‘vent’… OK bitch. lol
Makes me glad I’m not single, and if I were, well, there’s no way in hell I’d date by phone! (I think the state prison gives their guys phone privileges. NO, I don’t really wanna hear about your third cousin who found his or her soulmate through a phone dating service. I’m just not in the mood!  lol BIG HUGS, Steph

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bob
    May 08, 2007 @ 22:14:52

    LMAO!!  LMAO!!  LMAO!!  That\’s soooo true!!  I always imagined a huge women standing at an ironing borad, scatching her ass with a ciggy hanging out of her mouth!!  Maybe flys flitting around her head!!  And the guys??  Maybe doing the \’lefty solo\’ while spilling beer on their bellies!! 
    My number is 877-223-8807….  I NEED the $$$!  Call for a good time!!  LOL!!!!!!


  2. strollerguy
    May 09, 2007 @ 05:38:36

    I am moving to Blogger. If you wish me to keep a link to your Space, please advise in one of the usual manners.
    The new digs are at or you can continue to use . Both will send you to my site. My Space will be no more as soon as I can get a U-Haul out here…


  3. Litespreader
    May 09, 2007 @ 06:46:11

    There\’s really no excuse for the way lies are allowed to betold in the media.  Like it\’s \’buyer beware\’.  B.S.!   I have the same problem at night you do, Steph.  I turn a fan on, take a melatonin, and on the rough nights, I put mymask on.. sometimes earplugs too.  Even in the dark, the maskhelps alot.  I guess even the most miniscule light is registeredby my brain, and it tells me it\’s time to get up.  I can\’t imagine listening to that crap as I fall asleep, though.. thatcan\’t be good, Steph.  Love,t


  4. Jane
    May 10, 2007 @ 06:47:56

    Well, I guess I can be glad I\’m a good sleeper.  I was always worried that I was missing something in the wee hours. 
    Then again maybe we should be glad those guys are safe at Mom\’s house having a telephone date and not out in public. 
    Too, funny!
    Oh and thanks for the visuals, Bob!


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