Pimp Yo Ride Week

This is from Bob’s Space, http://spaces.msn.com/ruserious1947/

 Pimp Yo Ride!!

 That’s right! Monday May 1 is the beginning of the first annual "Pimp Yo’ Ride Week". That should give everyone plenty of time to take photos of your car(s), truck(s) or whatever you drive and post them to your space! Even pics of cars that you loved but no longer drive or own are allowed.

 This should be fun if everyone participates. Just show each other "How I Roll" and have a good time with it. I’ll be coming around to each of your spaces to nag you and if you don’t do this, No Disneyland for you!!!!!

 HAH!! HUGS to all of my friends, Bob~

Also, I’ve added a new list here so I can add your spaces as you post your photos. That will make it easier to see everyone’s pics, so please comment to me when you post your photo(s). Post as many pics of as many cars as you want!!

This sounds fun! Be sure to let Bob know when you’ve posted your pictures, so he can add a link to your space. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone drives, and what our dream cars are. BIG HUGS, Steph



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Litespreader
    Apr 25, 2006 @ 21:23:43

    i love my little car.. but i\’m afraid most people wouldn\’t.  \’89 honda civic wagon.. 197,000 miles, and still going strong!
    i\’ll probably get another 100 out of it before i give it up.   my son\’s friends named it \’the dingo\’.  
    sorry i don\’t get on here much, but for some reason when i come over, my
    \’puter freezes up, knocks me off line, etc… i hate aol..  i think they put something in the dial up programming that
    does that crap so you\’ll switch to dsl.  hopefully soon, i\’ll be able to switch over to a dsl… NOT aol tho.  pigs.
    take care, sweetness.  t 


  2. Greg
    Apr 26, 2006 @ 09:05:42

    Now… You ladies don\’t be dressin\’ up your guy\’s and taking pictures…
    Oooops!!! I went a whole other direction???


  3. Wicki
    Apr 26, 2006 @ 09:25:07

    Hey there, hadn\’t been by in a while and stopped in to say hello.   I\’ll take a picture of my "baby" this weekend!   I want to go to Disneyland!
    Go take a look at the new piece I did, I need help with a name.
    Love ya,


  4. Unknown
    Oct 17, 2008 @ 07:29:45

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