Spring Fever

I’m having a hard time thinking of things to write. I have a really bad case of "Spring Fever". The seed and garden catalogues are coming in the mail. I feel like the guy who’s new issue of "Big Uns and JUGS, just came. The sun has been shining, heck we even got up to 45 degrees the other day!! I feel the frenzy, the excitment, the lure of the Green House and Nursery. The seeds, the bulbs, the bareroot roses, oh the heady rush! lol  It’s time to get out my basket of gardening/bonsai tools, make sure they are cleaned, sharpened and well oiled. Hmmmm well oiled, now that thought leads me down a WHOLE other path, but, it’s still connected to Spring Fever! I don’t care what that stupid Groundhog saw or didn’t see. Spring is just around the corner, and I’m ready! BIG HUGS, Steph

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  1. Jenn
    Feb 03, 2006 @ 15:01:44

    We have a seasonal cabin that we can\’t open up until the ground thaws and the freezing weather is all gone. This means that every month during the winter, we have a mortgage, utility, and tax bills to pay on a place we can\’t even look at. Usually, this time of the year is really hard for us. It feels like winter has lasted so long and yet summer is still so far away. Not to mention having all these psycotic children running around indoors, busting at the seams with energy because they can\’t run around outside when there is a foot of snow in the backyard.
    So, it appears that I too have spring fever. Or would that be considered cabin fever….I don\’t know.


  2. K.T.
    Feb 03, 2006 @ 20:24:44

    Woo hoo…45.  You\’re about 35 behind us.  hehe.     I was wondering what kind of response I would get from todays math problem.   LOL, just as expected.  K.T.


  3. Touly
    Feb 03, 2006 @ 20:37:24

    hmm, I\’d like purple lilacs, some orchids, and peach roses.


  4. Greg
    Feb 04, 2006 @ 12:28:59

    Well…My lawn is green and has been mowed twice since the New Year.
    There must have been over 100 robin\’s across my street when I took JR to school the other morning…
    Spring has Sprung!!!
    "Jugs Magazine"…Your a silly Kitty!!!


  5. BH
    Feb 04, 2006 @ 20:15:11

    I have spring fever BIG TIME.  Golf catalogs are coming in for me.  Plus I\’ve been traveling to places that have way more sun than Seattle and it drives me crazy!


  6. Jim
    Feb 04, 2006 @ 21:07:28

    I like it when I can post something and see who will respond and who will not, I know that most people who believe in ghost will not be interesting on leaving a comment, but what the heck, if they believe then they do, I wish you could have conversations with past loved ones, but then they wouldn,t be dead would they?


  7. Jess
    Feb 05, 2006 @ 08:16:49

    hey we hit 55 twice last week ! now were going downhill though dammit….I just wanna wear my "warm outside" clothes lmfao
    just build yourself a lil mini greenhouse ! hey I\’ll even coem by and help !


  8. Bob
    Feb 05, 2006 @ 13:52:39

    Well Oiled INDEED!  LMAO!!  Sounds like Spring Fever to me!!!
    xoxo   Bob


  9. KatSoup
    Feb 05, 2006 @ 14:22:43

    I\’m back. kind of.  i can only make my space work with mozilla. 
    I am not ready for spring yet.  We are supposed to have our FIRST
    snow tonight 2"!  I\’m very excited.  As you know it only
    snows here 2 or 3 days a year.
    Good to see ya.  I\’ve had company but, havent abondened the healthy eating altogether.


  10. KatSoup
    Feb 05, 2006 @ 14:23:36

    my profile thingy worked.
    *skips away


  11. David
    Feb 05, 2006 @ 18:40:50

    Oh Kit – Nursery Catalogs are like porn to me too!  Let me put you onto an awesome mail order place I have used – their stuff is twice as big as any other for the same quoted size – the stuff is relatively cheap, but the shipping is higher because they will only use proper freight methods (so it equals the cost of a decent product that is higher priced in the end – but it is better quality than anything else I\’ve ordered).  I have had awesome results!  It is forestfarm nursery – they won\’t even ship unless it is the right time to plant stuff – and they caught it when i hit submit twice and checked before sending – very classy operation.  And speaking of Spring Fever, I may have something well oiled on the line myself – wouldn\’t THAT be nice!  Soon to find out…  Some of don\’t subscribe to \’Jugs\’ – but probably have no issue with the occasional issue of \’Big \’uns\’.   Tell 1Kathleen that you\’d be more convinced that "it works" if you weren\’t seeing \’no name\’ after her comment…  Oh we are snarkin\’ today…


  12. Allissa
    Feb 06, 2006 @ 02:26:59

    You have me wanting to feel that "spring" feel. You will never imagine how much you miss the seasons (even winter) until you do not have them anymore…sniff…


  13. EdgyKay
    Feb 06, 2006 @ 06:38:25

    It was practically balmy here last week; lows in the high 20s, highs in the 40s.
    This morning, it was 0. And we\’re now five days into what is typically the snowiest month. I can tell this does not bode well for planting anything outside, except possibly my ass on the sidewalk. And taunting me from just outside my kitchen window is our boat, all bundled up and looking positively FRIGID, yet beckoning me to a warmer time.
    I hate winter. Considering the fact that I grew up in Northern Iowa, then moved to Minnesota, it would seem that something is amiss.
    I\’m telling you: the SECOND my youngest son graduates from high school, Husband and I are marching out to our awaiting U-Haul and hauling our asses South. Preferrably Arizona, but anywhere South will do. Hell, at this point, South Dakota looks warm to me.


  14. Unknown
    Feb 07, 2006 @ 00:10:29

    Wholley Shit, Kittycay,
    Big-Uns and juggs, I didn\’t know what to do, I didn\’t know what to do!!!  Which one should I open first, Which one should I open first???  Ha Ha Ha, gimme a ring when them flowers is ready to be pollenated, specially them snapper-dragons and those two-lips as well, ok that does it, I\’m callin that place about sex addiction, gotta see what time the meeting let\’s out, hell with meeting women at the supermarket, ha ha ha, man I\’ve really gone off the edge this time, anyway just came by to make sure you were behavin yourself, while I was here I fell in love with that heart w/black rose, stole a copy, hope you don\’t mind, may have to change those kissy-kissy, smoochie-smoochie words though, but I see a possible poem in there somewhere, maybe even some valentine smut…  Smooches, Cutie… Mikey


  15. Indigo-XX
    Feb 07, 2006 @ 05:29:09

    It\’s been alternating between the 70\’s and 40\’s here…sure hope my bulbs coming up are bipolar…er, something!
    You left a comment about a kitten photo I had up over the weekend – how did you KNOW?  The two males were staring at the ball, while the two females were looking at the camera/me!


  16. Brad
    Feb 07, 2006 @ 15:07:51

       You got the translation! Very good Grasshopper!!!!! I knew you would get it. Your one of the smart ones!!! I\’ll tell ya what I wrote in English later…….I EAT CHINESE FOR BREAKFAST!! hAHAHAHAHAHA!! (Ummmm,….get it?  of course you do!)


  17. Brad
    Feb 07, 2006 @ 15:08:54

       Your next test will be to walk upon the rice paper leaving no sound…………..


  18. KatSoup
    Feb 07, 2006 @ 16:56:34

    SO, where the hell are you?


  19. Leah
    Feb 07, 2006 @ 19:34:23



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