My lamenting and rending of garments….

Dontcha just hate when real life intrudes on net time? LOL I’m kidding of course, but some times it feels that way.
We got back from vacation and had to hit the ground running because school is starting (in 2 days).
There was school clothes shopping, which, with my oldest daughter is not a problem. She either likes it or not, and it either fits or it doesn’t. (makes it easy)
Then there’s my youngest… not so easy because she takes forever to decide on things and usually when she likes something it’s inappropriate for her age (she thinks she’s going on 27).
OH, and we had crying (my youngest) because her older sister, now 15, got to buy makeup, and she didn’t, (she’s 11). She’s still bent out of shape about it, but I bought her some bonne bell lip gloss, some anti-perspirant, and some watermelon scented shower gel, so she’s somewhat appeased.
I know I take the risk of being stoned by other parents, but, I don’t look forward to the starting of school. I miss them not being around (yes even though they threaten to kill each other at least 3 times a day).
School starting means another grade accomplished, more growing up, and very soon, being grown up and leaving home. I’m not ready for that "empty nest" that I see looming in my future.
I know it’s coming, so, I try to enjoy every minute I have with them. No one asked me if it was OK for them to grow up so fast, but, I guess I have to accept it… but I’m going down kicking and screaming. LOL What can I say, they are my babies, always will be. BIG HUGS, Steph

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  1. Bob
    Aug 22, 2006 @ 13:31:04

    Yep!!  Time flies!!!  Good for you to be enjoying the girls while they are still at home.  After all, you will always your cats!!  LOL!  maybe different ones, but cats!  And cats don\’t ask for makeup!  LOL
    xoxo    Bob~


  2. Leah
    Aug 22, 2006 @ 15:03:58

    hey at least you have days and years left of hearing Stinky booties stories and new ones to come with this beast growing inside of me. My ex sister in law told her daughter she was talking to me about the baby "baking" in my tummy. Yeah I had to laugh. Never thought about it that way. Oh and tell Lisa, I didn\’t get to wear make-up till I was 15 and even that was pinks and light colors which you know don\’t show up on Olive complected people.


  3. David
    Aug 29, 2006 @ 08:45:28

    Only THREE times a day?  So that\’s what a happy family is like!


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