OK, It’s Official…

When it comes to my Children, I’m a prude! How and when did this happen? Anyone who knows me, knows, I’m far from being a prude. Heavens, ask me anything concerning sex, does size really matter, what do I think is a turn on? etc etc I’d answer and discuss it with you, here or in real life, and not be embarassed or uncomfortable. If I don’t know something, or want to know, I ask, much to the chagrin of some of  Male friends.  I have no problems discussing sex with my Children, I’ve always tried to keep things age appropriate and not use cute nicknames. They know I’m comfortable talking with them about anything, and often do, TV and Movies give me lots of opportunities.
 So, when did I become a prude concerning my Children, and other Children, and Teens? I guess the day I became a Mom, but, it’s not until they start growing up that you realize it. Gone are the R rated movie rentals, gone is anything that could be even close to porn, (My boys learned this the hard way) as if I wouldn’t look under the matresses, sheesh.
 I guess I’m feeling a little guilty, my second oldest son is now 18, and about 2 weeks ago he got a call from a business that wanted to hire him. He wasn’t home, and I wrote the info down, and then, maybe subconsciously, or maybe on purpose, forgot about it.  It’s not a business that I would want him working at, although I realize he’s 18 now and makes his own choices, hey, I’m still a Mom.
So, this morning I was cleaning… ok, trying, to clean up this computer table, and I found the info. My first thoughts, it’s been 2 weeks, throw it away, he has a good job. I felt guilty, a little… ok for about 5 seconds, because I know that not only would he love cooking there, but any 18 year old boy(any male any age actually) would probably kill or at least pledge and arm or leg to work there. Did I throw it away, yep! I’m a protective Mom first, I’ll deal with the guilt.
This post is my way of seeking absolution, LOL, I confess, feel bad, but, a Mom’s gotta do what a Mom’s gotta do.
Oh, I’m NOT gonna post the name of the business, the Males in my life, and online that know me would rise up in revolt, and either stone or tar and feather me! I’m not that stupid!  Ahhh the fun never ends! BIG HUGSSS, Steph

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. David
    Nov 05, 2005 @ 19:11:42

    Can\’t really go with you on the non-transmittal of the job info. It\’s a jungle out there, but when kids go armed with a bit of knowledge after leaving home, it\’s all to the good. Once I was allowed to do a few things my Mom didn\’t really care for, the glamor wore off pretty quickly. Any foundation not laid before 18, is never going to be laid after. Trust your own early decisions in their upbringing. I have found that after you have decided the worst case scenario as to friends, girl/boyfriends, jobs; most kids manage to find one of each worse than what you thought possible. I\’d way rather have a kid go to a job I wasn\’t too thrilled with, when he is still coming home at night, than to have him try it out for the first time after he\’s left home. Of course i don\’t have kids, but I was a boy once…


  2. Stephanie
    Nov 07, 2005 @ 08:13:08

    At his age, he does run his life, except in this instance, or if he wanted to drink, smoke or do drugs in my house. A Mom will always be a Mom. Sometimes I think he has too much \’jungle\’ knowledge, I\’m waiting for his common sense to catch up.


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