A typical ADD Day

It started out being a normal day, checking email, reading blogs, etc.  but, I knew I had to get offline and do some actual housework. (I know I said the "H" word)
I started doing laundry and running the dishwasher, but, I found some packets of Dylon dye. I’ve had them around from when I tye dyed my daughter’s 3rd grade class shirts.
Well, we (the girls and I) got to thinking that it would be fun to tye dye some big white t-shirts for a swim suit cover…. 
 Once we did that the girls started to think of all kinds of other things that we could dye. Shirts that were white, a Duvet cover, a window curtain, etc, etc. You get the idea. LOL
 I have purple hands and my bathroom sink is pink and purple. Little pink and purple spots on the bathroom floor… (I really should see if those are gonna come out)
There are buckets with dye on my porch and I hope the cats will stay out of them… hmmmm a pink or purple cat…. nawwwww.
Needless to say we didn’t get much work done today, heck we even ordered pizza for dinner.
Tomorrow, I’m taking my youngest and a few of her friends to the water park.  Last time I went, I got fried and resembled a lobster. This time I have some really good sunblock.
 I usually go on the fun scarey rides with them, but my favorite is tubing the "Endless River" or getting a big tube and snoozing in the "Wave Pool"… now if they would only let me take a nice cold drink in with me, I’d be set!
Hope you all had a great weekend! BIG HUGS, Steph

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. David
    Jul 24, 2006 @ 11:12:33

    You just bought those swimsuits and now already you need a cover for them?  How ADD are YOU?


  2. EdgyKay
    Jul 24, 2006 @ 12:08:41

    Hahahahahahhahahaha! DavidShag makes me LAUGH!
    And where the HELL is my invitation to this water park you speak of? *I* like lazy rivers — especially those that contain me, in a tube. I like them because they require little or no movement, except to crack another beer.
    Damn it! Where do you live? Idaho or something? If I left RIGHT NOW…


  3. Cheryl
    Jul 24, 2006 @ 13:00:43

    it sounds like fun… I have not dyed anything in many years…


  4. Bob
    Jul 24, 2006 @ 15:29:40

    Not sure what to tell you about removing dye stains. You may be stuck living with a psychodelic sink for awhile!!! lol!  Since you still have buckets of dye left, why not do the toilet and bathtub too!!  At least the would all match!!!  Just a thought…….
    xoxo    Bob~


  5. K.T.
    Jul 24, 2006 @ 21:05:43

    Can we have pics of the purple hands and sink?


  6. _The_Gay_Dude
    Jul 25, 2006 @ 02:45:13

    Love the title!  And a tall glass of lemonade or iced tea would be kewl!


  7. Allissa
    Jul 25, 2006 @ 08:48:27

    I miss dyeing things.
    A mouse in your pantry…hehe
    Is it hot enough? You know, it is hotter there than it is here right now. We are in winter time.


  8. BH
    Jul 25, 2006 @ 09:45:16

    OK, hold on.  Why the heck would you cover the underwire-cleavage swimsuit with a ty-dye shirt?  I am so disappointed and heartbroken.  heh heh.


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