Friday already?

 Wow, this week has gone fast. It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so, the month is going pretty fast too!
We’ve been getting rain. It’s cold, but at least it’s rain and not snow or ice. I love rainy days.
Our, Little Man, is up to 6lbs now! He was going home on Monday, but they still haven’t found a sleep apnia machine that’s small enough for him. He’ll go home as soon as they find one.
He’s eating a lot and doing really well. Please keep them all in your prayers.
It’s frustrating being so far from them, but, I put my faith in God that they will be alright.
I had a fun phone call this morning. Every year I’m one of the volunteers that helps with the annual library birthday party. It’s every October. Last Oct. I was asked for the recipe of the cake I made, and some how the recipe and word of how good it was, made it to Cascade, Idaho and a place called, The Ashley Inn. They love it so much they called and asked permission to use it! I said, yes, as long as they credit me for the recipe, you know like, Stephanie’s ______.
Anyway, I’m really flattered, and excited that they liked it enough to want to serve it.
My brother Grant has signed up to go to Iraq. He gets paid a huge amount, tax free, for being there a year. We are having a potluck, get together tomorrow evening, and I still haven’t decided what to make.
I know our Mom is worried sick about his safety. One good thing is part of his ‘time’ is in Florida for training, but, being a Mom, I understand her fear.
How did everyone else’s week go? Things OK? BIG HUGS, Steph

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  1. Bob
    Feb 09, 2007 @ 15:58:43

    I\’m assuming that your brother is goimg there as a contractor, right??  Hence, the big bucks!!  Glad to hear that Little Man is doing so well and hope they find that machine soon!  Congrats on your cake recipe!!  I hope they send you a menu so you can see what they named it!!  LOL
    Take care sweetie,   xoxo  Bob~


  2. Greg
    Feb 10, 2007 @ 12:10:39

    Hmmmm…"Stephanie\’s Kitty Kake"
    I could go a lot of different directions here?
    Have a good weekend, be well, and am excited to continue to hear the good reports on "Little Big Man".
    Here is another one…"Kitty\’s Cake-a-tude"


  3. Nooner™
    Feb 11, 2007 @ 07:04:19

    Hi Steph,
    First and foremost, a thank you from afar to Grant and your family for his going into Harm\’s Way on behalf of me and all members of the Free World. I appreciate every soldier who serves.
    Oh, such nice continuing good news on Lil\’ Man. How nice is that!
    You\’ll just have to go to Cascade, Idaho some day, now won\’t you? Isn\’t that an honor! How grand.
    News from us, you ask? I\’ve had an eating lifestyle transformation going on since January 1st. 11 lbs down so far. If I say it in percentage terms, it even sounds more dramatic: I\’ve lost 5% of my body weight in the past 5-1/2 weeks.
    All my best wishes to my Steph!


  4. Litespreader
    Feb 11, 2007 @ 07:17:18

    kitty\’s cake a tude!  love that one.  that\’s really exciting, steph.  i\’m proud of you.  as someone who loves creatingnew recipes, i can imagine what you must feel like about this.  it\’s extremely rare that i follow a recipe, which meansthat i don\’t even quite remember my own alot of times.  every meal is an experiment.  fortunately, most of them aresuccessful.  it\’s a blessing.  i\’m so glad your little man is thriving.  he\’ll be just fine.  only, the title \’little man\’ might notwork for too long…   the cold and rainy stuff can be depressing to me.  but i\’d rather have it cold and rainy than hotand rainy.  i\’ll keep grant in my prayers, steph.  i hate it that the crap going on \’over there\’,  also includes the lure of making lots of money for non-military people.  it\’s not enough that our soldiers are being subjected to the things theyare..   i love them, and support them for doing what they must.  i do not support the lies that got them there.  sorry, i just get sick about this.    okay, so what did you make for the potluck?  take care, and be blessed.  t


  5. BH
    Feb 11, 2007 @ 15:49:29

    Great news on the Little Man doing well.  That has to be a relief.  Best wishes to your brother for heading to Iraq.  Scary stuff but I admire and respect those stepping up to help out.
    Spring time is in the air here.  I can\’t wait to start working in the yard.  Our garden and landscaping this year should be great.  Then you can help pick weeds with that swimsuit you were teasing me with.  A man can dream, right?  heh heh!!
    I can believe Valentine\’s Day is almost here.  Craziness.


  6. Cherie
    Feb 12, 2007 @ 08:33:12

    Just bloggging by.  Great site.  Your cake sounds amazing. Would you consider sharing the recipe?  Or are you holding out for cold hard cash?
    Thank you to Grant.  Where would we be without these men who are willing to put it all on the line for our freedom!! 


  7. EdgyKay
    Feb 12, 2007 @ 17:17:58

    Is Grant going through the military, or for a civilian job? If it\’s civilian, hopefully he can endure the stress for the year, collect his big check, and come home to the worryin\’ women!
    Glad to hear about the Gage\’s weight gain. He\’ll be tearing around, causing trouble, before you know it. Prayers are answered every day, aren\’t they?
    Remember my story about the funeral home guy flirting with me at the funeral? Because of my cake? I have a feeling the two of YOU would have been married by now, from the sounds of that cake. I do seem to remember you offering the recipe back during the fund raiser; am I hallucinating? If I am, then please share the nearly-world-famous recipe with us.
    Our weather has been more than cold, as I\’m sure you\’ve seen. It did get all the way up to 20 today, which felt like a veritable heat wave. But Wednesday, I\’m told, the cold temps are coming back. Snow is coming tonight.
    Other than that? Lovely.


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