My Sister’s Boys…

My sister’s twin boys, now 7, are a constant source of amusement, for ME, and a frequent headache for my sister (growing up she always said she wanted twins) , but, what can I say, I love a good "the boys" story. It usually starts with… "did I tell you what the boys did"? I of course say no, and wait to hear the latest. At the young age of 7, they have developed quite a reputation for mayhem and destruction, and even intimidation of their much older siblings. Sis always says, "People have NO idea", she’s right they don’t. I DO, and you don’t see me babysitting them very often, when I do, my kids go into panic and survival mode, hiding things, hiding the cats, and warning the neighbors!
Now that they are getting older they seem to be doing a little better. It just seems like yesterday my Sis called and was at her wit’s end. The boys had discovered how to turn on the stove and then light things on fire (a fascination for them). No matter what she told them or threatened them with, they would not stop. I told her, ok, turn the power off at the breaker, which she did. The next time they tried it, and it didn’t work, Noah goes to my Sis and says, "Good Job Mom… you BROKE it!". LOL Sheesh! The boys don’t have a door on their bedroom, they will proudly tell you that they broke it, and are the ones that put the holes in most of the other ones. Of course each time they get caught doing something naughty, it’s always the other one who started or did it, (and advantage of having a twin) "Brother did it".
Their Dad is a car fanatic and has some old ones that he gets parts from and or is working on. They have broken almost all the windows, and headlights on those. At one time visitors had to be warned to keep an eye on their car… I THINK they have gotten over that.
School seems to be doing them good. They are in separate classes, and each really likes their teacher. Sis does a lot of volunteering at the school (I think she’s almost afraid of what might happen) so she hears from the boy’s teachers a lot. The other day it was quiet in the class and Noah pipes up with, "My Mom talks ALOT!!" The teacher says, Oh really? He sighs and says, "yeah, ALOT"! Then goes back to his work. He’s right though, she really does!) LOL Then the other day, one of the boys stayed home from school, so the other twin’s teacher asks, "where’s your brother today"? He says, "OH he’s been having a hard time going poop for 2 days and has a bad tummy ache". The teacher tells my Sis, "that was a little more than I needed to know".  Sis has decided to try and talk to them about being ‘diplomatic’. lol
Last time our family was all together (there are lots of little kids) they were playing Math games. Some one asked the twins, "what is one twin, plus 1 twin"? The younger of the two says, "two twins, … one good (he points to himself) and one bad (he points to Noah). Of course Noah disputes this and just before they really started landing punches I hear Nephi say, "Yes it is true.. DAD said so!"
Now, what’s really funny to the rest of us is, we’ve always heard it was the other way around!  Either way I think it’s pretty even, especially when you are in my Sister’s house and can survey the damage and carnage yourself. She’s hoping that this year will be a better year, and with summer coming that maybe it will pass without hoses shoved through an open window and then turned on full blast, or that her car and the dog won’t be coated with mud, that the neighbors might consider taking down their electric fence that they installed to prevent the boys from chasing their horses (notice I said prevent).  What she would really love is to be able to have their picture taken and have them be free of scratches, bruises and black eyes… I think she’s gonna be waiting awhile on that one! Thing is, these guys have sweet little faces, and people that don’t really know them and hear of their deeds and reputation, are surprised! lol Ahhhhh Twins, thank God I didn’t have them! BIG HUGSSS, Steph

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  1. EdgyKay
    Jan 31, 2006 @ 12:32:56

    Good Lord! I\’d have to respectfully request that said Twins did not appear on my doorstep until they were parents themselves. They\’d hate me. In fact, when my sister was having trouble with her 14-year-old daughter several years ago, she sent her to Minnesota (from Virginia!) to live with me for the summer. After the child returned home, I received a picture of her wearing a shirt that said "I survived a summer at Kamp Kay"
    Oh, verrrrrrrrry funny. But it worked, I guess. She\’s not in jail or dead or full of drugs today; and she has a new daughter of her own named Mary Francis. When I told her it sounded like a nun\’s name, she said, "After the way I acted, I\’m hoping that\’s exactly what she\’ll be!"
    Mission accomplished.


  2. Jim
    Jan 31, 2006 @ 12:37:26

    I think that pumping on the handle should bring no real surprise, at least not to me!LOL Well someone put a hex or curse on me the lucky day is gone.


  3. Ms Noanie
    Jan 31, 2006 @ 13:07:15

    OMG – I think I\’d have to tie the two of them to separate trees in the back yard!  But from the sounds of it they would escape! God bless your sister!
    And I can make you a lovely raspberry swirl cheesecake with dark chocolate ganache – heavenly!


  4. Gina
    Jan 31, 2006 @ 15:30:34

    awwww twinssss….gotta LOVE them!


  5. Litespreader
    Jan 31, 2006 @ 15:30:59

    dang!  that poor woman..  she must be a saint, since obviously they aren\’t in the hospital, or worse. 
    maybe she should try that nanny that comes to your home?   i\’m such a stick when it comes to kids.
    i have very little tolerance, really.  i\’ll bet you count your blessings when you hear those stories!  thank you, steph.  for helping me crawl out of my junk.  ;  t 


  6. Greg
    Jan 31, 2006 @ 16:46:57

    I\’m exhausted by just reading about those two…I cannot imagine or want to imagine.
    I\’m tired now…Geez!!!
    I wish I could eat something…GOOD!!!


  7. Bob
    Jan 31, 2006 @ 21:47:14

    OMG!!  You\’ve told me about those 2 before!!  Now I\’m not real good with kids, but with these guys, I\’d have to bury them to their necks and let my dogs have their way with them!!!  Never, I repeat, NEVER bring them here!!  OK??????  PLEASE??????   Lmao!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bob the Punisher!!!!!!


  8. Allissa
    Feb 01, 2006 @ 08:48:50

    That sounds SO cool!! I wish I was a twin!! I could get away with all sorts of evil and blame it on the other!!! They sound so cool although a handful!
    Nice story!!


  9. Greg
    Feb 01, 2006 @ 10:23:01

    Hey…What ya\’ cooking for the super Bowl?
    Any Kitty treats?


  10. Jess
    Feb 01, 2006 @ 15:05:30

    Now see..I\’m glad that someone else knows what hides behind cute faces ! People are always saying " ohhhhh they cant be bad look at them !"…….crackheads I tell ya…
    I feel for your sis though…boys would drive me effin nuts ! I dunno how that\’s possible to do it moreso than mine already have but I\’m not willing to try !


  11. David
    Feb 02, 2006 @ 11:19:49

    Oh boy – my nephew & his wife have twins – sounds like fun ahead (altho one is a girl).  We had some of the same antics at home with 8 boys and a girl (I am talking about my sibs) mostly a year apart in age.  We loved setting things on fire and also trying things to see what would happen (what would happen if we threw Frankie down the chute, what would happen if we all piled on the axle between two wheels at the top of a hill, etc.  The answer was usually \’nothing good\’.) I think your sis shd get the pics with all the scratches and bruises visible – in case they want to deny all when they are older…


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