The Brady’s Must Die… and other fevered rantings.

My kids finally managed to give me the crud that’s been going around. It’s a deadly combo of sore throat, losing your voice, and spending LOTS of time in the bathroom… nuff said?
They think it’s funny that I have no voice, and hence take advantage of that. "What’s that, you DIDN’T say I could pack the car with 12 friends and go spin cookies in the icy parking lot"? "Funny, I didn’t HEAR you say, no!" You get the idea.
Yesterday, I dragged my sorry butt out of bed, and made it to the sofa. I could at least kind of see what was going on from there. I fell asleep, and had such weird dreams. Twisted, demented dreams. I woke up to find one of the kids had turned on the TV, and then left. What was playing? It was, "A Very Brady Christmas". THAT was why I was having those dreams. I tried to get someone’s attention to come turn the channel… I couldn’t find the remote, and yes, I admit it, I was too sick, and to damn lazy to get up, cross the room and do it myself. The result, no one heard me or came, and I like the seasoned masochist that I have become, layed there and watched, while being appalled and sickened at the same time. I passed the time, like a prisoner unjustly sent to solitary, plotting revenge. Sick twisted ways I could do away with each and everyone of those ‘Brady’s’.  What can I say, it helped me pass the time. When it was over something equally vacuous came on, so, like a dying man in the desert, I drug myself across the floor, slowly and with a shaking hand reached up and manually turned the channel!!!  There was nothing good on any of the other stations, so, I turned it back…. after all what’s the fun of laying there sick if you have nothing to complain about??? BIG HUGSSS (and a germy cough) dontcha just love me? Steph

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  1. Bruce
    Dec 05, 2005 @ 11:38:36

    Your horiscope & the snow both sound better to me… I want to come play at your house. But, I don\’t need the crud. I\’ll take a rain check anyday. ;-)I hope you feel better soon.Bruce


  2. Brad
    Dec 05, 2005 @ 13:40:45

    Wow, Ya know what? If I had what you have right now, I would be laying on my comfy couch, watching daytime tv with one eye, hopped up on Nyquill, snoozing and sleeping. Getting up to pee, eat, and maybe turn the heat up. Instead, I\’m at work, getting pissed off, it\’s cold, etc etc. So, go ahead and email me the germ, or come by my space and cough on it a few times, ok? I need a break 😉


  3. David
    Dec 05, 2005 @ 13:49:12

    Everybody at work seems to have what you have, not the least being me. But still I am here making the world safer for man and beast. Everyone has a nostrum to suggest: ginger tea, chicken soup with plenty of garlic, etc. – but I am betting that the best fix is to go home early…


  4. Touly
    Dec 05, 2005 @ 16:06:24

    I\’m Glad i\’m too young for the BradyBunch. Just glimpses annoy me. and I stayed away from that movie they made.


  5. Touly
    Dec 05, 2005 @ 16:07:17

    PS, I\’m not calling you old! ( I just realized that after I pressed send )


  6. Barb
    Dec 05, 2005 @ 18:11:05

    So sorry you\’re feeling so wretched! Hope you\’re feeling better soon.


  7. Leah
    Dec 05, 2005 @ 18:15:55

    I used to watch the Brady Bunch reruns. I have a cold/sinus infection if that makes you feel any better? And you know how I felt awhile ago so I hope you feel better, and when you do, you can beat the hell out of your family for not having the decency to care to help you. At least thats what I would do. LOL Love ya.


  8. Jim
    Dec 05, 2005 @ 21:06:57

    Hey, just dropped in to let you know that I\’m still alive, might have some time in the middle of the week.Jim


  9. Litespreader
    Dec 06, 2005 @ 11:12:40

    aw steph.. i hope you\’re back to \’normal\'(?) soon!as far as the comment you left about birthdays goes,it really depends alot on the time of day you were born. if i know that, most times it\’s pretty accurate.i\’ll be praying for your speedy recovery! ; t


  10. Jim
    Dec 06, 2005 @ 16:43:23

    Chicken soup makes everything better especially with a couple of shots of wiskey!Jim


  11. Fructose
    Dec 07, 2005 @ 10:36:52

    Awww, I wish I\’m there and help you turn the channel then watch together with you whatever you want. I know how to cook hot chicken arroz caldo (chicken rice soup) a filipino food, good for people feeling sick and cannot eat. A warm virtual hug from me.Hugs,Maria


  12. Stephanie
    Dec 07, 2005 @ 11:23:58

    @Bruce, Sounds good to me too! You can come play here anytime! ****************************************************************************@BRAD, I went and coughed, hacked and blew my nose everywhere in your office, hope it helps! I\’m nothing if not helpful! LOL****************************************************************************@David, Yep, funny how everyone has a remedy, but, I notice they are all sick too, soooo…****************************************************************************@Touly, You\’re funny! That\’s ok, I AM "Brady Bunch" old! LOL (Just never liked em)****************************************************************************@Barbie, THANKS, I appreciate all of your well wishes.****************************************************************************@Leah, LMAO Good thing I\’m not prone to violence… maybe I\’ll just cough on them and give it back to them!****************************************************************************@Jim, Glad to see you are among the living! Ummm just about anything would work with a couple of shots of whiskey! lmao****************************************************************************@T, Are you hinting that i\’m not "normal"? lmao You DO know me! lmao I\’ll have to see what time I was born. ****************************************************************************@Maria, That sounds so good! Come on over, we\’ll watch movies, have popcorn and Chicken Arroz Caldo… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (PS, If you share recipes, please let me know!)


  13. ThreeBlogNight
    Dec 09, 2005 @ 12:44:36

    I love the brady\’s….well…ok….I loved the girl brady\’s…..well…ok….I loved marcia……jan later in life.


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