HI! My brand new Dell XPS 400, which has already had it’s hard drive replaced, is now going to have to have the memory (card? componant?) replaced… the part that the memory clicks into. I’m now wondering if I should have bought a 10 year warranty extension!

They are sending a technician to fix it. I hope he won’t take too long to get here.

Be good while I’m gone. BIG HUGS, Steph


PS, If you have fun, I better hear all about it! LOL


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  1. Greg
    Jul 25, 2006 @ 16:17:34

    How\’s the sunburn???
    Hmmm…Bummer on the puter???
    I have had real good luck with my Dell\’s…
    So Cool…Tie-Dye Kitty Cat…Meeeeooow!!!
    Ready to get back to the Ozarks next week.
    Stay cool you crazy cat and potato chucker…


  2. Greg
    Jul 25, 2006 @ 16:18:25

    I feel special today 1st comment…YooHoo!!!


  3. bobby
    Jul 25, 2006 @ 18:35:28

    Hello, steph,I hope they can fix it soon. By the way, I have written some articles on my space, hope you can leave comments!Best wishes!


  4. K.T.
    Jul 25, 2006 @ 20:38:46

    I\’d be on the phone bitching up a storm.  No new Dell should have those 2 problems right away.  You deserve a brand new pc.  Good luck.


  5. Cheryl
    Jul 26, 2006 @ 09:08:44

    it sounds like a lemon to me….Bad computer…


  6. Greg
    Jul 28, 2006 @ 11:46:07

    Yep..I vote for a new PC!!!


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