Nakkie Pictures…

Having been online as long as I have, I’ve noticed there are always a few of the same things people ask.  Some Men, (notice I said some, not all, that’s what I call a legal loophole) seem to be fascinated by a woman’s nude body… I know go figure! That’s one of the most frequent things I’ve found that I’ve been asked, "Do you have any naked pictures of yourself"? Or, "Would you take some"? Since this is a frequently asked question, and, they never ask for pictures of my face, (hmmm wonder why), I had some really nice nude shots done of myself. You know, those coy, ‘sudsy shower’ shots, … the "oops! I dropped my towel", and the ever popular, "Hey look at this gorgeous new car, I feel the urge to lay on it naked"! To save time, and money, since my face isn’t really the issue, they are just from the neck down. Cost me a bundle though! Ok, so, I did this a few years back, and started sending them out to the ‘ever’ soooo kind ‘gentlemen’ that were asking for them. That’s when I started to run into trouble… legal trouble! Long story short, and yadda, yadda… I ended up in court, with a wonderful lawyer. He tried his best, and I have no hard feelings towards him, but, this is what I was court ordered to do.
For every person who requests one of my pictures, there is a legal form that must be sent to them first. This form MUST be signed and notarized, returned to me and filed at my lawyer’s office, before said pictures can be sent.  It’s not much really, just some Medical release forms, a waiver of rights, present and future, and a form that declares next of kin and says that they waive their legal rights because you waived yours! I recently posted some of this on Mikey’s site,
and decided to just post it in it’s entirety here and save myself time in the future. I can just refer them here.
It’s just a whole lot of legal mumbo jumbo,  but, here’s the gist of it…. By signing and accepting the pictures, you wave all legal rights, and forgo any and all current or future plans on sueing me.
You have read and accept that I, Kittycatlane, will not be and cannot be held liable for any and all side effects that may(and have) occur while viewing said photos. Such possible side effects could, and have been some or all of the following…. Possible spontaneous blindness, self mutilation, extreme nausea and vomiting, mental illness, loss of appetite, thoughts of suicide, computer virus’s, computer virus’s on your neighbor’s computer, abdominal cramping, diarreah, family pets running away from home, and total loss of interest in ‘nookie’.
See, just a few minor points, hardly worth mentioning, but that last Judge seemed to think it important and has even threatened me with something about prison time if I don’t warn you! (Sheesh some people)!  I’m being good! (haha) So, I have the pictures, and forms all printed out and ready to go, all nice and legal like!
Oh, are you wondering why and how my lawyer was able to help me and not be effected by those pesky side effects? Wellllll I guess he wasn’t totally unaffected… I hear he’s still trying to find his Seeing Eye Dog!
Now, who wants to be first??????????

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  1. Unknown
    Nov 12, 2005 @ 11:22:54

    Steph,Now my blog never mentioned that I didn\’t wanna see your face, of course I would like to see your facial expressions as you take those shower pix all sudsey and wet, hell I\’d like to see a pic of you just in general, I think you people who don\’t show one in your profile aren\’t playin fair, ha ha ha… smooches… MikeyP.S. Checked your e-mail lately… M.M.


  2. KatSoup
    Nov 12, 2005 @ 18:39:36

    I am gonna need that lawyers #. Well maybe not, Ill have to expand the side effects to possible immediate death from overexposure.


  3. Leah
    Nov 12, 2005 @ 22:31:07

    thats funny


  4. Stephen Craig
    Nov 12, 2005 @ 23:38:29

    Good stuff. Thank you for visiting the painting studio and for your comments. Ya know, I don\’t even like all of my work as much as I like some of my work. Does that make sense? Smile. Be well. Stephen


  5. plazticman
    Nov 13, 2005 @ 00:24:14

    Thank you for stopping by. Where you aware that with out spaces the name of your space takes on a whole new meaning? LOL cracks me up whenever I see it. As to the naked thing. I think I will pass. I suffer from the above symptoms when I walk in front of a mirror naked. Food, age and gravity are not my friends like I thought they were when I was younger.


  6. bren
    Nov 13, 2005 @ 03:58:49

    Oh shit! LMAO!!! So how bout a date for web camming? ;^)


  7. EdgyKay
    Nov 13, 2005 @ 19:38:26

    Is this true?!? For real? Did you get in legal trouble?As a certified felon, I feel it is my responsibility to apprise myself of any situation that could POSSIBLY get me in trouble. I\’m still riding on the cusp of my probation (well, for another two years, but "cusp" sounded good); I don\’t even come CLOSE to the line anymore, much less toe it.Not that I\’ll be sending out naked photos of myself anytime soon. It almost makes ME sick to think of posing in my birthday suit. I weighed almost 11 pounds at birth, and haven\’t fallen off the "healthy" percentile since. Lumps in all the wrong places…


  8. Jim
    Nov 14, 2005 @ 09:15:27

    Too much work, it takes the fun out of it, forms, who needs stinking forms!! Can\’t say I was every asked for "neckid" pics, I wonder how many women are asked? It might be easier to get Stephen to paint them and then you have "art", and no stinking forms!Jim


  9. Stephanie
    Nov 14, 2005 @ 14:13:55

    @ Mikey, LMAO you would huh? I put my picture in one of the photo albums, you have been warned! lmao Checkin email…. smooches back Big Guy.****************************************************************************@Kat, lmao I think that was one of the side effects I blocked out! ****************************************************************************@Leah, TY, Glad I could make you laugh, now, get back to writing that exam paper! lmao****************************************************************************@Stephen, I really enjoyed your site, and YES it does make sense! ****************************************************************************@Plaz, Age, food, gravity, they are all a biotch aren\’t they? Who knew so many things on a body could or would, stretch, hang, expand, etc etc. (You are the first person to notice that about my name!) One of your \’Super Hero\’ powers no doubt!****************************************************************************@Brenda, NOPE, they banned me from ever owning a web cam!! lmao****************************************************************************@Kay, roflmao!!! You nut! Nope, nope, just teasin and giving some of these Men a bad time. Good to know you are behavin\’ yourself! lmao Two years? My heck how many years did they give you? Oh, and those pesky lumps etc, I hear ya! 11 POUNDS!!!!!!!!! Your poor Mother! lmao****************************************************************************@Jim, What???? You mean I haven\’t asked you for any nekked pictures yet? Sheesh I must be slippin! Stephen\’s art is on the modern side, so, even if he did paint me…. well, wait a minute, that might not be too bad. I could end up looking better, like a Picasso, Ok, that\’s do able! lmao ****************************************************************************For some reason even though I leave spaces in between my comments, MSN seems to run them together, so, I\’ve added the cute lil spacer.


  10. BH
    Dec 01, 2005 @ 09:36:04

    Bravo!! Hilarious and very creative. any takers yet?-BH


  11. Harold
    Apr 02, 2006 @ 21:31:35

    Ok.. U suggested it.. N I found it..LMAO
    Good read… I can totally relate to waht ya saying…
    And why didn\’t u suggest an exchange of nekkie photos…. :P:P  I got my all natural ones ready too   😉 :P:P


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