I grew up with and around beautiful people, some were just beautiful on the outside, some were beautiful inside and out, some weren’t really beautiful on the outside but were so talented and special it made them beautiful. What impresses me most, what I really value, is beauty on the inside, kindness, intelligence, a great sense of humor, talent, and a truely loving soul. (Ok, I have a big weakness for smartass and witty too) LOL
I appreciate and enjoy beauty, but have found (at least within my family) that with beauty comes vanity, and lots of it. My Grandfather was a very handsome Man. Women were always going on about how good looking he was, (and he was) right up until he died in his 80’s he looked good. He was, very vain though, and would not set foot outside the house until his mustache had been blacked in and everything was just so.
I could not have asked for a better Grandpa, I loved him very much, and his quirk or vanity was just part of him that I accepted because I loved him.
My Grandmother was very good looking when she was young, but as a pale skin redhead, didn’t fare so well with aging, and she resented the heck out of it too. She was a driven aggressive woman in a day and age that really didn’t accept that, and as she got older she became more and more… well, bitchy and bitter. She was known for her wonderful little snide remarks to us her granddaughters when we were in teens or twenties and looking good. "OH, looks like you’ve gained some weight, or is that a wrinkle"? It wasn’t said in fun either. lol
My parents, (who I’ve posted pictures of on here) are both beautiful people, and I will say, as he’s gotten older my Dad lost whatever vanity he had. My Mom, well, she and her sisters were known for their beauty, and to this day all it takes is for a male of any age to speak to her and she thinks he wants her.
My maiden name rhymes with gorgeous, and it was used often in conjunction with my brothers. Each with his own little quirk when it comes to his vanity. The oldest redhead used to fix his hair and then refuse to move his head in fear of it messing up his hair. He’s the closest to me, so I used to give him a bad time about that, and I can still mimic his actions of, "My hair is done, don’t touch it, or even think of touching it". lol
One brother who’s dark like I am, cut a swath through the ladies of this  town I live in… unfortunately he was still married at the time.
My only sister, who has gorgeous long red hair is beautiful also, is used to lots of attention, and has a fantastic singing voice, gets rather bent out of shape if she feels she’s being ignored or not given the attention she deserves. OH and if you need to be someplace at a certain time, you have to tell her the time is an hour or two before the real time. She doesn’t go anywhere until everything is just perfect! lol
I have cousins who are drop dead gorgeous, who’ve married beautiful people and have beautiful babies. Some are beautiful and talented. We have Opera singers, Country singers, Artists, Doctors, and all kinds of Scientists.
My only living uncle (on the Italian side) is a tall handsome man. Do you remember Mark Spitz? When he was in the Olympics and won all those gold medals was very famous. Well my uncle looked just like him. We would be in restaurants and people would come up for autographs.
As a kid and even as an adult I used to be amused at their vanity, some times annoyed by it, some times embarrassed. The ones I was close to, I would tease. I always felt like, if not the ugly duckling, at least the plain duckling among the swans. Smug in the fact that I was above all that kinda nonsense…. lol wrong.
I had many instances happen that showed me I was not above vanity, even though I worked hard at not being that way. I guess no matter who we are, we all have a little vanity… even chubby lil Italian mom’s like me!
What brought all of this on? Well the other day I was in the grocery store and ran into Dave. He was my neighbor in the one place we lived the longest. The first boy I kissed, the first one who got me drunk and tried to get to 2nd base. The boy I saw in his underwear more than my own brothers. lol  If we hadn’t of moved he probably would have been another first…
Happy as I was to see him and get caught up about how he was and what was going on in his life, my first thoughts were…. OH my gosh, I hope I look good! LMAO
Vanity thy name is Steph! pffft BIG HUGS, Steph
My Mom and Dad (Mom’s picture courtesy of jockfullonuts, he digitally fixed it for me, and did a fantastic job (which I knew he would!) Thanks Jock! (Jock’s a person who’s beautiful inside and out)
This got me to thinking about the blind. I have a dear friend who’s legally blind. He went to School’s and College for the Blind. He just got back from a college reunion (they have one every year) so I thought I’d ask him about vanity and the blind.
His answer, they have most of the same vanities as everyone else. He has a friend who has a beautiful speaking voice and is quite vain about it.
Gordon, my friend, is not totally blind, and says that he like most men fall into the trap of outer beauty when it comes to women, but as he’s gotten older he’s found that inner beauty means more. A man who’s totally blind will tend to go more for inner beauty. I asked, do they still worry about how they look? He said yes. He says even he worries about how his hair is or how his clothes look on him. So, no matter who we are we all have some vanity. lol

