Oh the joy of binges!

The past 4 days have been busy, hectic and filled with me bingeing. Yes, I admit it, I have a "habit"… one that costs me between 8.00 and 12.00 a day.
Once a year, for 4 days, I throw caution to the wind, I let go of all inhibitions, and I binge… seriously binge like a crack ho who’s been told the crack is free, or a pot head who’s found out that the state he lives in has just legalized it. My addiction… fresh, real Lemonade! I know, I know, I could make it myself, but, I’m too dang lazy. LOL Once a year our little town has the Cherry Festival, which means carnival rides, vendors, music, dancing, antique cars, parades, and FOOD, yes that wonderful, slam those arteries closed just looking at it, cost you an arm and a leg for one good buffalo burger, county, country and state Fair kinda food. This means that my favorite older couple who have a traveling food booth will be there, they specialize in fresh squeezed lemonade, and are my choice of "dealers". They didn’t even have to get me hooked by giving me free samples! I willingly gave in, gave all, and will continue to do so. OH how I love that sweet, tangy blend in a big glass…. even if it is 4.00 for a large!  Last night was the final night of the Cherry Festival, everything was closing down at 11pm. I found myself feeling panicked and anxious at 10:30pm…. I couldn’t stand it, I had to go back for my one last "hit".
I got there at 10:45pm, and ordered, "I need one more large before you leave," I said. She shakes her head and says, "Honey, don’t you see the sign?" It said,… OUT of Lemonade! She said they ran out about an hour before I had got there! Now, did I take that bit of info calmly and go home? HECK no, true addict that I am, I tried to remember what other booth I had seen that was selling lemonade… I had come to get lemonade and I wasn’t going home without some! I wanted it, I NEEDED it, and I was gonna get it! It wasn’t as good, the glass wasn’t as big, and it cost about the same, but damn it, I had one more glass! With shaking hands I paid the Man. Glancing around to make sure no one I knew saw me, I ran to my car to enjoy my ‘fix’ in private… (OK so I made that part up, about shaking hands and the car, but it adds to the story) LOL
Ahhhhh sweet mystery of life, I have found you…. LOL BIG HUGS, Steph

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  1. Bob
    Jun 18, 2006 @ 14:34:01

    Ahhhh….  So THAT\’S where you\’ve been the last few days!!  LOL!  Must be REALLY good stuff!  Oh well, only a year to wait until the next Cherry Fest!!  Do they make Cherryade too???  Just curious…..
    xo   Bob~


  2. Harold
    Jun 18, 2006 @ 20:19:53

    Tff ….  I\’ll never look at Lemonaid the same… lmao


  3. BH
    Jun 18, 2006 @ 21:38:34

    OK Steph, I love ya and all but….. SEEK HELP!!!
    LOL.  Just kiddin\’.  Actually real lemonade with some Jack or Patron…..I\’m lovin\’ that.


  4. Nikki
    Jun 19, 2006 @ 01:49:14

    Lol!  You just crack me up!  That is so funny…..well I\’m glad you got one last \’fix\’, although its not from the vendor you liked.  🙂  Hope that last you for a year…  🙂


  5. bobby
    Jun 19, 2006 @ 01:50:14

    i like ur attitude towards life,but i have not seen u  on the msn, really miss u


  6. _The_Gay_Dude
    Jun 19, 2006 @ 11:17:45

    I\’m gonna start calling you, "Lemonhead!"


  7. Jim
    Jun 19, 2006 @ 13:23:52

    You like your lemmons! Well I had a good fathers day, Ed and I sang at a little church, I love that because we can turn the volume down and really sing to our hearts.  We also did a perfect performance, which is almost all we need by the pay isn\’t bad either.  We are working on a CD but it will take 6 month or better, so who knows.  But them the kids took me to see the Omen, I liked the first one better, but I had a good time.  And of course we ate, I think I\’m still full, but sorry no lemmon\’s or maybe that will make you happy that I did not reduce the worlds inventory of lemmons? LOL


  8. Leah
    Jun 19, 2006 @ 16:57:36

    I read this last night and didn\’t comment. I don\’t like those lemon aids, they are way to sweet to me, I rather have country time or make my own really bitter lemon aid.


  9. Dwayne
    Jun 19, 2006 @ 18:37:25

    Reminds me of my carny days at Cedar Point.


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