Weekend in Seattle, or, My feet are killing me!

Hi All! Last Friday I flew to Seattle, WA, the original plan was to meet my friend, Teri, hit the Italian Festival, cause some minor mayhem.  Teri’s Father is very ill, and may be dying, so, she wasn’t able to make it. I decided to have fun for the both of us.
Saturday morning I took the bus into Seattle,(wouldn’t you know, the day I get there they close down the tunnel that the buses used, it’s a 2 year renovation) People were going crazy because of the changes, all they had to do was read the new schedules. I found myself helping people figure out where their stops were etc. lol I got off at 3rd and Pine, and walked down to Pikes Place Market. It’s always one of my most favorite places to go in Seattle. There are fish stalls, flower stalls, produce, all kinds of shops, artists, etc. I went and gave the big brass pig, (it’s a huge piggy bank) a pat and watched the fish guys perform for the crowds. The smells and the atmosphere are wonderful! Weekends are especially crowded, but people are kind and friendly, there to have a good time. I love being around the flower stalls, the heavenly smells! The whole market is on different levels, and it’s a maze, I find it makes it fun to explore. I was going to have lunch at the Armenian restaurant there, but the line was soooo long. I decided, fish and chips at Lowell’s, also in the market. You can order on the main floor and then go up to the second or third floors with views, one side over looks the market, and the other, the harbor.  There was a man eating at the next table with his friend, and he looked like an old British rocker, even had the accent, his face was so familiar, and it’s driving me crazy I can’t put a name with the face. I’ll think of it eventually. After lunch I decided to head on up to the Monorail, ride it to the space needle and the Seattle Center. There was a big Italian Festival going on, in the Center House and Fisher Pavilion. I watched the Bocce Ball tourneys first, the men were big flirts, eager to explain the game, and, I found out, this is serious, serious business to them. I should have watched my time better, while I was watching bocce ball, I was missing a cooking demonstration by, Michael Lomonaco, the host of, Epicurious, on TV.  My kids would have enjoyed the marionette puppet shows. I did get to watch the, grape stomping contest, which was fun, and messy. I was in the second row and got some of the grapes splashed on me.  There were food booths set up, sausage and peppers, meatball sandwiches etc. Downstairs  were vendors. One was a small company that makes fresh mozzarella cheese. They had samples out, yuuuuummmy! One booth was older ladies who have grouped together to do Italian geneaology. The Remo Borracchini Bakery had a huge booth set up, selling all kinds of wonderful breads, and to my delight, cannoli!!! I was kinda disappointed that the pastry shell was soggy, but the filling was good enough to help my craving. I can’t get cannoli here in Idaho, and always grab the chance to have one, or two when I can.  The Italian Folk Chorus from Vancouver was singing at the time. They had all kinds of music performances during the festival. Beer and wine gardens, Italian film viewing, dancing… food, and more food. I had a really good time. I know Teri would have, and I ate in honor of her, (she’s not Italian, but she loves food just as much!) lol I saw a girl with a T-shirt on, it said, Not only am I perfect, but, I’m Italian too! lol I tried finding some for my kids but they were all out. I sat and had fresh squeezed lemonade and watched the people. I asked one of the men who worked there, and the security guard he was talking with, "If you wanted Crab, where would you go?" He looked at me and said, "First Ave" , then they looked at each other and cracked up. I must have had a puzzled look on my face, laughing even harder he told me it was a joke… (Hookers down on 1st) crabs, get it? lmao, Pretty funny guys. LOL They then told me the Crab Pot down on the Pier was good, and showed me on the map where it was. I’ve always found the people of Seattle to be friendly, helpful, and in this case, funny! lol
Seattle has changed and grown a lot since my last time there. I walked right by the monorail entrance and didn’t recognize it. There’s a huge building attached now, The Westlake Center, and a convention center with arches that go across the street, all new to me. It was nice to be in a city with diversity though, Blacks, Asians, Caucasians, "Granolas", Suits, etc. I enjoy it.
The monorail got shut down while I was at the Seattle Center, so, I bused back to the Westlake Center and headed back to Renton. I was pooped but had a good day. I decided to forgo dinner and hit the Crab Pot on Sunday.
