2nd Annual Computer Surroundings Day!

Welcome! If you haven’t taken a picture of your computer desk/surroundings… WHAT the heck are you waiting for? lol
You, oh so priviledged people get to see my new monitor and keyboard, but the important stuff was under the desk, sooooo, you get to see my ‘stuff’ on the desk instead. I actually dusted for you, AND there are usually piles of papers on the main part of the desk, I moved them just for you! (cough, cough)
Ok, now I’m off to travel Blogville to see what everyone else’s desks look like. Happy Day before Friday! (a Ben holiday). BIG HUGS, Steph
(Oh and be sure to leave your picture up at least 2 or 3 days, so everyone can see it)
Obviously you guys have a longer attention span than I do, and I’m an artist, who knows what will ‘spark’ my imagination. lol OK OK, I LIKE TOYS! lmao  Sensory overload indeed!  I have the whole bottom shelf  to work on, the rest would just be wasted space, and Mannyed, the neighbor kids love my computer desk, it IS fun! LOL Thanks!

28 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Indigo-XX
    Mar 29, 2006 @ 21:36:30

    Your desk gives me sensory overload…I\’ll be in the closet, sucking my thumb, for the rest of the night.  Oy. 😉
    Thanks for cleaning up…did you get the crumbs out of the keyboard?  Or is that just me?


  2. KatSoup
    Mar 29, 2006 @ 22:31:30

    LMAO @ Indigo.
    You have so many toys!  How do you ever get any work done?
      Pfft wait till you see mine, youll say you have so many bottles! How do you ever get any work done.ha ha ha


  3. KatSoup
    Mar 29, 2006 @ 22:32:14

    new puter oo la la


  4. Dwayne
    Mar 29, 2006 @ 22:47:38

    There\’s no way you keep it that clean all the time is there? I\’m feeling a little nervous about posting my mess. Like going to a nude beach, there are some things people shouldn\’t have to see. While my desk may feel itsy bitsy, at least it is not polka dotted.


  5. Stephanie
    Mar 29, 2006 @ 23:03:34

    LOL@Indi, This is a new keyboard, sooo no crumbs…yet…
    Sensory overload huh? I love toys, and well, my attention span isn\’t that great. lol
    Kat- Bottles huh? What kind and are they empties? lmao
    Dwayne- Heck NO, the bottom shelf is usually full of papers, mail, etc. I\’m a very messy person, so, post away, there\’s no way you would ever shock me! lol


  6. Allissa
    Mar 30, 2006 @ 00:41:45

    You\’ve got crap. Everywhere. Wait til you see mine. It is SO boring. But I have an excuse. I blog at work, therefore, boring computer.


  7. Harold
    Mar 30, 2006 @ 06:15:52

    Looks like i shoulda cleaned my pic area more before i took it…lmao
    Hope ur day goes good 😀


  8. K.T.
    Mar 30, 2006 @ 06:37:39

    LMAO………Why all the junk around your pc?   How can you even work?


  9. account deleted
    Mar 30, 2006 @ 08:12:51

    Maybe after I clean it I\’ll take a pic!!  🙂


  10. Mercy
    Mar 30, 2006 @ 10:08:49

    FROO FROO girl!! hehe I\’d like knock stuff of of that…xoxo Mercy


  11. Gina
    Mar 30, 2006 @ 10:09:36

    Kat, a whole bunch of stuff exploded on your computer area lol!  Actually it looks like a lot of fun over there!!


  12. Kat
    Mar 30, 2006 @ 10:32:37

    o…m…g, girl.  Sensory OVERLOAD—my retnas! my retnas!! They burnnnnnnn!!!!!


  13. Bob
    Mar 30, 2006 @ 12:06:41

    Nice NEW puter!!!!  And cool toys too!!  Have lots and lots of fun with it!  I\’m gonna post my pics now.  Talk at ya soon!
    xoxo Bob~


  14. Indigo-XX
    Mar 30, 2006 @ 13:24:24

    Uh…do I see a piece of majolica and a piece of flow blue? and congratulations on the new computer.


  15. Greg
    Mar 30, 2006 @ 14:08:51

    Very nice…I like how you hid the litter box under the desk.
    Now…If we can just get that picture of Donny on your desktop screen???
    I\’m out of here for now…"Wake me up…Before you Go…Go!!!"


  16. Greg
    Mar 30, 2006 @ 19:49:12

    I know pictures…
    Actually I have my desktop space then my travels around the house on my laptop…
    Just needed sunshine so the pictures would turn out better by my widows around the house…
    I get around to taking pictures once our weather clears up…
    We have a tornado watch right now…
    Have an awesome Friday…Greg


  17. bren
    Mar 30, 2006 @ 19:55:12

    What the hell are all those dust collectors doing around your new machine? Shoooo scram!


  18. Allissa
    Mar 31, 2006 @ 02:20:15

    I\’ve got my boring pic up.


  19. Jim
    Mar 31, 2006 @ 09:55:31

    Where are all of the loose papers, coke can, coffee cup and other stuff.  No you have too much time to be that clean!!


  20. David
    Mar 31, 2006 @ 10:39:03

    I hate cameras (as well as cellphones) so you will just have to imagine my desk (actually my old laptop is set up on the dining room table, because the new Apple is on the cheap cramped computer desk waiting for me to feel like getting it to work (so far 2 weeks have elapsed since arrival) – hey that\’s a paren inside a paren – good for me!) – but if you imagine lots of crumbs (Mumo\’s carrot cake) and dust, and old post-its with the edges curled, you are pretty close. 


  21. Kadrin
    Mar 31, 2006 @ 18:36:45

    Woohoo New puter : ) Yer space looks very organised and cozy : ) hugs Blabby


  22. Jess
    Apr 01, 2006 @ 06:03:04

    I missed show your puter day 😦 My puter was messed up…but hey…at least I don\’t have to show my mess !
    You weren\’t lyin\’ when you said you had lots of toys ! lol…I\’d never be able to concetrate …and everything would be full of dust lol…


  23. Cheryl
    Apr 01, 2006 @ 06:46:43

    Yur space is so neat.  Mine was the first few days that I moved in here.  I am impressed.


  24. Litespreader
    Apr 01, 2006 @ 07:59:16

    now that\’s what i call multi-tasking!!  there are some pretty interesting items up there,
    actually.  i couldn\’t function well without simplicity in my surroundings.  but that\’s me.
    you are perfect just the way you are, steph.  happy for your new computer.  😉  teresa marie


  25. Panda♥princess
    Apr 01, 2006 @ 11:39:55

    ^^thanks ur note I think u must be love pink tooo
    yeah,,cat is so cute have u feed ?
    OH..so many toy around ur computer..


  26. K.T.
    Apr 01, 2006 @ 12:05:00

    BOO!  Are you afraid of Ghosts?  Any money collected will be shared equally by us in LV.  Haven\’t you got that pc fixed yet?


  27. Silver
    Apr 01, 2006 @ 14:02:18

    Oh it looks fun around your computer lol..


  28. Nikki
    Apr 02, 2006 @ 04:58:02

    Whoa…..my computer table is so boring compared to yours! 


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