Kay (The Pirate Formerly Known as Kay), has given me another idea to blog about. LOL Thanks Kay! She posted about her sister and their relationship… long fingernails were mentioned, and gum that ended up in Kay’s hair.
I’m the oldest of 7 children, 5 of them boys. My sister was born almost 9 years after me, and she was so different from me that I really didn’t like her. She was very dramatic. I now deal with that trait in my own, youngest daughter. There are days she deserves an Oscar, at the very least.
Being the oldest I usually got along with everyone else, and before the boys got too big I could use size against them… and yes Kay, my fingernails! My hair is fine and won’t grow worth crap, but my nails have always been easy to grow. So grow them I did, and if I had to use them on a brother that was chasing another one with a knife, or hammer, or other instrument of mass/bodily destruction, I would. Although, unlike what Kay seemed to think, I didn’t spend time sharpening them into weapons… they just came in handy.
My brother, John, who’s just younger than I am, was my best friend growing up. I had him in my charge from a very young age. Where I went, he went. By the time I was 5 or 6, I was very protective of him. We got along great, and the few times we did fight, I knew all I had to do was to get him laughing and he wouldn’t kill me! lol
I would protect him, and as we grew up, there were times that he stepped in and protected me, from bullies and from our parents.
The boys, my younger brothers loved to play mind games, and my sister was especially gullible. There were times she would come in screaming and crying because one of them had told her that the green apple she just ate was poisonous and she was doomed to die. I was no angel when it came to that kinda stuff either. I remember being upset that she kept getting into my nail polish and remover, so, I told her that the fumes of said nail polish and remover, caused brain damage. She never questioned why it was ok for me to use them, she just left them alone…. ahhhh sisters.
One brother, Grant, was very good at making up songs and lyrics to such songs. They weren’t good, nice lyrics, but ones that would usually cause the person who he made the song up about, to scream and cry, or go after him with a weapon….
He was actually very good at it, the rhyming and a good turn of phrase.
Oh, did I mention that the boys played so rough that by the time my sister was 2 or 3 they had already knocked out her front and bottom teeth? Her school pictures show her toothless up until it was the normal time to get her adult teeth.
Today as adults I love and get along with all of them. Even my sister! lol They still have their squabbles but it usually involves their wives, which then draw them into it.
I’m glad I live as far away as I do. I hear about it, but am not part of it.
In my sister’s case, she who had all kinds of opinions about raising boys and how they should act, now has twin boys, who are the best revenge a sister could hope for! If she has problems with any of the siblings it’s usually because of something her boys have done… or destroyed.
BUT, they have boys now too, they just aren’t old enough to be ‘true’ boys…. their day will come, and I’ll be right there with a fork and a crow pie… enjoying every minute! Gotta love family! BIG HUGS, Steph

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  1. bobby
    Sep 10, 2006 @ 20:52:58

    U have such a big family,steph~~that what the way u are in ~~Hugs,Bobby


  2. Leah
    Sep 11, 2006 @ 10:07:14

    so are you telling me that I have my hands full? Oh hell no!. I can remember my little brother (13 months younger, different parents) would cause all this trouble and then my sister and I would get into trouble. Finally I would just start beating him up, then one day my dad told me I had better stop cause when my brother wanted to hit me, he wasn\’t going to stop him. Yeah I stopped. Now we get along great.


  3. Sher
    Sep 11, 2006 @ 12:15:07

    I was pondering the word soigne while reading your post in my grannie panties. However, I refuse to furl or unfurl my breasts while here.
    (People are really gonna think I\’m weird for typing that, but you get the inside joke!!)


  4. EdgyKay
    Sep 11, 2006 @ 12:53:43

    You oldest kids are all alike: PERFECT, every damn last one of you!
    Can you tell I was the baby? Just speaking from experience here: I think you should call the youngest member of your family (your sister? or one of the boys?) and APOLOGIZE RIGHT NOW for how poorly you treated him/her.
    Contrary to popular belief, it was no picnic coming last on the food chain.
    More stories, please.


  5. David
    Sep 11, 2006 @ 13:28:00

    Hi Steph,
    Although I personally I come from a small family(1 brother) My mother has Eight brothers and sisters, So i grew up with a multitude of cousins, who were like brothers and sisters.  We had 3 age groups  who battled continuously.  Now that we are all older we laugh at our little battles whenever we get together.  We never knocked out anybody\’s teeth but
    we did melt a piece of rubber to our one cousin\’s head.   Later Dave


  6. Bob
    Sep 11, 2006 @ 14:23:08

    Great blog!!!  I had only one younger sister so I did the beating, teasing, etc..  And she didn\’t have long nails!!!  And YES, I did finally apologize eventually!! LOL
    xoxo   Bob~


  7. Harold
    Sep 11, 2006 @ 17:22:56

    WOW… so much I have missed to comment on…lol
    Family… OMG.  I will have to blog about this on mine sometime.. but.. my Mother.. is the youngest of..  18   YES  thats right eighteen kids.  I could go on n on about family.  I have seen ALL aspects of it.
    I had an older sister that was still born. Then ME .. then a middle brother who died at the age of 7.. n then a even younger brother who I no longer talk to.
    ( long story n not for here ) all us boys are/were 3 yrs apart from each other.
    Dentists… I HATE em !!  enough said  😛
    Thanks for doing the list  ; ) and Lets PARTY   I\’ll bring the whipped creme n cherries 😉 😉  ROFLMAO
    Hmmmm.  Been locked out a few times.. but I just broke in n worried about that later 😉  yes including car windows  😛
    And oh yea… Hows the Pimping going ???     To the car I mean.. sheeeesh U have a dirty mind  ; ) 


  8. BH
    Sep 12, 2006 @ 09:40:08

    I love family but my wife and I are thankful for the distance between us at times. And I mean that in a good way !!  LOL!
    No worries Steph – I\’m very careful when I drive 90 MPH!!!  heh heh.  No other cars around and no one in the car with me.  I\’m not a weave and jibe drive type of driver.  I\’m smooth as silk baby!  (picture my wife just shaking her head at me while rolling her eyes.) 
    So when\’s this big party you\’re throwing?  I need to get my vacation request in. 😉


  9. Jess
    Sep 12, 2006 @ 10:00:43

    Ah..see I\’m glad that I\’m not the only one that didn\’t like my sister…now we ar close but really she used to do nothing but piss me off !
    Ugh…I can\’t even blog about the fights we had…trauma and drama !
    But I do agree…their kids seem to do a GREAT job of getting them back ! I just don\’t understand what I did to deserve my kids doing this to me ! lmfao….
    Big Hugs !


  10. Indigo II
    Sep 12, 2006 @ 20:40:13

    See? I think this explains, in a nutshell, why you understand (and tolerate!) such a wide range of personalities…you had to learn early. Thanks for the little peek into your childhood…and I\’m with Kay – MORE PLEASE! 🙂


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