One down….

 Last night was the big, Library Auction, Birthday party.
I had big plans but ended up decorating my table in a more simplified manner. I was babysitting my favorite 2 year old all day.
He was really good most of the day. When it came time for me to get ready, I asked my girls to keep an eye on him. I’m in the shower, shaving my legs. Next thing I know, the water goes freezing cold. I scream, and then hear…"What you doing?"
He had reached in the front part of the shower curtain, and turned the knob all the way to cold. That was a shocker!
The cake I made got great reviews.
I had a gentleman come up later and tell me that I couldn’t leave the Library until I gave him the recipe to take home.  Then one lady overheard that I was giving him the recipe and she said she wanted it too. The librarian made a bunch of copies and set them on my table. When I left they were all gone.
I took pictures of my table, (see photo album above) but, I had so much off white, and I don’t know how to adjust my camera’s flash yet, so, you really can’t see all the sparkles I had sprinkled all over the table and on the centerpiece. The silk leaves were  sparkled too. Sorry, but, you get the idea. I have pictures of a some other tables too. I didn’t know the camera was almost full, and couldn’t delete what was on there, so I only got a few. The Gentleman in the April Table, picture is Sean, he’s on the City Council, and I know him and his wife. He has the most beautiful hair I think I’ve ever seen. It’s jet black and naturally curly… sorry got side tracked there. LOL
The lady who did the table for Mary Shelley’s birthday (August) had that Frankenstein made at Albertsons, and it’s cupcakes!
I thought that was so cute.
We all had a great time. I probably spent more at the auction than I should have, but, oh well, it was for a great cause, our Library!
Now, my next big ‘thing’ is the 6th grade Halloween Party…. ogre earwax, or swamp mud anyone???

7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bob
    Oct 28, 2006 @ 21:28:34

    Gotta watch those 2 year-olds!!  LOL  Longgggggg arms!Sounds like your library thing went great and so are the pics.  Saving your recipe right now!!! 
    xoxo   Bob~


  2. LAIRD
    Oct 29, 2006 @ 03:11:53

    Thank you for your comments – pleased you enjoyed the pics. I enjoyed your train journey – I have learnt to keep spare batteries in the camera case.


  3. Jess
    Oct 29, 2006 @ 09:27:33

    Yay for supporting the library ! I did the same thing…I spent way more on stuff than my book art brought but who cares ?!? It was for the library so I felt justified dammit !
     Great job on the cake and the table !


  4. Jim
    Oct 30, 2006 @ 11:28:57

    Nice touch on the table.  I use to be bad about turning off the cold or hot water, it started in the locker room, we had individual stalls and the people would jump out of them, and I would have a good laugh.  See, I was always a mean sh–!  And on a first date I would pull up to the dairy queen and ask if they wanted a milk shake, and then I would shake them!!lol Well I loved it!


  5. BH
    Oct 30, 2006 @ 16:14:24

    Damn sounds good.  Asking for a recpe is a good pick up line.  I\’ll have to try it on my wife sometime.


  6. Jess
    Oct 31, 2006 @ 08:47:28

    Happy Halloweenie !!!


  7. Greg
    Nov 01, 2006 @ 09:35:23

    Lets Eat!!!


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