Feb. Graphics

I know it’s still January, but, I’ve decided to post graphics of upcoming holidays, for you all to snag/use/etc. I’ve made these and hope that you enjoy them. I’ll add more later. If anyone has a special request or wants a name added to any, please let me know. You can use these for email, blogs, groups, etc.  Please respect that I have made them and don’t alter or claim them as your own. The, "Not tonight" valentine was a joke I made for a dear friend (I miss ya Bill, Animator), and it became one of my most requested. Enjoy, and remember, Valentines Day will be here before you know it! BIG HUGSS, Steph
For some reason my plug in that puts sparkles on things isn’t working, sooo the Valentines will be sparkle-free… dang it, I love sparkles! lmao

11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Allissa
    Jan 04, 2006 @ 09:18:39

    How kind of you…Come to my site to join in some REALLY REALLY good chicken…aak


  2. Kat
    Jan 04, 2006 @ 09:18:52

    Awesome graphics! I wish I had the talent to make my own. Sometimes, I want something special yet can\’t find anything similar on the net. We oldest children have it harder than younger siblings. My parents were so strict with me, I spent my whole freshman year GROUNDED!!! Then I hung out with a loser my parents hated my senior year mostly to piss off them off. That wound me up pregnant. So after I left my parents, my parents let my bro and sis do anything!!


  3. Gina
    Jan 04, 2006 @ 11:04:02

    good luck with the Mad Dad Challenge, I right there with ya!


  4. Greg
    Jan 04, 2006 @ 11:49:07

    Goofy Mom…Goofy Dad here…That is so awesome. I like them all.Greg


  5. Jess
    Jan 04, 2006 @ 13:45:55

    OMFG…I been here readin\’ for a bit. LMFAO ! I think I like ya ! And after readin\’ that it\’s ok to wear that bra to PTA….well I knew you were my kinda chic ! Mikey likes ya so we all know that you\’re "cool". Anyway….I read your squirrel story…yeah you could say that I hate squirrels, and now after last night, I hate chinchillas too . You have a great site here !Jess


  6. K.T.
    Jan 04, 2006 @ 18:03:20

    S: Ebay user name is azhat. I didnt see any more news until late afternoon. Now I hear that the officials knew for 2.5 hours that the wrong info was given to the friends and family. They just let them celebrate for that whole time. what were they thinking??K.T.


  7. Brad
    Jan 04, 2006 @ 23:42:29

    Hehehe, Just read the "Evil Squirrel" story. Me like it 😉 Half way through the story, I was thinking, "did I write this???", but, no. Not a single use of the "F" word! Haaahahahahaha.ps. No rat yet! I think RATTICUS has left the building. Or he\’s messin with me?


  8. Allissa
    Jan 04, 2006 @ 23:46:34

    Muilav…I like your comments!! SMILES!!I have heard that they coat the chicken in a mixture of garlic, ginger, CARROTS, and can\’t remember what else. Garlic and ginger are the 2 most common spices here. Everyone uses them on almost any meat. I do know that they pre-cook it slightly and then fully fry it when you order. I in my wisdom kept wondering how chicken could be cooked in like 10 min…then someone shed the light.aak


  9. Nathan
    Jan 05, 2006 @ 07:47:12

    From..http://spaces.msn.com/members/Quincheck/ -"It\’s always good to be appreciated for more than what\’s on the outside…. until you get old, then you want them to appreciate the outside too! lmao"Isnt that the truth!Well said.Be well.


  10. Jim
    Jan 05, 2006 @ 10:15:49

    Great work, but do women love cats because they will not love you back? A dog would come to you any time that you call, but a cat is another story. I think that there might be something to this.Jim


  11. bren
    Jan 05, 2006 @ 21:07:34

    What??? and here I thought all those love/lust notes were meant just for me! then after I finish looking through all them, I check the blog — and here you are … offering to any and everyone! I feel so cheap and naughty now.Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh oooooops, okay I\’m back now — that was just a quick li\’l fantasy ;^)


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