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  1. Jerry
    May 27, 2006 @ 22:06:18

    Beauty is sometimes hard to define. Which is the more beautiful, the rose or the  daisy? Growing up there where twin girls, hard o tell apart until you watched them a little. Jean was the more vivacious, outgoing while Joan was more thoughtful and caring. Jean would be talking with her friends while Joan was helping her grandmother. I thought they were both beautiful and so did the rest of the boys, so I guess they were. I met Jean again a few years ago at her father\’s funeral. I would have thought she was Joan. She seemed to think only of others where before she was a little self-centered. By the way, your spelling seems fine to me.


  2. Lisa Jane
    May 28, 2006 @ 12:41:07

    Hello steph!!!
    Thank you for your lovely comments again!!! And it was nice of you to take the time and congratulate lisa on winning my competition! It was a ahdr decition to make as i loved all the poems but i did the best i could with deciding the winner! Anyway just read your blog and well my thoughts on beautiful people … i have to say you are as nature made you and tolive as yourself is the best policy and be comfortable and happy! I don\’t agree with plastic surgery things like that i know you havnt mentioned this above but just something i think a lot of when vanity is mentioned. I think it is a way of hiding your real person and i think you should be happy with yourself and if you want to make yourself better then do it by keeping healthy and fit! I was always plain at school and never told that i was pretty or attractive. I have to stop there lol just got a call and im off to pick up my son and fiancee from the airport im sooooo excited !!!!


  3. Nikki
    May 29, 2006 @ 01:26:14

    Beautiful pictures.  My younger brother is just like your older brother.  He would do his hair and then would tell me not to touch it….which makes me wanna touch and mess it up even more!  🙂  It\’s so funny….it\’s hilarious.  When hes late and don\’t have time to do his hair….he would put on a cap….so that his hair won\’t be seen.  Talk about vain.  🙂


  4. Jim
    May 29, 2006 @ 10:32:03

    Good pictures and a great story.  I have been working around the house, getting rid of that extra energy I guess.  But I think I\’ll take in a movie this afternoon, or do some horse riding, whichever I\’ll take it easy.  See ya.


  5. _The_Gay_Dude
    May 29, 2006 @ 14:59:56

    Great entry and I\’d date your Dad Woof!!!! LOL


  6. Cheryl
    May 29, 2006 @ 18:39:06

    We were Indians and so I don\’t remember there being so much emphasis on beauty.  Not outward beauty anyway.  We all were pretty normal looking and my non Indian mother was beautiful.  My dad was good looking but he was short.  I don\’t think my grandparents were unusually attractive.  Then my cousin became Miss Minnesota.  Now of course this was a long time ago.  Maybe 40 years ago.  She was very vain about her beauty and i did not think whe wold amount to much but she ended up getting to go work for the Govenor of Minnesota because of her status as Miss Minnesota.  She worked at the capital for many years, had a family and she just looks normal and acts normal now.  Being beautiful gave her some real career advantages.  I have never seen her children so I don\’t know if they turned out beautiful.  it just is not a big deal in my family.
    Sometimes when I am like out buying groceries or some other activity I will look at myself in shock and rrealize that my pants and top are not matched.  Since i retired I have become really bad about stuff like that.  I just have to laugh at myself over it..


  7. SAAM
    May 29, 2006 @ 20:18:45

    Really interesting story.  What is beautiful to one is not beautiful to another.
    Have a good day


  8. KatSoup
    May 29, 2006 @ 21:14:37

    I like to think Im secure enough with myself now that I really dont give a crap if anyone is impressed or not.
    That is the coolest part of getting older – ya ever seen Steel Magnolias? – "Southern women are supposed to wear lots of ugly hats and grow tomatoes". shirley mcclain
    I use a lil foundation and a brush of mascara and I\’m done.  I used to have very long beautiful hair.  I rode my hair, but had it cut off last year.  I feel naked,  but okay with it.


