Question thingy

I have a terrible cold, so, when I saw this on Nooner’s space, I thought, "This is perfect"
Now, I’m going back to bed, and feel sorry for myself. lol Feel free to do this on your blog. I’d love to read your answers.
I hope you are all doing well. BIG HUGS, Steph
I AM:                             Complex
I WANT:                       Enough money to pay my bills, help my children, or those who need it, and to be able to have enough to travel.
I HATE:                        Anger and Violence
I MISS:                          Being a child

I FEAR:                         Becoming mentally ill.
I HEAR:                        The filter in my fish tank, and one of my cats, meowing.

I WONDER:                 If I’ve been a good Mom. If I AM a good Mom.
I REGRET:                   Marrying so young
I AM NOT:                   High maintenance
I DANCE:                     When I hear music (Much to my children’s embarrassment) I can’t help it. I love music. lol

I SING:                          To songs that I enjoy
I CRY:                            Hardly ever

I AM NOT ALWAYS:  Organized, or on time.

I WRITE:                       So that I can enjoy reading your comments, and blogs.

I NEED:                        to lose weight (I’m leaving this one just as Nooner answered) Amen! lol and add, to travel.

I SHOULD:                   Take some classes

I START:                        Lots of things, art projects, craft projects….

I FINISH:                      Usually if it’s for someone else, a gift, etc. I’ll finish it.



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  1. Nooner™
    Dec 05, 2006 @ 19:56:54

    lol @ your comment "get in line" .. So true! .. lol.
    I have a fish tank too .. and two cats. This weekend I thought the motor in the fish tank was dying. It wasn\’t, but it was an excuse for me to buy a new tank. I\’m so happy I did. The new tank fits better in the space I have for it. It is in our kitchen. I just really enjoy it there as the kitchen is a place we are in often during the day and I get to see it all the time. The new tank is a wide slender model that was billed as being one meant for bookshelves. It is 23 inches wide and only about 7 inches deep, so it fits very nicely underneath a cabinet without seeming to come out to far and take up a lot of counter space.
    Here\’s hoping your cold vanishes quickly!


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