Taxi for hire

I’m the ‘taxi driver’ today. You talking to me??? YOU TALKING TO ME??? lol couldn’t resist. This morning is my youngest’s first volleyball game. They are so cute in their little shorts and matching shirts, trying so hard to be like the big girls.
Then before the game is over, I have to run home and take my oldest daughter out to her friends house where she will suit up and go paintballing. They are going to have some ‘war’ games, and yes, I always pray before she does things like this, she’s my one with the most broken bones and stitches. (She’s very proud of all her scars) lol
I still need to do shopping and get over to Boise. Some one took my oldest daughter’s coat, so we are coat shopping this afternoon, among other things. One good thing, she doesn’t really enjoy shopping so it’s either yes I like it or no I don’t and we move on. Sooo much different from my youngest! lol I just wanted to say, HI, to you all, and hope your day is going well and full of Love! BIG HUGS, Steph

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  1. Jess
    Jan 14, 2006 @ 10:14:39

    OMG that tattoo was hilarious ! LOVE IT ! I dunno how you do it…lettin\’ her play paintball….that\’s vicious ! OUCH ! Jess


  2. Litespreader
    Jan 14, 2006 @ 11:04:15

    have fun, steph! and even though i\’m not eating meat right now,i love nathan\’s and hebrew nationals…


  3. Greg
    Jan 14, 2006 @ 19:11:56

    Taxi driver…Boy!!! Can I relate.Boise…I met with some gentleman back in the 90\’s who wanted to build a racetrack out by Black\’s Creek.Hey…Kitty Cat, I had a young lady stop by my blog. Maybe if you feel led you can stop by her blog and say hello.It seems she has a tough life with little support from a reply she left on my site and what she say\’s on her blog.Thanks Kitty Cat Steph…Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  4. Greg
    Jan 14, 2006 @ 19:13:10

    Almost forgot…Here is her address in Bloggerville.


  5. David
    Jan 15, 2006 @ 06:49:49

    Funny you shd mention paintball. Some dept at work has challenged ours and I am totally pleading age and infirmity to get out of it. Your daughter sounds like a keeper. There is nothing as cool as a competent woman who can take care of herself. I hope she blasts the pants off the others. (Figuratively, of course). And I AM talkin\’ to YOU.


  6. Stephanie
    Jan 15, 2006 @ 12:52:15

    @Omaha, I liked that one too. As far as letting her play paintball, well she also wants to wrestle and play football with the guys, so, I pick and choose my battles! She\’s probably more vicious than the boys are, she is very competitive.@T, Ok, if you find some really good recipes, hollar at me! @Greg, I KNOW you understand. We have a race track close to us, it\’s called Firebird Raceway, they have drag races and my kids love the night fire 500, nitro cars racing at night. I went by to say HI to her, I was going to anyway!@Dave, Yep I don\’t think I\’d be too excited about paintball either. She loves it though, and is very competitive. I went to drop her off, it was her and 5 other boys her age. When it was time to pick her up, she had been hit twice, and the boys were covered with paint. It seems that her gun ran out of CO2, so she was throwing them, (she has a great arm and plays fast pitch softball). They had a great time. Nice to see you, i\’ve been going through withdrawls waiting for my "Dave" fix. OH, and thanks for the hint on the quote, I couldn\’t remember if it was looking or talking, it\’s been so long, and I was too lazy to look it up! BIG HUGSS!


  7. David
    Jan 15, 2006 @ 18:33:22

    Until I saw your comment on my site i didn\’t realize you had not said \’talkin\’ in the first place. I am only intermittently an asshole, and having just seen Brokeback I am feeling so gallant, i swear i would have said "lookin\’", if I had not unconsciously read the quote as I recalled it. I am either a) unconsciously an asshole or b) so sublimely correct in all things that I can\’t err even when I wish. evidence points to A.


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