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Everytime I was in Kona, I always enjoyed eatting at the Kona Inn. If you sit outside, all the little birds come down and have breakfast/lunch with you. It’s just a fun way to start a day. Most are patient and will sit and wait for you to share with them, some have gotten brave and will steal if they get a chance. Either way, you are in paradise, warm sunny breezes blowing the scent of Plumeria, the sounds of the Ocean always near. Is it any wonder I love Hawaii? It used to be part of my job to travel there twice a year, I was the Hawaii Specialist, I know, tough job, but someone had to do it! LOL It’s been quite awhile since I was there last. I’m sitting here trying to keep warm and fondly remembering my beautiful Hawaii.
I hope you are all snug, warm and feeling loved today. BIG HUGSSS, Steph
Kona Inn Banana Bread
(Bananas must be very ripe. Serve with softened cream cheese)
2 & 1/2 Cups Flour
1 teaspoon Salt
2 teaspoons Baking Soda
1 Cup Veg. Shortening
2 Cups Sugar
2 Cups Mashed, Ripe Bananas (approx 6 medium sized)
4 Eggs, Slightly beaten
1 Cup Chopped Walnuts
Preheat Oven to 350. Grease and flour 1, 9x5x3 loaf pan.
Stir and toss together the flour, salt, and baking soda. In a large bowl mix the shortening, sugar, mashed bananas, eggs and walnuts. Add the combined dry ingredients and stir just until batter is thoroughly blended. Pour into prepared pan and bake, about 50-60 minutes, or until a skewer inserted into the middle of the bread comes out clean. Remove from oven, and let cool in pan approx 5 minutes, then turn out onto a rack to cool completely.
(I bake this in smaller loaf pans, and adjust the cooking time accordingly)
If you wish to make Whole Wheat Banana Bread, Substitute 2 &1/4 Cups Whole Wheat Flour for the 2 & 1/2 Cups All Purpose Flour.

22 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Unknown
    Dec 21, 2005 @ 14:12:51

    Merry Christmas!Just stopping by to say hi! 🙂


  2. Gina
    Dec 21, 2005 @ 14:31:06

    the calvin and hobbes snowman cartoons crack me up everytime i look at them.


  3. Greg
    Dec 21, 2005 @ 15:33:06

    I forgot about those birds at the Kona Inn…Great Memory.It would be nice to be there right now…We are actually going to have a warm Christmas…Mid-50’s…Now…I’m hungry for Banana Bread…May all be well at the “Cat House”…GregGreat Cartoon


  4. David
    Dec 21, 2005 @ 17:10:49

    Well, Kit, I am on this strict regimen dietwise – I DO love Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin always makes me think of my youngest bro who threw himself totally into anything he did. He had a grasp of the language too, Mom still laughs at how he talked of \’trudging\’ all the way home. he love his bike, like Calvin loves Hobbes, and it was on the bike he died at the hands of a drunk driver when he was twelve…


  5. Barb
    Dec 21, 2005 @ 19:33:20

    Mmmmmmm I haven\’t had a good banana bread for a very long time! That looks really yummy!I just love Calvin and Hobbes – didn\’t I say that last entry? lol He just had such a jaded sense of humour LOL


  6. Unknown
    Dec 21, 2005 @ 19:50:08

    Kittycat,Although I\’ve never googled on your space, I do admitt to some impure thoughts wink wink…Happy Holidays to you and yours… Mikey


  7. K.T.
    Dec 21, 2005 @ 22:13:00

    S: What can I sa y but great C&H cartoons…you know how much I like them. As for Mt Home….no, I wasnt in the AF, but the people I was visiting were. Hope you and the family have a Merry Christmas.K.T.


  8. SAAM
    Dec 22, 2005 @ 06:25:50

    Wishing you and your family a Happy HolidaySAAM


  9. Gina
    Dec 22, 2005 @ 08:05:42

    Re: your comment about being the devil\’s advocate: D\’oh! I\’ll pretend I never read that. :o)


  10. JOSEPH
    Dec 23, 2005 @ 03:25:49

    I just want to wish you and your famiy a Very Merry Christmas and a very Good New Year~!! And thanks for the nice comments (I just never know who is reading my blog LOL) Type at ya later~!! Bye~!! ;0) :0)


  11. Marido_de_Laura
    Dec 23, 2005 @ 05:30:00

    Well I have never been to the islands but I hear they are grand! I love your Calvin and Hobbs comics. Thanx for posting them twas a fun treat in the morn for me.


  12. Litespreader
    Dec 23, 2005 @ 12:25:02

    steph, you are the best! always wanting to make people happy and content.thank you for being true to your nature.. it\’s a gift to all of us on here.this coming year, (which for me has already started), is definitely more pleasurable than last. i am making clearer, and infinitely more healthy choices.i\’m finally \’getting it\’, that i can create what i want for myself. takes longerfor some of us… have a wondrous christmas, and all things beautiful for the coming year. 😉 t


  13. Litespreader
    Dec 23, 2005 @ 12:28:29

    almost forgot!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY..


  14. KatSoup
    Dec 23, 2005 @ 15:16:17

    hawaii – you got my attention.Happy holidays steph. Tidings of comfort & joy to you, and those you love.


  15. KatSoup
    Dec 23, 2005 @ 15:17:30

    are you a birthday girl too ?Happy birthday.


  16. Unknown
    Dec 23, 2005 @ 16:00:52

    Kittycat,Regarding your last comment, what a great gal you are, and ever so willing to be helpful. I\’m soo, soo, lucky to have befriended you (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more !!!) Happy Holidays to you and yours… MikeyP.S. I was just thinking about you today ! I have been out pilfering pin-ups again (yes I know it\’s approaching fetish territory with me) some of which you do not have, if your interested I\’ll e-mail them. shhh, mums the word… M.M.


  17. Greg
    Dec 23, 2005 @ 18:46:18

    Merry Christmas!!!!-Greg


  18. Bruce
    Dec 23, 2005 @ 21:38:15

    You are really neat, and your wit does not go un-noticed. Wish I could cook! My Christmas wishes for you are filled with cheer & gladness… May your days be bright and filled with laughter, May your nights be comforted by family and friends. May your wishes be small, when measured against the treasure you find. May your desire and ability to share yourself, prove to be natural and be it’s own reward. I thank you for the kindness and humor that you have shared with me. My life is richer for having traveled a common path with you, and I wish that in some small way… I may learn from you, what has made you special to me. God, grant me permission to share this wisdom and love, and I pray that we can make a difference, to & for each other, and the world around us.


  19. Brad
    Dec 24, 2005 @ 00:05:19

    Here is your official Christmas card from MEGABRAD! Yes! Aren’t you a lucky bastard. Only the cool people get these. I know Santa personally, and he agreed to make a special appearance for you on my behalf. Click the link. You need Flash Player to watch and hear it (Yes, it has sound!)Merry Christmas to you. I hope you have a safe and happy holiday ;)http://media.putfile.com/santa-sound-ck-4


  20. Kat
    Dec 24, 2005 @ 00:16:30

    Merry Christmas! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  21. Susan
    Dec 24, 2005 @ 01:13:29

    Hahaha… rofl at your cartoons!!! Just came by to read the latest and to wish you a wonderful Christmas and a New Year with lots of happy surprises… :))) Indigo (Susan)


  22. K.T.
    Dec 24, 2005 @ 07:21:00

    Spreading the joy. MERRY CHRISTMAS.


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