  9. Rose
    May 30, 2006 @ 04:59:49

    I don\’t know how to translate \’instant powder\’ , it can make the beef soft, maybe someone use saleratus to marinade beef for a while, just a little bit.


  10. strollerguy
    May 30, 2006 @ 05:33:55

    Wow…you weren\’t kidding! Good looking folks! (I\’m man enough to include both…)
    Me…well, when I got into radio (in college), I was told I had a great face for it.


  11. Mercy
    May 30, 2006 @ 14:03:47

    I loved the pictures…yes inside any day over out, I agree!
    Hugs…thank you for the heart felt comments,


  12. Unknown
    May 30, 2006 @ 17:41:47

    Kitty Babe,
    Tag, Your It… Acorrding to the rules I have been sucked into, you now have to list your 8 qualifications for the perfect lover and then tag 8 others, please let me know when finished, I\’d love to know how poorly I stack up…  ha ha ha…  Mikey


  13. Greg
    May 30, 2006 @ 17:56:50

    Do you think I would fit in with your family???


  14. Bob
    May 30, 2006 @ 21:48:00

    Great pics!! You come from good stock!! I know cause I\’ve met you in person!! I think you get your good looks from your dad!! Hmmmm… hard to tell! Probably from both of them!! But you are beautiful and could easily be a vain person, but you\’re not!! As for me, I really have nothing to be vain about!! LOL!! I think vain people just want attention anyhow……..

    Have a great week babe!!

    xo Bob~


  15. Allissa
    May 31, 2006 @ 06:36:11

    Well, you know ALL redheads are charming and gorgeous!


  16. Jess
    May 31, 2006 @ 08:34:15

    I\’ve known for a long damn time that YOU my dear are beautiful….
    Very well written entry today too doll.
    Happy HumpDay !


  17. Jnutsaz
    May 31, 2006 @ 10:57:15

    Speaking of vanity…what are those gorgeous bush with the huge clusters of color? Living directly over the gates of hell has its disadvantages. One being we have nothing so glorious (well, not entirely true) as those beauties.


  18. Jnutsaz
    May 31, 2006 @ 10:57:48

    *IS that gorgeous bush


  19. White
    May 31, 2006 @ 18:51:15

    Wonderful blog and yes your parents are both very good looking in those pics.
    I struggle with the vanity issue. I know I am pretty and yet sometimes hate it with a vengeance
    as it has for all my life caused people to treat me in a certain way.
    However, that said…….I can be home for days on end with no makeup on and my hair in a ponytail but if I have to so much as go to the store for milk….then it takes at least 30 minutes before I leave the house.
    My mother, who at 70 is still incredibly pretty and looks 15 years younger takes 2 – 5 hours to get ready to go anywhere. Not a word of a lie….I once was ready by 9am and had to sit and wait for her. She went into the bathroom at 8am and came out at 2pm. Vainity or a nap?


  20. Harold
    Jun 02, 2006 @ 05:48:13

    Yep.. vanity is one of those things we all have to some degree.
    Me.. it was always my long hair. was almost a trade mark for me. Hung ( no Steph.. not that kinda hung 😛 to my waist for years. n when it was wet went past my ass. ( Did  I mention I hate my curly hair ? ) Other than that I couldnt/wouldnt consider myself one of the beautifull people. 😛


  21. EdgyKay
    Jun 07, 2006 @ 00:45:08

    I firmly believe that beautiful sisters suck. I have one, and she\’s got beautiful long, thick, curly black hair (mine\’s…brownish, I guess, and thin and fine); big dark brown eyes (mine are…bluish); is petite — juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust 5-feet, with a giant rack (I\’m 5\’8 and only get busty when I gain weight. And even then I feel like I cheated); and has a flawless, cocoa-y complection (mine\’s icky and pale and freckly).
    My only consolation? She\’ll ALWAYS be older than me.
    Oh, and pretty soon? She won\’t be able to reach the MIDDLE shelf of her kitchen cupboards.
    Take THAT, Miss Beautiful!


  22. CAROL
    Jun 07, 2006 @ 21:53:29

    WOW WHAT wonderful parents you must be really proud!  P.S. anyone who can make eclairs like that….wellll
    you are special!    :  )  Caroldee


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