Alms for the poor?

 The day we were in Honolulu, we went to the Aquarium, and then to find a place that served sushi.
 I noticed there was an Art gallery just behind the restaurant, and went to check it out.
 One of my favorite artists is, David Lee. He was born in China, and his father wanted him to be a Doctor. So for about 3 years he went to medical school, but he only wanted to be an Artist. He made a deal with his father. IF he could enter and win the National Chinese Painting competition, he could drop out of med school and study to be an Artist.
 He not only won but was the youngest person in the history of the contest to do so.
 He moved to Hawaii in the 70’s, and would sell his paintings outside of the Honolulu Zoo for 200.00 to 300.00. He would always sell every painting he took.
 I can’t afford his originals, but I do have a poster, signed by him, from an exhibition of his work, that I went to, in the mid 80’s. It’s one of my most prized posessions. I love it!
 In the gallery they had several of his original pieces. He paints on many things but I love when he paints on silk. (He makes his own paints.)
 One painting was of beautiful blue/purple morning Glory’s, and it seemed to shimmer like morning dew on the flower petals. I was in awe. (It’s almost as good as the big "O") lol
 Masochist that I am, I asked the price…. it’s a VERY reasonable, 11,000.00! I loved how she said, very reasonable! (His paintings go up wards of 60 thou at times.) She, (the lady working there) also hastened to add, "We have layaway!" (I can only imagine my expression when she told me it was 11 thou) I told her that would be fine, IF I could take at least 11 years to pay it off. She did have a good sense of humor, and let me sit and soak in the beauty of it. Sigh…
OK, so, I’m thinking, all of you check your car seat cushions, couch cushions, and change jars, and send it to….." Help Steph buy a David Lee Painting" or call and pledge… 1-800-Stephs Po.
Hey, I thought I’d give it a shot… couldn’t hurt! BIG HUGS, Steph
Oh, my poster has this painting of his as the main part of it, but the borders are dark green and has the gallery name and exhibition date on it at the bottom. He signed it in English in gold ink. Just so you get an idea.
Another fantastic Artist is Victor Gao. My youngest daughter has a girl in her class that looks exactly like the beautiful hawaiian girls that he has in his paintings.

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  1. Litespreader
    Dec 08, 2006 @ 14:33:32

    wow steph!  thanks for putting that up.  i\’ve never been knowledgeable about art. 
    that painting is soo very beautiful.  it inspires me.  i will look him up.  and the story
    of him is inspiring too.  thanks love.  tree


  2. Greg
    Dec 08, 2006 @ 17:04:29

    OK Kitty…Had some catchin’ up to do…
    Here you can compare…
    I AM… Simple
    Agree,,,I HATE…Anger and Violence.
    I AM… Pretty good with no fears. But…I DISLIKE…Confusion and bad surprises.
    I HEAR… The ceiling fan and my laptop.
    I WONDER… What my future has in store?
    I REGRET… Being divorced…But it happened…Not that God wanted it to happen. Through it I am a better person.
    I AM NOT… High maintenance…Simple guy…
    I DANCE… I wish I could still dance like back when… I can still slow dance. Ummm…Still do the sprinkler and the lawnmower!!! Love all kinds of music…
    I CRY… Love to watch love stories…Movies with compassion and victories.
    I AM… Organized, on time, and a neat freak.
    I WRITE…Think, contemplate, study, grow, and share. Love my ‘Bloggerville’ friends.
    I NEED:…To lose a little weight…Yep…Yep…Would not hurt to lose a little. But, I love pizza.
    I SHOULD…Write a book…
    I START…Some projects and…I NEED TO FINISH…Some projects!!!


  3. Greg
    Dec 08, 2006 @ 17:04:54

    Is it not amazing what some painters can do!!! It is a gift…
    Sushi…Yummy!!! Groggy loves sushi…Hmmm…Now do I want to go out into the cold to get some???


  4. Greg
    Dec 08, 2006 @ 17:11:30

    Here…I will DANCE FOR YA …


  5. Bob
    Dec 09, 2006 @ 17:51:18

    I don\’t know alot about art, but I DO know expensive!!!  LOL   Victor Lee is very talented but I would stick with his posters!  AWESOME!!!!!!
    Love Ya,   Bob~


  6. Nooner™
    Dec 11, 2006 @ 01:13:42

    This was nice to learn about him, Steph. Thank you!


  7. BH
    Dec 12, 2006 @ 12:58:17

    I love to collect glass art.  When my wife and I were in Vegas last year we went to the Chihuly shop at the Bellagio.  Pieces started at a "very reasonable" $5,000 and went up.  Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. 
    Hope you\’re enjoying the holidays so far!!


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