OH the stupid things we do…

My sister and I were talking about some of the stupid things we’ve done as kids (most of it was the stupid things she, and my brothers did).  I, unfortunately being the oldest, and believing my Father when he set the bar for me at, ‘when I did something it had to be perfect’, spent most of my childhood being too afraid to do anything, (when I did get in trouble it was usually because of my brother just younger than me, he had a talent for that kind of thing,) the fear of failing or looking foolish was too much for me to handle. I only did what I knew I could do perfectly, which meant I missed out on a lot of fun. (OH boy have I gotten over that! LOL)
I do remember when I was in Kindergarten my Mom was taking diet pills. They were the capsule type and inside were multi-colored tiny beads. Loves in my life have always been Cats, Art and Plants (gardening, growing anything). Somehow I believed that by planting those multi-colored beads they would grow beautiful flowers of the same color… so, I opened them all up and planted them. Needless to say, my Mom wasn’t pleased, and I knew what my Father’s reaction was going to be. I was so afraid that I went into my room and fell asleep, hoping that being asleep would deter him from spanking me.
I rarely did things that would cause trouble, and had very tight reins on my self control. Sad thing is when I did let go, I REALLY let go, and we won’t  be talking about those times!
My sister was full of energy and mischief. I remember when she was 2, my Father had been fixing something on the roof, and had left the ladder against the house. We were all inside watching TV, waiting for dinner and my Mom screams! Sis had climbed the ladder walked across the roof to the other side was laying down looking (hanging) over the edge looking in the window at us. At 4 she decided to stuff a bunch of rocks up her nose. She still remembers that they had 4 people hold her down while the Doctor removed them with long tweezers, and at 5 or so got her tongue stuck to the freezer, and even after loosing skin, turned around to do it again. She says she remembers thinking ok, I messed up the first time, but NOW I know what I’m doing. LOL (She’s a redhead, and stubborn with a capitol S)! She got a full dose of the Italian ‘Drama’ gene, and I can’t say I liked her much until she grew up, or, maybe it was when I grew up.
I told her I was going to blog about this, we were laughing, she says, " People will think you have an idiot for a sister". Then she says, OH for heaven’s sake don’t tell them that I didn’t even talk until I was 4! (Up until then she would grunt and point and we would get her what she wanted, or knew what she meant)… I told her that I’d leave that part out…. OOPS!
 Believe me, she’s more than made up for those first 4 years!
My brother’s were always a source of shall we say, entertainment. There were incidences like jumping off the roof with a garbage bag… they were convinced that it would act as a parachute. One brother in particular was always in the ER, they knew him by name and would even let him help when it came to stitches or casts. He was also the one who when we were building our house would climb up and hang from the ceiling rafters at a very young age. He wasn’t scared, just having fun. Another brother and a friend decided to go ‘camping’ one day, and set a farmer’s field on fire.
My youngest brother, an "oops" baby, came along when my Mom was 42, so he really never stood much of a chance, and had broken bones from stupid stunts at the age of 2 on. If it were now, I think my parents would have probably been turned in to child services, but it really was that my brothers (and sister) just did stupid things and had no fear or common sense! My Mom always swore each and every time that she would never take any of them in public or allow them to mingle with civilized people… (she included my sister with this). What I think is hilarious is my sister threatens her twin boys (age 7) with the same thing.
I’m sure each time we moved, the town uttered a collective sigh.
Aren’t family memories fun?  I try to keep some of these things in mind when my kids mess up, it’s a great comfort (at times)! BIG HUGSSS, Steph
Update: I have joined Mad Suburban Dad’s Charity Weight Loss Challenge. We are all going to lose weight and contribute a dollar amount per pound to our favorite charity. We have a no-kill pet shelter here, and I’m going to give my support to them. Why not join along? I’m buying a scale, and having my ‘last hurrah’ on Friday, gonna have Ribs etc. THEN I’m gonna start eatting more healthy. I need recipes people! lol
The ‘Silly Dog’ graphic is a present from Mikey aka "i’vegotstuffinmyhead", I love it and it’s sooo true! lol Thanks Mikey!

9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Greg
    Jan 03, 2006 @ 10:47:36

    See I know why we are buds…Same interests, art, cats, and gardening. But I also like dogs…I had a cousin jump off the roof…Because he had PF Fliers on his feet.Yep Steph…We are still sane?Have a wonderful week…Greg


  2. Leah
    Jan 03, 2006 @ 12:46:45

    Oh wow now I am going to have to remember some of the things we used to do to torment my little brothers. Wow the memories. Ahhh. Being an older sibling. ROCKS


  3. K.T.
    Jan 03, 2006 @ 16:58:50

    S: Now I\’m gonna try to think of weird things from my childhood. Thanks, good post today. I cant believe the bank would take money from that savings account, I\’ve never heard of such a thing. Well, charging a fee for going under a certain balance…I\’ve had that happen alot.K.T.


  4. Mad Suburban Dad
    Jan 03, 2006 @ 17:26:08

    Thanks for joining the Mad Dad Charity Weight Loss Challenge! I have added you to the A-Team roster. This should be a lot of fun, and we will be doing a lot of good not only for ourselves but for charities.


  5. BH
    Jan 03, 2006 @ 18:54:06

    Hey there – Happy New YEar!Cheers,BH


  6. Indigo-XX
    Jan 03, 2006 @ 20:34:54

    My sister and I have been doing the same thing…ahhhhhh, good times!Have a wonderful, happy 2006!


  7. Allissa
    Jan 04, 2006 @ 23:51:46

    are you picking on RED HEADS??? This could mean war you know. wink wink


  8. SAAM
    Jan 05, 2006 @ 08:36:30

    My brother and his friend, at about age 10, had to be rescued by the Coast Guard after floating down the river on a picnic table. Just one of his stunts.Great stories!!SAAM


  9. David
    Jan 07, 2006 @ 21:07:45

    I think your sis has a stray Y chromosome. I think just about all parents before – say – 1960 would probably be in trouble nowadays for letting their kids test their limits. I guess it was a mistake – since their kids, in turn, seem to be trying to outlaw and subdue any possible opportunity for their kids to have any experience outside the house, or any which would disappoint the little hothouse offspring. Maybe as today\’s parents get old and lose their self-sufficiency (and air of intolerable superiority), they will find the little privileged ones can\’t tolerate the stress of supporting an aged parent. One can only hope. Here and there, though, you see little bits of real kids breaking out. Hurray for the kids that hang from the rafters – as you seem to have discovered, they are a lot more fun than those of us who played it safe. Although I do remember jumping off things in high winds with a blanket tied to my wrists and ankles to see if I would fly. I didn\’t, which is probably why I am here today. Doesn\’t it rock to grow up with lots of sibs?


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