Things you should never buy used…

 I was reading an article on MSN about 10 things you shouldn’t buy used. I got to thinking, ya know they left a few things out.
Why, what if someone wants to buy something used and comes across one of the things not on their list. I owe it to the general public to warn them… sooo here goes. (I got help from Mikey, he’s twisted and the Man knows his stuff!) OK, so I’m in a goofy mood… LOL
1.Condoms- I could go on and on about the problems with this one, so, just take my word for it…
2.Caskets- I would only recommend this if you were very, VERY close to the person in real life. Otherwise, it’s just not a great idea.
3.Underwear- Now, if you come from a very large family, you may not be able to avoid this, BUT, once you are all grown up and IF you can afford to buy your own I really, REALLY recommend new Undies.
4.Pregnancy Tests- see Condoms above, and ya know you really do want your own results!
5.Rectal Thermometer- This is another one you might not be able to avoid being from a big family, but, try to  talk Mom out of buying the ones the neighbors have at their yard sale.
6.Bubble Gum- No matter how romantic it may seem… you lose out on the flavor anyway. Be a big spender buy the new stuff!
7.Toothbrushes- Attn:Rednecks, just because it has a few more bristles than yours doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. Those two teeth of your’n need a brand new one!
8.Q-tips- Your earwax is your earwax, and my earwax is my earwax, and never the twain shall meet. Here’s a handy hint, IF the tips are yellow, orange, or any variation thereof, OR if you see something growing on them… they are used and not a good buy!
9.Sex toys- This is under the category of the saying your Mom used…. "Don’t touch that, you don’t know where it’s been"… OK we both know where it’s been, but don’t go there!
10.Jock Straps- Even if you just plan on wearing it on your head…  (You know, "There’s no need to fear, Captain Jockstrap is here!")

11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Unknown
    Aug 28, 2006 @ 00:09:17

    Pretty darn good, redneck\’s, caskets, ha ha ha…  Mikey


  2. Leah
    Aug 28, 2006 @ 14:53:23

    speaking of rectal theromoters. I keep one for booties in his drawer with his diapers, Yeah he saw me using the "normal" one and decided he wanted to play with his. Granted it never came out of the case but still, you get the point.


  3. Bob
    Aug 28, 2006 @ 20:31:08

    Hmmmm….. I don\’t see what\’s so bad about using \’used\’ things!!     OH, Wait!! You mean used by someone ELSE???   EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!  Guess I oughta stop using my wife\’s toothbrush…..!
    xo   Bob~


  4. SAAM
    Aug 29, 2006 @ 06:31:07



  5. David
    Aug 29, 2006 @ 08:33:49

    I don\’t mind a used sex toy, if I have also been the same place it has been.  Alas, that so rarely happens…


  6. Gina
    Aug 29, 2006 @ 09:21:15

    MSN should probably just retract their list and start all over :o)


  7. Jock
    Aug 29, 2006 @ 22:10:31

    So, I should cancel my membership to Used Jock of the Month Club?


  8. Jock
    Aug 29, 2006 @ 22:11:27

    Hahahaha. I can\’t even type my own moniker without a typo. Sad, innit?


  9. KatSoup
    Aug 30, 2006 @ 16:14:48

    Ya know I live in Georgia.
    These are great ideas!  I\’m havin\’ a yard sale


  10. KatSoup
    Aug 30, 2006 @ 16:15:20

    why doesnt my name show up?


  11. Harold
    Sep 04, 2006 @ 20:23:29



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