5 of my quirkiest traits

Ok, Mikey tagged me for this, sooooo, I’ll do it…. but I’m thinking he owes me big time! (I’ll accept, having my way with him or, …. ummmm, dang it, I can’t think of anything better!)(Only if Bab’s doesn’t mind!)
#1. I admit it, I talk baby talk to my cats, and the neighbor’s dogs. I also talk for them, like when my daughter is kissing Junior, I tell her, he’s saying, "HELP ME"! or, "Kill me NOW"!
#2. I hate lettuce, or butter on sandwiches, always eat pizza with a fork, and can’t pull my lobster apart, if eatting a whole one. The thought bugs me, so, I have someone else do it! lmao
#3. I like doing laundry! (I like ‘doing’ a lot of other things but the list is quirky, not kinky or naughty)
#4. I sleep with a fan on, door open, and tv on. I can’t sleep with the radio going. I’ve always been that way, it makes me wanna dance.
#5. I’ve never had a Big Mac… the McDonald’s Hambuger (you naughty people)!
 (I’ll add a #6, I believe Mikey really is Spiderman!) But then again, I am heavely medicated….
Ok, maybe I am weirder than I thought! LOL BIG HUGS, Steph

13 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Greg
    Jan 12, 2006 @ 12:04:57

    Hey "Cat Woman"…You puuurrrin\’ or meowin\’ today?Your site always brings a smile or a laugh. Thanks…Greg


  2. Unknown
    Jan 12, 2006 @ 12:08:44

    OMG,My Precious Kittycat never had a Big Mac Samich, thats ludicris, obsurd and miraculous even. Somehow I just knew I would be impressed by your quirky 5, now about that favor !!! Smooches… Mikey


  3. KatSoup
    Jan 12, 2006 @ 13:03:42

    That was fun.Im am secretly joining you dieting. If I am successful, I want the valentines man delivered to my door !


  4. Bob
    Jan 12, 2006 @ 17:19:53

    Kitty?? I\’ve known you for a long time but never realized you were THAT quirky!! Never had a Big Mac???? No lettuce???? Baby Talk?? ….. Wait, that I have heard! lmao!! Good thing you stopped at 5!!! LOL


  5. Jess
    Jan 13, 2006 @ 08:31:32

    OMG I can\’t believe you do the mozz. stick thing too…I get ALOT of guff about it ! Nice to know I\’m not alone in my freakishness !!!Maybe it\’s the medication lmfao…..Oh and I talk baby talk to the 10th power to my dog……he gets all crazy when I do it….all my kids just roll thier eyes at me if I try to do it to them…\’cept baby girl….she just stares at me like I\’m bonkers….so at least someone likes it dammit !xoxoJess


  6. Greg
    Jan 13, 2006 @ 11:35:25

    Yo…Kitty Cat,I had to stop by the scratching post. Hey there…I sure appreciated the very kind comment at my blog house.Oh my…"Can you just feel the love…Sister!!!"It\’s all good!You and your family have an absolutely awesome weekend…Greg


  7. Leah
    Jan 13, 2006 @ 12:04:31

    I don\’t eat Mcdonals so how is that for ya. I posted mine.


  8. KatSoup
    Jan 13, 2006 @ 13:13:24

    We could SO live together. I live with a fan on. You can do ALL the laundry. We just wont eat lobster, cuz your right I cant pull his body out of there either. I can easily live without big macs. I\’ll check mikey out and get back to ya on the spiderman thing.The diet is going okay. Im drinking more water. I had a veggie subway for lunch. Dinner is still a mystery.How are you doing ?


  9. Jenn
    Jan 13, 2006 @ 15:50:49

    LOL…I can not eat tomatos or lettuce on a sandwich. I think if I wanted a salad, I would order one, and I wouldn\’t ask for it on a bun. Have a great day!


  10. Unknown
    Jan 13, 2006 @ 20:07:55

    Oh, couldn\’t just be a squaw eh, no you have to be a princess huh hot pants, ha ha ha… You give me the gigling fits sometimes thanks… Smooches… Mikey


  11. K.T.
    Jan 13, 2006 @ 20:40:01

    I\’ve never had a big mac either and i go to sleep with my radio on.K.T.


  12. bren
    Jan 14, 2006 @ 04:30:28

    Ohhhhh ooooooooooops, I forgot bout this.It was easy to do though ;^)


  13. Unknown
    Jan 14, 2006 @ 15:31:36

    Hey Kittycat,Just wanted you to know that when I suggested torturing the cat to my friend I didn\’t mean to hurt the poor thing, I meant to tease it, ha ha ha, you know like go rent a mouse costume and chase the sucker around the house. Now that just sounds like good entertainment to me, I got the idea from a conversation I had with my dog once…P.S. As long as I\’m on your books in the favor dept. already, any idea how all these people are writing on photo\’s for their spaces w/o ruining them, I\’ve tried doing it with my paint box and I must be alot dumber than I thought cause everybody\’s doin it cept me, is it a Wisconsin thing \’Aina Hey… Mikey


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