How I spent my summer (fall) vacation…

 I love Hawaii. That’s where I went on vacation. The island of Oahu.
It’s been a long time since my last visit. I’ve missed the warm breezes, sunshine, gorgeous views, sound of waves lapping at the beach, music in the air, the smell of exotic foods, and the Hawaiian way of talking. (whew)
My first night there, I got off the plane and went out to find the bus to my hotel. The young man who was working for the bus company, tells me that it’s going to be here in a few minutes. He says, "Good timin, Sista"
I could have kissed him. It was so good to hear his accent, and to be called  "Sista."
The Hawaiian people are so wonderful. I love that when they find out I’m visiting, most of the time I get asked what island I’m from. I should have been born Hawaiian.
I met, Mamasbooties (Leah) and her little guy, over there. We stayed with friends of Leah’s, a wonderful family.
We went to beautiful beaches, ate fantastic food,(Giovanni’s Shrimp Scampi is KILLER!), but take strong breath mints or make sure your honey has it too, because you won’t be able to talk to anyone if you don’t!  We visited the huge swap meet at the Aloha Stadium, met friendly people, went to Pearl Harbor, downtown Honolulu (shopped till we dropped) and the Waikiki Aquarium.
I was feeding the little birds at Pearl Harbor, Leah was afraid I was going to get us kicked out. lol I was careful. lol
My last full night there, we went to Nimitz beach. Everyone else was tired and went home. I got to stay and watch the sunset.  It wasn’t as colorful as some I’ve seen, but it was still beautiful.
OH, while I was on the beach, I met two young men who took a liking to me. Gus and Charlie. They were lots of fun, full of youthful energy and if I may say so, quite smitten with me. So much so that Gus was actually drooling! lol (See photo album above)
I had such a great time, and whenever I’m in Hawaii, I feel at peace. It soothes my soul. (I usually try to avoid
Honolulu, since it’s like most other big cities)
I had access to a rental car, so I got to do some really fun exploring. I went to parts of the island that I hadn’t seen in years, and that most tourists don’t get to. I loved it, and the people.
On the way over my flight was overbooked, so, they were asking people to either go the next day or pay a small amount to upgrade to first class…. guess what I did? lol Yep, I flew first class.
On my way back I had a big layover in Seattle, so, I used a pass to the Alaska Airlines, Boardroom. They really have a fancy lounge. Mahogany wood on the walls, a bar (free), computer access (free), meeting rooms, copy machine, and the morning I was there, free breakfast stuff. Muffins, all kinds of juice, English muffins, bagels, with schmear,  yogurt, fruit… I was in heaven, because my flight from Honolulu was an over nighter and I was hungry!  I grabbed a spot on a very comfy couch, watched TV and stuffed myself…. ahhhh life is good!
(Little Man is doing great! He’s up to 2 lbs, maybe a little more, and they took out the tube that goes to his lungs so he’s breathing on his own. Which is really fantastic! He’s still being fed through a stomach tube, but loving breast milk, eating more and more. I know he’s got a long way to go, but, I’m so happy with how he’s doing.) Please keep him in your prayers. THANKS! BIG HUGS, Steph

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  1. Harold
    Nov 29, 2006 @ 18:34:34

    Sweeeeeeeet. I\’m so jealous.. Hawaii  Always wanted to visit some of the out of the way places tourist usually dont go… some of the waterfalls I have seen in postcards.. damn.  Take me with ya next time… I\’m a hell of a cabana boy :P:P  LMAO


  2. KatSoup
    Nov 29, 2006 @ 18:38:05

    California, now Hawaii You poor little thing.  All that travel makes a girl weary, ~ I\’m sure.
    Glad to hear about it.  The pics are so beautiful.  I hope to make it to hawaii, one of these days.


  3. David
    Nov 29, 2006 @ 19:02:50

    Life is, indeed, good.  Yours, anyway.  I\’ve been to Hawaii once.  Tum and I also got bumped – I forget what we got, but the plane we were put on left 10 minutes later and was virtually empty.  "Top Gun" was the movie.  You sound pretty lucky to me  And how is Little Man doing?  hope the luck is rubbing off.


  4. Greg
    Nov 29, 2006 @ 20:52:58

    You deserve first class…ALL the time!!!
    I\’ve been to Hawaii once and would love to go again.
    More good news on \’Little One becoming Big Man\’… 
    Stay warm Kitty…Greg


  5. Melissa
    Nov 30, 2006 @ 04:03:39

    Great news about litlle man! (sez a prayer for him)Oh, yeah, I hate you. Hawaii! Lovely pics! I\’ve always wanted to go there. I\’m still in England, but when I eventually fly back, I may have to reroute to saettle….been in MANY airports, but none that serve food /drink free WITH internet acsess.Which airpotrt was it/ lol!Glad you had a great time….keep in touch!((huggs))Melissa


  6. Greg
    Nov 30, 2006 @ 10:04:11

    Hmmm…"Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this."


  7. Leah
    Nov 30, 2006 @ 11:40:21

    It was great. Too bad the humidity got to all of us. Oh that and a freaking huge belly I am carring, sure I could have done more without it. But hey, free trip for me and my son who is going to complain about that?  My booties is now telling me he has yukkys too.


  8. Litespreader
    Nov 30, 2006 @ 18:55:16

    steph.. great pics! really glad you went back there.  i haven\’t been.  but i\’ve seen most of the same plants, birds, flowers, etc.. here.  i especially love the bird of paradise.  i enjoyed seeing your photos of the memorial sites too.  strange how it brings up such strong feelings of sadness in me.  keeping little man prayed for.  sounds like he\’s on the mend.  peace, stephi.  love,tree


  9. ALEX 2
    Dec 01, 2006 @ 15:17:20

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