Quiet Sunday

It’s been a quiet weekend, the girls both went different directions, and I stayed at home and watched a few movies. I finally watched the new version of King Kong. I had been putting it off because the whole story line has always bothered me. The whole, loving someone you shouldn’t love, forbidden love, and because of human greed, and ignorance, an animal who was the last of his kind dies. They made him even more human in this latest version. The effects were great! I gotta say, the giant bugs freaked me out the most, UGH. As far as Kong goes, I kept thinking, if I were a giant Ape, last of my kind, no mate…(no nookie) I’d be pretty darn crabby too!
My girls rented, Zathura. It was ok, I liked Jumanji better. My girls really liked it.
The other night my youngest daughter went to the movies and saw, 8 Below, based on a true story about a dog sled team that get left behind in and Artic storm and alone for almost 200 days. She and all of her friends loved it, but, aparently it’s really sad and they came out still crying with red eyes. They all recommended it.
My new Dell computer is being a pain. It freezes up, I have to send booku error reports, and I can’t get into some of my favorite blogs. My old pieced together computer, has no problems. I sent an email to Dell, they are supposed to call within 48 hours… we’ll see.
How’s your day going?

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  1. Bob
    Apr 02, 2006 @ 14:03:49

    I loved King Kong!!  The effects were awesome!  And if you watch and listen closely, he almost learns to say "beautiful" while gazing at the sunset!!  Maybe it\’s just me! LOL!!!!  Anywho, Dell had BETTER answer you and make that computer Right!!  Just mention the word Gateway a few times to them!  That should help!!
    xoxo  Bob~


  2. Nikki
    Apr 02, 2006 @ 16:43:58

    I haven\’t seen the new version of King Kong but I did the older version.  And I don\’t think I\’ll ever watch it again….I hated it when King Kong died.  Too sad  😦 


  3. Nikki
    Apr 02, 2006 @ 16:48:04

    Oh…..I didn\’t name my cat……its a long story.  But my boyfriend did tell me that when I get another cat, I should name it Vin, so that when I call both of my cat…..I can say, Vin Diesel come here!  🙂


  4. Harold
    Apr 02, 2006 @ 20:54:10

    I thought Jumanji was a great flick.  Want to see Zathura too tho.. I just don\’t get to the video store much ( I wait and go when I want to buy some of the "previously rented" DVD\’s they are sellin) and got rid of my HBO n those other premium channels….. so will be waiting for King Kong for awhile also…LMAO…. mainly keeping the cable hook-up for the hi-speed internet.
    Dell tech support isn\’t toooooo bad. Do you have anti-spam / anti-virus software ??  I have had problems with my anti-spam software. So much so that I had to turn it off. You may also have spyware on your system ( they slow your computer down alot ) Do you check out the "task manager " when its going slow ??  Check the CPU usage on the "performance" tab. That will show you the amout CPU power is being used. If its locked into %100 check the "Process" tab. That will list out the process\’s that are active. Also show you the "Mem Usage" ( memory usage ) and "CPU" tells you the total percentage of the particular process\’s. If one of them are taking all the CPU power. Highlight it and then click "End Process" at the bottom right of the "Task Manager"
    For some reason some "gifs" and other ads on webpages seem to lock up the newer Dells… Not sure why. I just Copy the addy of it.. hit end process.. reopen IE ( Internet Explorer ) n Paste the addy to go back to where I was… Usually works after that. ( Got to love Windows… I bet your using XP right ?? )
    OMG  Whats the little thing   : O : O :O  Damn Nuns…. :\’ (    : P
    Anyway… hope your week goes great


  5. Allissa
    Apr 03, 2006 @ 02:43:09

    Sounds like your day is going worse than mine. so far, on Monday, today. I have not had any arguments, I am busy but manageable busy, not killed anyone, not yelled, OR had my car towed. Looking like a good day to me. *knock knock*.
    Hammers usually work for fixing computers. And they are easy to use. all you have to do is swing the hammer at the computer and Wa-la!


  6. bren
    Apr 05, 2006 @ 15:07:06

    Does your new puter have Norton or McAfee? I have never had \’smooth\’ results with Norton – and my new computer came installed with 60-day trial for McAfee — it was one of the first programs I removed. I\’ll stick with my old tried and true and FREE Avast! Home Edition (http://www.avast.com/) I find that the other two just have too many bells to tweak before they will allow me to do what I want to do. 1


  7. David
    Apr 07, 2006 @ 14:31:49

    Could the number of error reports possibly be summed up by the french word "beaucoup"?  Just asking – in the NICEST possible way…   (And could your commenter Moose possibly also be referring to the French \’Voila!"?  I am feeling very French and Virgo-ish today.  Just ignore it.)
    Never saw any of the Kongs.  Never appealed to me.  Don\’t know why – never liked monkeys/apes in the zoo, either.  It was cool to see them in the wild on safari, but otherwise, no.  Dianne Fossey and Jane Goodall would probably snub me at the club… 


  8. Stephanie
    Apr 07, 2006 @ 15:33:28

    @Dave, I\’d still love ya even IF you didn\’t mean it in the nicest way. You are correct monseuir, on both counts. I\’m usually to lazy to use spell check. You be as french and or virgo-ish as much as you wish, it\’s the difference between being you and being boring! (I like you being you)
    I\’ve always wanted to see animals in their natural state, but considering it\’s leopards, jaguars and tigers that fascinate me, I\’m not sure how smart that is. Here kitty, kitty? BIG HUGS, Steph


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