What a weekend…

 Today is my youngest daughter’s birthday party. It’s gonna be me and 9, 12 year olds (pray for me)! Every year I say, "Never again!" and yet….
I keep it simple. I’m taking them to the YMCA. There’s a great pool, and lots of room for them to wear themselves out (thank heaven).
IF I lived in a perfect world, I would sit on a nice lounge chair, with a book and ear plugs for the 4 plus hours we’ll be there. Unfortunately I can’t use the ear plugs. lol
Little Caesar’s Pizza, cupcakes,(I have a cupcake pan that bakes 24 at a time) and juice pouches will round out the evening. They should all go home exhausted (their parents can send me thank you notes or I accept cash!)
I’ve already dealt with the ‘politics’ of the ride over. It seems that some people don’t want to sit next to other people, and visa versa. I’ve told them all if they give me any trouble, then I will guarantee that on the ride home they sit next to that person! (This works especially well with the boys) (Girls have cooties ya know)
My root canal is finished, and no one told me it was going to hurt for such a long time after. The dentist put me on antibiotics and vicodin… (why didn’t anyone tell me how wonderful vicodin is?)
Bob (RUSerious) is home from the hospital, he said he would try and blog this weekend. He’s using a cane, but seems to be doing really well.
I’m off to frost cupcakes, and find my daughter’s swimming suit. I hope you are all having a great weekend. I know I will, after today! LOL BIG HUGS, Steph

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Greg
    Sep 30, 2006 @ 12:01:43

    Cool…I stopped by and now I can go play around with \’super-hero\’ stuff…
    Come-on Kitty Cat….Join the kids??? Do a cannonball or at least a few trips down the water slide???? Enjoy your vicodin trips until the bottle runs out.


  2. David
    Oct 01, 2006 @ 08:43:32

    Hey there, Stranger!  I have fond memories of a couple of birthday parties I went to when I was quite young.  I think it probable that this will be a long memory for some of those kids present.  They will probably all remember best whatever happens that most leaves you a shattered husk of a woman.  I did Vicodin once before it got popular – I went back and looked at the bottle later to see what was such a sweet ride and sure enough, that was it.  I never found out the cause, but once my foot became very painful, so much so that I couldn\’t walk on it.  A friend took me to a walk-in place and he gave me something, and the first one made me feel this awesome feeling of serenity and vaguely drunken euphoria.  I loved it.  I saved the rest, hoping the pain would come back, but it never did – it came and went shrouded in mystery.  Maybe I still have it – I should check.  I would consider National Upsy Daisy a pain, wouldn\’t you? 


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