Birds and Bees, 5th Grade Style

The other night I took my youngest daughter and her friends to the movies. (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) There is a new digital theatre near Boise, and I had heard some good things about it, so, we drove there.  It’s about a 40 minute drive. I love to listen to these girls, their views on things are in many ways mature, in others just plain funny. They are all in 5th grade (ages 10 and 11) this year. I remember 5th grade, and the (2) boys I had a crush on. The girls all got around to bringing up her favorite boy’s name, and they all shared funny stories about them, (sorry men, looks like talking about you with other females starts pretty young). Of course none would admit to actually liking said boy, usually it was, "Oh he’s so evil"! Which in my day (ice age) would have been, "Oh he’s so gross"! Translation, he’s cute and funny and I like him.  I have 2 of the young lotharios as my neighbors. It’s funny what those boys will put up with from these girls, and even seem to enjoy it. (We won’t mention how Trey lets them put makeup on him) lol shhhhhhh
They also talked about when they get married. The subject of husbands and kids came up. One little girl, Jen, has this all planned out. She’s going to be very rich, and so will her husband. So rich in fact they will own 2 houses, and, he HAS to live in his own house! The other girls chimed in with, "But you’re married"! She says, "So, he’s gonna live there until I’m ready!" tooo funny. She’s also the girl, besides my daughter who says they want to be a "crazy" (we say that lovingly around here) cat, or cat and dog lady, like me, and she’s been saving her money so that when she’s 16, she can buy a car! lol
Gotta love those girls, they have big plans.
A side note, the movie was GREAT! This was my favorite book to date anyway, but they did a fantastic job. It was very dark and scary. I noticed lots of eyes being covered and arm rests gripped. They all loved it.
I’m sold on digital theatres too, the picture and the sound were phenomenal! I wouldn’t really recommend this for younger children, but, highly recommend it for everyone else! I give it 4 purrsssss

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  1. KatSoup
    Nov 28, 2005 @ 15:18:39

    I had an extravagant life planned for myself. I would be so rich it was repulsive an have a sprawling estate. I drew out many floor plans on the street in front of our house. Complete with furniture thats CrAzY.


  2. KatSoup
    Nov 28, 2005 @ 15:19:22

    oh and "POP goes the comment cherry !


  3. Jim
    Nov 28, 2005 @ 15:31:32

    No you are not one of them two!! This cant be! HA, the whole thing is really funny when I think about it, but even after she stared me down and I would look back she was still looking, I am more use to doing the looking, funny when it happens back. This is funny too that you were googleing at the pretty boy! Did he catch you doing this? Was your face red? or am I just weak!LOL Isn\’t it funny how things happen, and what was that you were thinking when you were doing this?JIm


  4. Bruce
    Nov 28, 2005 @ 17:55:50

    I hope that you will always be able to listen to the banter of your kids. As they grow older (mine too), I sense that we become less "friend", and more "provider". We should never appear to be threatening so much that our children can\’t be open. There are somethings that I do not want to know, but there is more that I do… and I will accept the responsibily for making sure my son stays on track. Kids are great! Thanks for the comment… Everything is fine.


  5. Leah
    Nov 28, 2005 @ 18:02:32

    dude married with two houses, and said husband living in one of the houses? That\’s impressive, why couldn\’t I think of that when I got married? maybe it would have lasted? LOL. See I told you harry wasnt for young kids especially not my 2 year old.


  6. Indigo-XX
    Nov 29, 2005 @ 04:58:55

    I wanted to be a super wealthy cardiologist, divorced three times, and raising a farm full of cats….at least one of the three dreams came true 😉


  7. Jim
    Nov 29, 2005 @ 09:12:11

    I went with my son to see it too, I also went to see I walk the line, and I liked them both. I also like going to eat before the movie, and then stuff myself with popcorn, still a kid I guess. I was good to get out for awhile, and I see you had a good time too.Jim


  8. jaker
    Nov 29, 2005 @ 12:27:40

    interesting that you liked the movie…. being an avid potter reader i was torn on the movie. Leaning more an the dislike than the like…. i think they are losing all character developement in the movies as it has turned out more to be like a history book listing events rather than focusing on the characters….. I was rather disappointed, but at least i still have my books!jaker


  9. EdgyKay
    Nov 29, 2005 @ 13:20:19

    Interesting, Jaker, because my son said the same thing. He was a little torn about rating the movie "good" or "bad," but of course preferred the book.I\’ll probably still go see it with #4 Son, though; apparently, Hermoine\’s "getting hot!" Jesus. Is that ALL boys think about??And Indigo? Which one came true?


  10. Litespreader
    Nov 30, 2005 @ 08:09:09

    i always loved taking my kids and their friends places, just to listen to them.and you\’ll probably think i\’m the worst sissy, but a movie like that is a little tooscary for my taste. i don\’t like that adrenaline stuff..


