Dog obedience classes, and annoying TV commercials

 Romeo, the dog, not the cat, has started obedience classes. The lady who teaches them is highly regarded. She’s funny and really knows dogs.
At his first class, Romeo fell in love. She’s a golden retriever named "Charlie".
It was love at first sniff. lol
Tomorrow we are going to a pet shop and getting him the required paraphernalia. We need a 4 ft leash, a 3 mm ‘pinch’ collar, some tiny treats, and to remember that when training dogs you never use the word, NO.
We are supposed to stick to one word commands, use eye contact and follow through with what we say.
 My husband is spending 2 weeks in Missouri with his father… while the mouse is away, this cat will play! LOL
 I’ve been told that even if the grass grows to a foot tall. I am NOT to use the new mower, HE wants to be the first one… MEN, Sheesh.
Finally, some commercials are just too annoying. The latest one that gets on my nerves. A mother is warning a babysitter how picky (and what a big pain) her children are. Each one worse than the next. The babysitter asks,"if they are that picky, what about dinner?"
The Mom says she’s taken care of everything by buying a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken that has several different kinds of their chicken in it. The son who’s standing there tells the babysitter, "Boy are YOU lucky". (she didn’t have to deal with what they would eat for dinner)
The whole thing pisses me off and makes me wanna smack not only the smart mouth kid, but the Mom for being almost proud that her kids are huge pain in the asses. WTG MOM for raising spoiled self centered brats that will be hell to live with.
Well that’s all for now… hmmm maybe I should have made this a ‘cheers and jeers’… lol

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bob
    Apr 19, 2007 @ 22:05:14

    I hate that commercial too!!  In real life, the babysitter should just walk away!!  Punk mom and punk kid!!!
    Best of luck with the dog training! It will pay off in the long run!  And if you use longer than one word commands, someone should slap your nose and say NO!!  LOL
     Not sure what the deal is with your dad but it sounds kinda scary!! E Coli?????  WTF???
    Anyhow, enjoy your time of peace and quiet!!


  2. Litespreader
    Apr 20, 2007 @ 11:11:16

    Yeah, most commercials irritate me.  That one is teaching kids that they\’re expectedto be little jerks.  Woo hoo, Steph!  Two whole weeks!!  Cool.  Have a blast.Puppies can be such a pain.  I\’d get one, but Snoop\’s training is still vivid in my memory.. not again.  Besides, she\’s scared to death of any other dogs.. small, large, it doesn\’t matter.  Good luck with that.  Thanks for all the great encouragement yougive me, Stephie.  It really makes my day to hear from you.  Love,t


  3. Jane
    Apr 20, 2007 @ 16:28:24

    Nothing better than dog-love. 
    Why aren\’t you supposed to say no? 
    YOu always have the best music on your site!  Some day I should be so techy.
    Rock on!


  4. Leah
    Apr 20, 2007 @ 22:55:22

    yeah i have friends that are proud their kids are like that and dont listen to anyone but them.  Let an adult tell one of mine something and have them give the adult a stupid look? I will beat them into next week, and picky eating, cool, don\’t eat shit, fine by me.


  5. Jess
    Apr 21, 2007 @ 08:36:27

    I hope dog training goes well, we will be starting that venture soon. Dear God help us all, Jay is the biggest retard …it\’ll be interesting to say the least !


  6. Jade
    Apr 21, 2007 @ 16:07:30

    why dogs always fall in love at school?
    Oh, before I forget, we just celebrated the kid\’s 18th birthday the day before, and, on the camera, look for a symbol of a flower (tulip actually) some where on the buttons. 🙂
    YES, I hate those commercials-especially KFC, where the mom is like \’yes, THEY are all satisfied with their choices" I\’m like what about you lady???? It\’s a differant one than the one you\’re talking about but just as annoying.
    Thanks for visiting, it means the world to me..
    Btw, my kitties are so BIG now- well, Owen is, Mysty\’s still Petite!
    She will go to the bathroom now when I say \’Go pee-pee, time to go outside" (because she won;t go outdoors) HAHAHAHA!!


  7. David
    Apr 22, 2007 @ 15:14:29

    When you said you were going to the shop to buy the animal the required paraphernalia, I thought it was going to be dog condoms.  THAT ad has not bothered me, but (being old and less than a zillionaire), I get totally pissed at all the ads that go on about golden years as though we all had to choose between seeing the world or that second little home by the lake, or things like that – when all the older folks I know are stuggling to keep their homes or wondering if they can ever retire and know, probably not.  The AARP magazine seems to think that the only people who get past 55 are celebs and rich folks – or a least those are the only ones who are interesting.  That ad with Dennis Hopper about how the boomers will re-write the book on retirement; yeah, as if they could get any more self absorbed.  OMG, it just came on – aaarrrgh!  Then there\’s that ad with with Sally Field (whom I DO love) relating in terms of muted horror the cautionary tale of a friend who has to set "aside time" every week to take a pill – did any of us ever hear of such a burdensome call on one\’s time?   But I DO love Geico\’s caveman …


  8. BH
    Apr 25, 2007 @ 21:28:44

    Cheers and Jeers indeed!!!  Man, I better get off my ass and write a new edition or else you\’ll take it over from me!


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