Luck should be my middle name!

Ya know, everytime I check my email, I’m reminded of just how darn lucky I am! I mean, I get emails from, I won, telling me, well, that, I’ve won! I get VIP invitations to, (although I haven’t checked it out) what seems to be a very fancy club for adults only(I’ll bet they discuss politics and art)… gee! I have gift certificates gallore, from all kinds of places. Publisher’s Clearing House says I’m definately winning! A Mr. Mongobo from some place in Africa has written me to tell me he has access to millions of dollars and get this…. I can have some! How sweet of a deal is that… huh? Word must be getting around that I’m a fairly good listener and confidant, because I’m always getting emails from some poor girls that seem to be horny and have no one else to tell. Girls… I hear you, and feel your pain!
I’m waiting on my free plasma TV, free 10 megapixel digital camera, and free trip (all expenses paid) to the Bahamas. I’m kinda hoping that one will take a while to get here because I recently got what seems to be my favorite email offer of all time… some wonderful company has emailed and asked me if I wanted a bigger penis!! I of course said YES, and told them the kind of Man I would like it attached to, if my luck holds, he’ll get here just before the trip tickets. Ahhhh life is good and I’m sooooo lucky! BIG HUGS, Steph

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  1. Gina
    Mar 08, 2006 @ 09:19:54

    Time to upgrade your junk mail settings!! LMAO!  Too funny, Steph!


  2. _The_Gay_Dude
    Mar 08, 2006 @ 09:23:12



  3. Leah
    Mar 08, 2006 @ 10:18:00

    holy shit you crack me up


  4. Greg
    Mar 08, 2006 @ 10:32:53

    Kitty Cat…Sometimes you make me rub my forehead.
    You crack me up…Actually makes me miss having a wife.
    Wait…A good wife!!!
    With all those winnings…Who\’s your buddy??? Who\’s your pal???


  5. Unknown
    Mar 08, 2006 @ 10:36:42

    Pretty funny stuff sweety, only the guys name was akbar and he said he\’s gonna share the money with me also, true story, ha ha ha. No I didn\’t have to sleep on the couch, it just so happens thats where I fell asleep finally, ha ha ha, I can\’t get over how there is always someone who thinks my blog is about truth, not humor I got some woman offering my counciling, jeeez some people just can\’t realax…  smooches pretty lady…  Mikey


  6. Bob
    Mar 08, 2006 @ 12:43:27

    I got one of those "do you want a bigger penis" things and I asked, Why do I need 2!!!!  Keep one for a spare??  Looks like that money from Akbar is gonna be split at least 3 ways now!!  Gotta go, I think my Plasma TV is here!!!  LOL
    XOXO  Bob~


  7. bren
    Mar 08, 2006 @ 17:42:43

    I had 326 of those emails just yesterday from YOUR friends.
    I was not humored.


  8. Kadrin
    Mar 08, 2006 @ 17:53:40

    lmao, you got the right attitude, but I won the English lottoball I didn\’t even enter and all I have to do is pay 800 bucks for a currior to bring me my winnings : P hehehe take care and keep laughing, Kat/Blabby


  9. BH
    Mar 08, 2006 @ 18:26:00

    I keep receiving e-mail that I can get cheap Viagra.  I\’m not sure why though.  The wife says I don\’t need it.  I\’m waiting for the e-mail that promises my winning the Powerball.


  10. Harold
    Mar 08, 2006 @ 20:22:32

    Too funny
    Great humor you found in it.. Impressice I would say…lol
    Keep up the smiles  😀


  11. Unknown
    Mar 08, 2006 @ 22:41:03

    hey hot momma.  hope you r well 🙂  Sorry to have missed you online tonight


  12. Allissa
    Mar 08, 2006 @ 23:16:35

    Wow! Maybe I should undo the exclusive setting that I put on hotmail! I mean, you are SO lucky. I was getting all these Christian advisor things that I do not know what they were advising me on and debt stuff. I have no debt. I am in TZ! They were even using my NAME!! Scary. Now why can\’t that African guy get my addy, and publishers clearing house. I mean, I know I am in TZ, but they could make the trip to give me one of those big checks. The penis thing…after careful consideration, I feel like I cuold use a backup. You know, if the hubby is too tired or not home yet or or. (I\’m glad he is not online!)


  13. Cheryl
    Mar 09, 2006 @ 08:06:26

    I get those all the time.  I get bout 50 offers a day and lately I have been getting stuff fom nightly pleasures.  I would love to open it up but oh my what will follow?


  14. David
    Mar 11, 2006 @ 19:52:26

    Never respond or open attachments from these people, some of them are up to way more than the obvious.  I would make sure I had a good firewall and lots of protection ( never use that big penis without it!).  I hardly ever get any of this crap – and that\’s fine with me.  I don\’t even get one a day (you can have protection that shoves spam into a special folder if you are afraid of missing something). 


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