My Rides, and my Fantasy Rides

Ok, this week is, Pimp My Ride, week, and we are supposed to show you what we drive, cars we’ve owned and our dream/fantasy cars. So, here goes… Here’s my Suzuki. I was gonna wash it, but I figure, hey, it’s normally got kitty paw prints on it, so I’ll show it to you like that! The Maxima, I just bought from Bob and Becky.
My girls are excited because it has a sun roof! lol 
 Next is the very first car I owned, a Ford Galaxy 500.  I even found a picture of exactly what color it was! This big bad boy saved my life. I had an accident, at the last second If I went left I would have killed a man, so I went right,… right under a huge Ore-Ida Beet truck (took the top right off). That car was so big, the EMT’s said that the only reason I lived was because  of that.
My Next car was "Baby", a baby blue 66 Mustang. I sold it when my second son was born, and it still kills me!
I’ve owned lots of other cars, none all that great.  I dated some boys that had really great cars. My favorite, that I got to drive, an Alpha Romeo Spyder, vrrrrrrroooom! (see picture in the album above)
Ok, here are my dream/fantasy cars…. (in no special order) 1st is the Austin Healey, 1963 MK2-BJ7-black, I had a neighbor who had one of these, I was 14 and fell in love with the car. I would dream of buying it from him, and restoring it.
Jaguar XKE, 1969… I fell in love with this car the first time I saw one. I love them in red and black….
3rd… a newer fantasy, and another love at first sight… BMW Z3

I actually love, love, love old cars. Every summer we have "Crusin Night". People bring their cars, old and new to be in the car show. I’d love to have the money to buy some of them, the old trucks, convertables, caddys with wings, 57 Chevy’s (My neighbor George has one, red with flames) talk about torture! lol

Any and All donations of these cars, or money for these cars will be GLADLY accepted! LOL BIG HUGS, Steph


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  1. Bob
    Apr 29, 2006 @ 21:30:32

    You know??  It\’s soooo refreshing to know a women who\’s down to earth and doesn\’t have REALLY expensive tastes!!  LOL!! And, sorry!!  I\’m saving my money for one of those VW Phaetons!! Or, I could buy 2 Jags!!  Grerat pics!!!!!!!!!!
    xoxo  Bob~


  2. Stephanie
    Apr 29, 2006 @ 21:40:29

    Yep, that\’s me, just plain down to earth wants and needs! LOL I THINK since you want a car that\’s 100 thou plus, it\’s kinda the pot calling the kettle black? pfffft! LOL What\’s the saying, I have simple tastes…. I simply like the best? LOL BIG HUGS, Steph


  3. Nikki
    Apr 30, 2006 @ 04:33:31

    My friend drives the new Z4.  I took it for a spin the other day…..its a sweet ride.  Went out for a drive late at night and got pulled over in Waikiki.  Said I was driving too fast and he also said he thought we were both drunk.  Youngsters in a flashy car sometime means trouble….thats what he said.  We didn\’t drink that night…..and my friend loves her car too much to risk the damage it.  Drunk driving is never good.  Was gonna give me a ticket for speeding…but didn\’t.  A stern warning and we were off… was fun.  I do love that car!  Gonna car sit it while shes away on vacation this summer.  Can\’t wait to get my hands on it again.  🙂


  4. Stephanie
    Apr 30, 2006 @ 08:07:38

    @Nikki, SUWEET! I haven\’t seen the Z4, guess I better \’google\’! lol I\’d offer to \’babysit\’ too! Have fun! Steph


  5. Stephanie
    Apr 30, 2006 @ 08:15:53

    OK, the Z4 is HOT, but, I still prefer the 3. I wouldn\’t turn one down though…. LOVE it in red! Steph


  6. Monger
    May 01, 2006 @ 15:51:08

    Yeap that me booming down the street throwing sh!t at ppl. Yo that Mustang was kicking. Had a 82 Monte Carlo ZZ Sport with of course a BOOMIN SYSTEM. I like the Max, Always liked those. I am supporting the illegals today, I stopped at Taco Bell for dinner and THEY WERE OPEN, so I guess not everybody is boycotting today.

    Take it eZ


  7. Pigalina
    May 02, 2006 @ 00:29:13

    That Jag does look like a nice car 🙂  My dream car is an old style Mini or Beetle.  Sad to say, I once lusted after a beige Lada station wagon too!   


  8. Cheryl
    May 02, 2006 @ 04:25:20

    Your Maxima looks cute and I love your dream car too my dream car is an old  Mustang, don\’t know why, just love the look of them.
    I am late I know but I have posted pics on my space


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