The party went smoothly and the kids had a great time. I took a few pictures, (see photo albums above).
 There’s a shot of the food table. In case you can’t see the labels on the food, they are as follows, Putrid Punch,(fluorescent green punch) Worms (gummy worms), Ogre Earwax (little chunks of cheese), Swamp Mud (refried beans and cheese), Guts and Gore (Salsa), Goat Eyeballs (olives), (hehe Kat), Toad Toes (baby dill pickles), Monster Fingernails (tortilla chips) , and Mummy Fingers (pretzels).
 The kids had a substitute teacher that afternoon, and she was pretty funny. She wanted to have some cheese and pretzles, but she couldn’t get past the name, Ogre Earwax. lol She never did have any.
 Besides the "Wrap the Mummy" game, they all got 1 wrapped piece of Starburst candy. They had to pick it up off their desk with their mouth, no hands, upwrap it with their tongue, then spit out the wrapper. The wrapper needed to be in one piece. It was a timed event, and Seth (who I’ve mentioned before) was first and accomplished it in 19.2 seconds. We were all shocked. His Mom says he can tie a marachino cherry step in a knot with his tongue, which is pretty funny, but also leaves me to wonder why a 6th grade boy even want to do that? lol
 We only had about 30 children come by, last night, at homebut they wore some cute costumes. Dekeon came by, he was a bee… a busy bee… yep, fits him!
 I hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween. BIG HUGS, Steph

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  1. Leah
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 21:50:04

    glad you had a good time. Hope your hair came out ok. Booties birthday was good, just a little unnerved at the moment. He was the cutest Superman


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