Some quiet time

Sometimes life hands us a big old shit sandwich. One that we have no option but to eat.
I’ve had, as I’m sure the rest of you have, many during my life. It never gets any better, any easier.
I believe in God, and prayer, it’s what keeps me sane. Helps me to imagine every bite of that sandwich is not really what it is, but something better. Belief in God is what helps me keep going.
I’m gonna take a little time off of blogging. I’ll still be reading yours when I can. I get strength, humor and love from all of you, and I hope you know how much you all mean to me. I don’t have to meet you in real life to know that you are all special.
Within a very short time, besides losing some wonderful bloggers. Our family has lost one of my son’s best friends.
My best friend, here in this small Idaho town, is a very special lady, Mary Ann. Despite our age differences, we’ve found over the years just how much we have in common. She’s the older sister, I always wished I had, she’s my yard sale partner, my antiques guru. I’ve come to love her so very much.
She’s had some health problems lately, and has just found out that she has cancer. It’s all throughout her body, and yet she is staying positive and approaching this with a wonderful attitude and knowing that medicine and natural healing methods are how she wants to handle it.
I know, I’m not ready to lose her.
On Oct. 18th, my son’s girlfriend had their baby. He was premature, and just over 1 lb. He’s been doing well, up until now. Unless his lungs develop, the Doctors are going to have my son and Amber make the decision of taking him off the oxygen, and making him comfortable… letting him go.
Even at my age, that’s never a choice I would want to make. They are both young, and my heart aches for them. I pray that God will either help the little one grow and develop, or take him home, quietly and peacefully.
I need some quiet time, and I would ask all of you that do pray, please, have prayer for them all.
Especially my little Grandson, who’s fighting for his life.
Let people know you love them. Give your children hugs, and kisses. Be thankful that they are healthy. If they aren’t healthy, be thankful they are alive and with you. I guess, be thankful and happy for the day, that today is good, today things are fine and as they should be.
Now, excuse me while I try to handle this with as much class, dignity, and strength as I can. Pass the ice water and some napkins.

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  1. monty
    Nov 02, 2006 @ 17:18:17

    Sorry to hear that. I hope that he has a change for the better and goes from strength to strength.


  2. russell
    Nov 02, 2006 @ 21:44:42

    Oh my gosh steph.  that is quite a cross to bare.  I will be thinking of you, as I always do.  Your family will be in my thoughts.
    Please dont close your space.  We will be here when your ready.


  3. Leah
    Nov 03, 2006 @ 10:43:49

    You know where I am.


  4. Darren
    Nov 03, 2006 @ 11:22:03

    My thoughts and prayers do go out for your grandchild. We know you will be strong and we can wait for your return.  Please take care of yourself and remeber your friends are never too far away if you need us.
    Big hugs


  5. Greg
    Nov 03, 2006 @ 12:15:52

    You know…I thought I better go visit Kitty for some litter box patrol. Sure enough the turds of life in this world have built up…back up…piled up!!! Whatever you want to call it. No…I am not trying to be funny. You know that is how I communicate. Just lay it out there with no religious rhetoric in \’Old King James\’. Know full well I am in prayer for renewed strengthen lungs for that baby. I like to give vision and hope to prayer. Remember when I shared that I was a 3\’11 oz preemie. Well, now I am reminded of my nephew who at 2 years old fell into a diaper pail of bleach and drowned in bleach. His lungs were fried…Gone. We prayed…He was revived…With no hope from the doctors. Today…He is a young man living a good healthy life. Now as for the cancer…I will pray and come in agreement with what your precious friend is believing for??? I too will listen to my heart and God\’s Spirit. ‘God is a Good God and will meet us right where we are at and give us faith in Him for the answers. Oh yeah…On my way out…I took your \’Shit Sandwich\’ and tossed it in the trash. We are standing with you Kitty…Greg


  6. EdgyKay
    Nov 03, 2006 @ 20:37:37

    Consider it done. We\’ll wait.
    Much love to you.


  7. David
    Nov 05, 2006 @ 07:03:24

    I am so sorry for this sad news.  I really hope that baby makes it – how tough for the young parents (and the youngish grandparent).  When my aunt lost a lifelong dear friend, I said to her that one of the tough things about losing friends is that you don\’t have any of the formal and little informal rites.  People don\’t bring you covered dishes and send you condolence letters and so on.  It is just another day, and yet the person who has gone may have been so much more to you than many of those relatives for whom you do get the whole schmear.  That was one of the toughest things about losing Tumwell, is that, as just a friend, it was just one of those things as far as a lot of other people were concerned.  They were sad for him, but not terribly comforting to me.  With a few exceptions.  I really, really am sad for the bad news about your friend.  Friends are few and rare and irreplaceable. 


  8. flooz
    Nov 05, 2006 @ 18:10:15

    I am so sorry you’re going through this.  You have my very best wishes and prayers for your friend, the little one, and all of you who must watch and wait now. 


  9. Nooner™
    Nov 06, 2006 @ 07:32:40

    I haven\’t seen you in such a long time, Steph. I miss you!! And, I\’m heartbroken to hear of all the sad things surrounding you these days. I\’ll certainly pray for all those around you.


  10. Jade
    Nov 06, 2006 @ 16:17:23

    Big tight soft furry hugs from me & the kitties…and tiny raspy-tongued kisses..


  11. Indigo
    Nov 06, 2006 @ 21:49:07

    I think of you and your family every day, Steph…take as much time as you need – we\’ll be here with open arms when you\’re ready to come back.


  12. Harold
    Nov 06, 2006 @ 22:07:15

    I am so very sorry to hear all of this hun.
    U are all in my thoughts.
    Now to TRY to leave you with a smile. I find this in a magazine yeeeeears ago n it has stuck with me since then.
    "Life is a Shit sandwhich. The more bread you have, the less Shit you have to eat!! "
    Peace my friend. We are all thinking of you !!!
    Harold / ZePp


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