  11. Stephanie
    Nov 30, 2005 @ 09:10:42

    @Kat, That\’s not crazy, that\’s dreamin! Dreaming is fun!Whooo hooo on the comment cherry, does Kay have to but me a present? lol****************************************************************************@Jim, She was thinking you\’re "purty"! Yes he saw me looking and nope I didn\’t blush, I just smiled, like normal. He was wayyy to young for me to be anything other than appreciative of a work of art in human form. I do that too, eat first then POPCORN! I indulge, they have real butter as an option, I take it! We\’re all still kids at heart, and yes, I really did have a good time.****************************************************************************@Bruce, I hope so too. I like that they are all comfortable enough with me to be open and not have to worry. I enjoy the insight. Glad everything is good, and i\’m hoping that things go well with your lady friend. ****************************************************************************@Leah, Yeah, that was pretty funny. I\’ve been told that separate bedrooms works too, but, especially when it\’s cold I love to snuggle (among other things). You were right, that\’s not for little ones.****************************************************************************@Indi, I was gonna be an Oceanographer, or a Flight Attendant. The first time I saw what a Flight Attendant really does, I knew I was not gonna do that. I ended up being a Travel Agent, and Managing a Travel Agency, much more along my lines of enjoyment. I always did like telling people where to go! lmao****************************************************************************@Jake, I did enjoy it. It\’s not anywhere near as good as the book, and you are right, they seem to skim character depth, but, I had the book as background knowledge, and the visuals won me over. I\’m a sucker for gorgeous visuals and effects.****************************************************************************@Kay, LOL yep that\’s pretty much all they think about. There are a few other girls in it that are cute. At the end of the movie Ron gets kissed on the cheek by 2 sisters, I heard one of the little girls I was with say, "It\’s about time Ron got kissed"! lmao tooo funny. ****************************************************************************@Rain, First, Welcome HOME! I really enjoy taking them too, they relax and seem to be able to speak freely and what\’s on their minds. I don\’t think you\’re a wimp, to each his own. If I know a movie has a really sad ending, I avoid it! I love movies though.


  12. Stephanie
    Nov 30, 2005 @ 09:12:41

    Sheesh I wish we could correct these. Instead of, does kay have to but me a present, it should be, does Kay have to buy me a present! lol I take cash, jewelry, gift certificates, antiques, etc. etc. I\’m not hard to please! lmao


  13. Jack
    Nov 30, 2005 @ 20:38:27

    You know, in our school, if someone says that they hate someone, they don\’t really hate them, they just don\’t like them. If you like someone, you either tell them, or you tell your friend, who you tell to not tell anyone. THEN somehow the knowledge of someone REALLY liking someone just somehow leaks out. Nobody knows how, it\’s just that people find out.


  14. Jack
    Nov 30, 2005 @ 20:41:54

    By the way mom, that IS all we talk about. Here would be a conversation.Boy 1-So I saw that one horror movie.Boy 2-Really? How was it?Boy 1-It was pretty good. Jessica Simpson was in it and she was FINE!Boy 2-Really? What\’d she wear?Boy 1-Practically nothing!Boy 2-Awesome! I want to see that movie tonight.Both-Yeah.


  15. Kat
    Nov 30, 2005 @ 23:33:20

    ahhh what a dream, two houses and I won\’t have to clean because hubby is in his own home! SWEET! LOL. I don\’t think there is a digital theatre anywhere remotely near us so we have to stick with the boring one downtown. I thought about letting T and M go to the movies without me Saturday while I do errands. Maybe I better not let M watch……


  16. Bruce
    Dec 01, 2005 @ 04:13:12



  17. BH
    Dec 01, 2005 @ 09:35:08

    Hey there – thanks for stopping by. The Ste Michelle winery has vineyards all over eastern Washington and the Columbia Valley. I believe they are the second largest wine producer in Washington. Your site is very entertaining. Hope you\’re getting ramped up for the Holidays in fine fashion.Cheers,BH


  18. Mr.
    Dec 03, 2005 @ 11:04:17

    That\’s funny. My oldest is in 2nd grade – 7 years old. I know officially feel old and out of touch because the other day she is talking about a nice boy in her class, Brad. She says "he\’s onto me", and i ask her, "he\’s onto you? what are you up to that he\’s on to you?". It kind of went unresolved….just thought it was a funny way of saying something because she\’s particularly articulate…then i find out that "he\’s onto me" means he likes me. Yikes. I mean, who can resist her perfect blonde hair and all?


  19. Mr.
    Dec 03, 2005 @ 11:04:58

    correction…i now feel old…not know.


  20. Stephanie
    Dec 03, 2005 @ 15:49:13

    @faterman(aka Kay\’s Jack) Isn\’t it just amazing, how things like that seem to just leak out??? LOL That was the way it was when I was in school too. The system must be pretty good if it\’s still working.Has your Mom seen your second response? A truer example I\’ve yet to see. Hey, at least you\’re honest! @WYKAT, Hey I never thought about that end of it, he\’d have to keep his own house clean! SUWEEET! I\’d make sure I was with them if they go, some kids can handle scarey better than others. @Bruce, ((((((((((((((Bruce)))))))))))))) hugs and )))))))))Bruce((((((((( a squeeze!@BH, I used to drive by their vineyard outside of Hermiston all the time. I miss the beauty of the Yakima area, the orchards, the vineyards. I am getting excited for the Holiday!@Mr. White, UT OH, is she reading that book, He\’s not that into you? LOL I remember my 2nd grade crush, it lasted until about 7th grade when he decided he really liked me but would show it by hitting me. Sheesh! Sounds like you\’re gonna need a rocking chair on the porch and a sawed off shotgun on your lap (hound dog optional). Then you can ask them what their intentions are with your daughter! lol Hang on Dad, it\’s gonna be a bummmpy ride! Don\’t tell them but I guess we are officially old. lol


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