A Jock, A Jock, My Kingdom for a Jock….

Catchy title huh? I’ll bet you thought it was something different! LOL
Does anyone know what’s going on with, Jockfullonuts, Passing Open Windows, Blog? I love his space and it seems to have disappeared. He’s funny, and very talented, I’m starting to go through withdrawls….
Let me know. Thanks! Steph

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Indigo-XX
    Oct 12, 2005 @ 20:09:43

    He\’s a diva ;)(I\’ll pass along your message to him \’cause there\’s a void without him here).


  2. Stephanie
    Oct 12, 2005 @ 22:45:17

    Thanks Indigo, I love that he\’s a diva, and there really is a void. Please let me know. Steph


  3. Ryan
    Oct 13, 2005 @ 20:00:04

    Kittycatlane, I may give off the impression of being a person without morals. And that, in most aspects, is pretty much true, however, EdgyKay knows that all it would take to end my derogatory comments is a sincere apology. Even if the insult was small, she had the liberty of starting it, so I\’m going to make her finish it. I suppose thats what she wants isnt it?Well by now I guess she knows I\’m really not someone to get rid of easy. Even with the mass of her chatroom buddies will I be intimidated. And they know I can intentionally be a huge pain in the ass sometimes.It\’s been a mere 2-3 days, and I will show no intention of slowing down if her and her internet friends continue to throw their lame insults at me.You seem to understand, I wish she would.


  4. Stephanie
    Oct 13, 2005 @ 22:01:21

    Canadian, I\’m trying to be understanding, but, it\’s kind of hard to when I don\’t see that she attacked or insulted you to any degree. The first volley was her just being who she is/was, a teacher, and she corrected you. It\’s not helping either of you, dragging this on.


  5. CharlotteMae
    Oct 14, 2005 @ 00:43:29

    just stopping in to say hello.. and have a good weekend.. hugs, lottiemae


  6. Ryan
    Oct 14, 2005 @ 05:22:12

    Alright, and I\’m being who I am when I have been insulted by a complete stranger to start things off.


  7. EdgyKay
    Oct 14, 2005 @ 16:16:12

    Well, KittyCatLane, I stopped by to thank you for your support. I\’m sorry you had to become involved in this whole mess. Of course, what Canadian Kick neglects to tell you is that he introduced himself to all of us by coming onto someone\’s site and insulting THEM. So, like any good friend, I stuck up for Rob (the insulted one). THAT\’S when Canadian Kick started his attack on me.Whatever. Irrelevant. I guess I\’m an easy target.Anyway, I do thank you for your kind words. I\’ll be back.


  8. Stephanie
    Oct 15, 2005 @ 19:30:42

    HI Lottie! Good to hear from you. I hear you and Kat had a great time. I hope you have a good weekend too. Canadian, It seems have cooled down a little, I\’m glad. You\’re welcome here any time.Kay, You are more than welcome. I was hoping to bring a little calm to the situation, you don\’t need any stress right now. I really enjoy your space, the banana sticker story, well, let\’s just say, my bladder isn\’t what it used to be! LOL You bring laughter into my life, I hope I can do the same for you.


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