Doggy Vendetta

Every Wednesday morning I take my youngest daughter to school early, she’s in Honor Choir and that’s when they practice. On my way, I pass a house that has a beautiful Border Collie. He sits on the side of the road, partially in his yard, partially in the shoulder of the road. His posture, (I’ve seen it many times) is that of a dog that desperately wants to chase the cars, you can see it in his eyes, his face, and yet, he doesn’t, at least not that I’ve seen. It got me to wondering about this guy, why sit there and torture himself? Is he so well mannered that he’s been told no, and no matter how much he wants to he actually listened? I prefer to think he has a vendetta, and is watching for a particular car, or truck. Heck it may even be the Mailman, I’m not sure, but I’ve been having fun thinking of why a dog would have a vendetta against a certain vehicle.
I got to thinking, I read blogs of the most creative, and funny people, so, I’d love for you to post why you think it is he sits and waits, for that one certain car/truck.  I’m still working on a story that may or may not include a horses head put in the back seat, but, that’s just the way i’m leaning. Can’t wait to hear what you think. BIG HUGSSS, Kitty

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  1. Gina
    Nov 03, 2005 @ 07:58:18

    hmmmm…my guess is he is waiting for that darn UPS truck to stop at his house and deliver his eBay purchase. Or maybe he\’s still waiting for the cable guy that said he would be there between 10-2.


  2. Stephanie
    Nov 03, 2005 @ 09:11:30

    AAhhh Ebay, I hadn\’t even thought of Ebay. I wonder if he bought one of those, "Blow up Legs" and doesn\’t want anyone else to know!


  3. Kat
    Nov 03, 2005 @ 09:37:39

    Maybe he would if he wasn\’t fenced in? Some dogs have radio collars that keep them at a certain distance yet if they pass it they get shocked?? Maybe he\’s just waiting for the right vehicle LOL


  4. Litespreader
    Nov 03, 2005 @ 11:56:59

    he\’s probably wondering why you just drive by thereeach day… thank you for the support, steph.. have a great day.


  5. plazticman
    Nov 03, 2005 @ 13:02:12

    I will come back to the story challeng. I love a good story. But first I brought you something for NATIONAL DAY BEFORE FRIDAY DAY. I hope you like it. It is a wonderful cup of coff…. I mean hot chocolate. it has scrshhhhh. whip cream scrschhhh. opps to much whip cream, umm you want mushrooms. doh! marshmellows with that?


  6. Jim
    Nov 03, 2005 @ 15:30:51

    Now that must be some good kissing!Jim


  7. K.T.
    Nov 03, 2005 @ 23:21:35

    The dog is waiting for me. He heard that I may be moving to the area.I knew exactly what the secret recipe said…..LOLK.T.


  8. Stephanie
    Nov 04, 2005 @ 08:31:05

    @Kat-Redneck, Yep, I think he\’s waiting for juuust the right truck… but why???? doo doo doooooooo (dramatic music)@Rain, hmmm Maybe, he wonders, "Who is that crazy Lady"? OR maybe he read my vanity plates, they say, Meow to You…@Plaz, Thanks for the Hot Chocolate! The extra whipped cream, well, I\’m sure I can figure out something fun to do with it! LOL Come back and add to the story, I love a good story too.Oh and you MUST stop MEGABRAD, his plans for the Moon were OK until he decided to keep me up all night with those bright lights. I even bought new drapes, and it didn\’t help! Help us Obi Wan Plazticman, you\’re our only hope!@Jim, Yes it is, that\’s why it\’s my "Super Power"! (used only for good, of course) LOL@KT, Alright now, what did you do, so that he\’s waiting for you to get here? OH, is he scoping out ladies so you have advance knowledge of potential, Queen candidates?I knew you knew what the "recipe" said, YOU are a tease! LOL


  9. EdgyKay
    Nov 07, 2005 @ 18:58:03

    Where have I been, and why haven\’t I been commenting here? Immersed in my own pathetic life, no doubt…So. The dog. Why is he waiting? Maybe he\’s waiting for a 6-year-old — wearing a dress and new kneesocks — to walk past, so that he can chase her while she runs, screaming for help, until he finally catches her and knocks her down, batting her head from side to side with his big paws, dripping dog slobber and dog "snot" on her until she is sufficiently traumatized and will NEVER own a dog if her life depended on it. He won\’t actually HURT her, just frighten her so she has an unnatural fear of EVERY kind of dog known to civilization, and cries if she and a dog are alone in the outdoors at the same time, within a 100-yard radius.Maybe. Just guessin\’. No reason for that theory. None at all.


  10. Bob
    Nov 08, 2005 @ 14:26:21

    Hmmmm, Maybe he\’s not a dog at all!! Maybe he\’s actually a chicken trying to figure out why he should cross the road!!Bob


  11. Stephanie
    Nov 08, 2005 @ 15:12:47

    LMAO LMAO@ Kay, Ummm no reason for that theory at all huh? I had an experience kind of like that, I was in 1st grade and the dog was the chihuahua from hell! I had to go right by him everyday to get to school. He would chase me every stinking day, biting at my ankles, tearing my stockings, giving me nightmares of vicious little dogs. I don\’t remember if he chased anyone else. We had just moved there and I walked by myself. It\’s about the only time I ever wished harm upon an animal. @Bob, LMAO a Chicken huh? Now, how did I miss that? He\’s got a great costume!! lmao


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