I got nuttin…

 Today is the first day of school for my girls. One of the few days I don’t need to worry about getting them up on time, there’s new clothes to wear, friends to see, plans to be made.
I miss them already.
Other than feeling sorry for myself, and thinking I better take some classes this year so I won’t feel lonely… I really don’t have anything to blog about. So, I’ll post this….
1. What is your occupation?   Mom, Pied Piper of Cats, Cat Herder, Solver of Problems, Pincher of cute butts.
2. What color are your socks right now? no socks

3. What are you listening to right now?  television, and my youngest daughter whine about how she doesn’t want to start school tomorrow.

4. What was the last thing that you ate?   T-bone steak and Baker

5. Can you drive a stick shift? Yep!
6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?  hmmm Dark Purple or Dark Red
7. Last person you spoke to on the phone? A Dell Tech support Lady
8. Do you like the person who sent this to you? YEP
9. How old are you today?  40…….. something…. LOL

10. Favorite drink:  Ice Cold Water, Real Lemonade, Most Fruit Juices

11. What is your favorite sport to watch? Watching Ladies at big sales, My cats when they are hyper and running laps,… heck even watching my neighbor pick his nose is more entertaining than watching sports! lol

12. Have you ever dyed your hair? Yep!

14. Pets?  12 Cats, 60 gallon tank of fish, 1 Rabbit

15. Favorite food? Japanese, Mexican, Italian, Indian, Vietnamese, Seafood, Chinese, Thai,… you get the idea, what’s not to like about food?

16. What was the last movie you watched? Benchwarmers

17. Favorite day of the year? I couldn’t pick just one day.
18. What do you do to vent anger?  Cry, or bitch at whoever made me mad. OH some times, eat ice cream! lol

19. What was your favorite toy as a child?I really didn’t have many toys, so I would have to say it was probably my cat.

20. What is your favorite fall or spring ? Both, but maybe Spring a little more because things are starting to grow! I love that.

21. Hugs or kisses? A big hug and kisses too!

22. Cherries or Blueberry?   hmmm Depends, but probably Cherries
23. Do you want your friends to email you back?  SURE

24. Who is most likely to respond?   No Clue

25. Who is least likely to respond? NOT SURE

26. Living arrangements? A House, DUH! lmao

27. When was the last time you cried?  Yesterday, and before that was the end of April

28. What is on the floor of your closet?  My closet has a floor? Go figure!

9. Who is the friend you have had the longest that you
are sending
this to? Bob

30. What did you do last night?    Watched some TV, talked online with Bob, then went to bed. Exciting life I lead! lol

31. Favorite smells? When it rains, Peppermint, Fresh Flowers, Baby Powder, Eucalyptus Trees and the smells of a hillside, that was my Grandparents Ranch, in San Jose, California.

32. What inspires you?  My Children, My Friends, People who are strong, kind and talented.

33. What are you afraid of?  Heights, and my Children being hurt

34. Plain, cheese or spicy hamburgers?  Cheese, Tomato, Catsup, Bacon

36. Favorite dog breed?  I like Labs, and little dogs, like dashunds, yorkies, maltese, poms, terriers, etc

37. Number of keys on your key ring? 6

38. How many years at your current job?  I’m looking forward to parole… lol

39. Favorite day of the week?  Saturday

40. How many states have you lived in? 5

41. Favorite holiday?  Halloween, or Thanksgiving

42. Ever driven a Motorcycle or heavy machinery?   I’ve wrecked a motorcycle, driven a tractor, fork lift, and farm truck

43. Who’s your favorite NFL team? NFL? Nifl??? No Comprehende…..

44. Do you have a house phone that is NOT cordless? 1, for when the power goes out.

45. 10 inches of snow or 100 degree weather?  That’s like asking, do you want to be stabbed or shot… either way you get screwed! Crap, as long as I have AC, really, really good AC, I’d take the 100 degrees.


14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Leah
    Aug 24, 2006 @ 11:44:32

    yep I am liking my 100 degrees over snow forget that.


  2. Bob
    Aug 24, 2006 @ 12:46:56

    Classes huh??  What are you thinking about taking?  I took a calligraphy class one time and it was really fun!!
    xo    Bob~


  3. BH
    Aug 24, 2006 @ 16:11:36

    Dark Purple – awesome!  That\’s my fave too.  School starts here on the 5th.  Vacation next week.  Much needed vacation.  Time is flying. 
    Hope you\’re doing well!!


  4. bobby
    Aug 25, 2006 @ 05:51:43

    good questions and good points!good luck,bobby!


  5. SAAM
    Aug 25, 2006 @ 16:13:18

    I hope your girls had a great first day at school


  6. Allissa
    Aug 26, 2006 @ 03:23:33

    Pincher of cute butts… I like that. I think I am going to study to be one!
    Favorite food – AMEN! Got to love it all. Right now I am on a Chinese phase.


  7. KatSoup
    Aug 26, 2006 @ 13:41:30

    This was fun to read.  I\’ll have to check and see if my closet has a floor 🙂


  8. Charlotte M Simonsen
    Aug 26, 2006 @ 14:20:31

    that was interesting.. learned a lot more about you…. Well, and as long as one has a good furnace and don\’t have to go outside in the 10 inches of snow, that\’s ok too right?  have a great weekend.. hugs, lottiemae


  9. Greg
    Aug 26, 2006 @ 14:23:02

    We need to keep you out of the Shopping Mall…Ms. \’Pincher of Cute Butts\’. Imagine that…Your favorite toy was (is) a cat. You can drive a stick shift…Ummm, I will leave that one alone…See ya


  10. Dwayne
    Aug 26, 2006 @ 17:27:11

    Pincher of cute butts? My butt ain\’t as cute as it used to be. I think Alyssa gave up trying to pinch my butt because my Dad helped me develop a reflex that causes harm to anyone trying to "goose" me.  I like cold weather and a blanket; I\’m a snuggle bear.


  11. Kadrin
    Aug 26, 2006 @ 19:35:25

    Ah, yes school season has begun, I love to hear parents say they miss their kids, too many, can\’t wait to get them out of their hair, lol. The pied piper story i can relate to, I used to whistle and all my kitties would come running, they loved my whistling, hugs, Kat


  12. Sher
    Aug 27, 2006 @ 15:41:22

    My butt is not cute. Could you lie and pinch it anyway so I have the illusion it is cute?


  13. David
    Aug 29, 2006 @ 08:37:22

    Stabbed or shot would be worth it if I did get screwed, but with my luck…


  14. Harold
    Sep 04, 2006 @ 20:22:31

    Was surprised u didnt say u wanted the 10 inches……
    Of snow   😛


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