Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day
I hope today is a fun and love filled day for everyone. Let your special Valentine know how much you love and appreciate them. If you don’t have a special Valentine… then do something nice for yourself! Get a pedicure, a special treat, dinner, your favorite wine, a book you’ve been wanting to read, new panties or bra, (or boxers), a movie, out or rent for in…. just enjoy yourself, and have fun. I love you guys, so, YOU are my Valentine… Be Mine
My daughter’s class party is this afternoon, I think I’m organized and ready… ya never know. I love watching them open their Valentine Cards, you can always tell when they get one from that "special" person. My daughter has a crush on a young man in her class. Don’t tell her but at the Christmas party, I really wasn’t sure if he was a boy or girl, he’s really cute and has long hair. Once you talk to him, it’s obvious he’s a boy.  lol Anyway, I’m more impressed with why she likes him which includes more than what he looks like. I noticed he’s very well mannered and came up to me to tell me how great he thought everything was at the party and said Thank you. Well later when I was talking to her about him, she says, I like "Josh", he respects me and the other girls in the class, he’s nice and doesn’t hurt us. Way to go Josh and Josh’s Mom and Dad. Ahhh young love. Have a great day. Love and Kisses, (sorry no tongue for the ladies though) Steph

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  1. Greg
    Feb 14, 2006 @ 12:27:58

    Oh hummm…OK I\’ll go by myself something.
    I suppose after today…I\’ll have to look at naked guys with green hats on for St. Patrick\’s day?
    Have a good one girl…Girl


  2. Gina
    Feb 14, 2006 @ 13:34:50

    Happy V-Day, Steph!


  3. K.T.
    Feb 14, 2006 @ 13:47:39

    HUH?  You want me to get a pedicure, panties or a bra???   Are you serious????  And whats with all those wiseCRACKS???   LMAO.
    Happy V Day to you………K.T.


  4. bren
    Feb 14, 2006 @ 15:00:27

    What? no tongue? you got a cold or something? I hope you\’re treating yourself to something good and maybe a little naughty Oh hell, it\’s VD — go for the ALOT NAUGHTY!


  5. Leah
    Feb 14, 2006 @ 18:16:02

    I don\’t even want to think about dating right now. But I think way to go for Josh too. Not many kids respect anyone these days.


  6. SAAM
    Feb 14, 2006 @ 21:25:52

    Way to go Josh


  7. Nikki
    Feb 14, 2006 @ 21:57:02

    That\’s so sweet  🙂  Happy Valentine\’s day to you too!


  8. Jim
    Feb 15, 2006 @ 06:33:44

    And a belated V-Day to you, just keep all of your days in the spirit of love.  Easier said than done I know.


  9. Gina
    Feb 15, 2006 @ 07:22:32

    I just checked my e-mail…
    I LOVE IT!  They are sooo beautiful! Ok, I\’m going to go post them now!


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