Sunday morning, I got on a bus full of men, heading into Seattle to the Qwest dome and a Seattle Seahawks game. I’ve been room mom for a lot of my kids classes, and been on field trips, this was just like being on a bus with a bunch of excited kids. lol
I spent most of the morning in the International district, Chinatown. Not much of a chinatown, but I liked it. My favorite store is there, Uwajimaya’s, a huge asian grocery store with just about everything you can imagine, plus gifts, kitchen things, etc etc. It’s a new store since the last time I was there, and they have a big food court. I was in heaven!
Oh, it’s so close to the stadium that you can hear the crowd roar for touchdowns. The Seahawks won that day. I spent the rest of the day at Pikes Place Market, bought some souvenirs for my kids, and a watercolor of the market for myself. There’s an Italian Market/Deli near Pikes, it’s a fantastic place to shop if you get a chance, it’s called, DeLaurenti’s, we don’t have it anywhere around here. I wish I had taken much, much more money! I stayed out of the Antique shops as much as possible, I didn’t want to find something I loved and not be able to afford it, (but they have wonderful antique shops all over!) I went to dinner at the Crab Pot, it’s located in the, Bay Pavillion, Pier 57. There’s a Waterfront Park, and some cute shops, Pirates Plunder was fun, lots of Pirate themed gifts.
Crab Pot is best if you are with someone, but they were great to me being alone. I splurged and had Crab and Lobster. They put paper down on your table, give you a little wooden board, a mallet, and crab cracker. The food is cooked then dumped out onto the table, you eat with your hands. It comes with red potatoes and corn on the cob, OH and fresh warm sourdough bread. It was sooooo good! I sat at an outside table, you have a view of the water, and a huge Ferry, if one is in port (be prepared for the loud horns blowing when they leave the dock). I’m a terrible eavesdropper, one table near me, guys out with their boys, were celebrating the Seahawks win, another table, was there to drown their sorrows, they were rooting for the team that lost. The ladies in the table behind me, had shrimp in their meal, they come with shell on, which means the eyes legs everything still attached, well one of them had seen, as I had, Shark Tales on HBO the evening before, and she was doing the voice of the little shrimp that is trying to convince the shark not to eat him, she did all the lines, in the same little voice, they were cracking up, I was cracking up, they were too funny. Our waitress came to ask how everything was going and I said, "They are making me glad I didn’t order Shrimp!" The lady picked one up and points it to me and says, " Your a gooood person",  I almost spit out my drink, and they were dying!  I took my time, enjoying the view  the people around me, and a scrumptious meal! I think I ate a pound of crab and a whole lobster! (well the tail and claws anyway) I had veggies left but ate every bit of the crab and lobster. I felt like I was gonna have to be rolled out of there. (contented sigh) Sunday night things shut down pretty early. I was full and tired so I headed on back to the hotel. I flew out Monday, at the airport there were some young men sitting with me at the table (we all had lunch there) we got to talking and I had no idea that Jimmy Hendrix was buried in Renton! I’m not a huge fan, but, I felt stupid, after all this time to find that out. Well I guess next time. They went and had a good time, I guess it was a pilgrimage for them, they were true fans. I almost missed my flight, because I wasn’t watching the time. Made it home safe and sound, and even though my feet are killing me, i’m relaxed and ready to go. The whole area of Seattle is so beautiful, I always feel rejuvinated after a visit. Thanks Seattle, and all those who dwell within!

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  1. Brad
    Sep 30, 2005 @ 09:42:53

    Holy guacamole! Sounds like the only thing you missed was the Seahawks game! Hahaha! That was a great depiction of a day in Seattle. I\’m impressed. Yeah, that\’s funny, I WAS at the space needle on Saturday, it sounds like about the same time you were. Can you believe I paid THIRTEEN DOLLARS to go up there? Haha! It was worth it though. You didn\’t mention in your story the UGLIEST building in the world. The EMP building. Did you see it? I went in there to see the science fiction museum. They wouldn\’t let me sit in Captain Kirk\’s chair! The bastards!


  2. Kat
    Sep 30, 2005 @ 10:48:01

    Sounds like a lotta of fun. LMAO at the crabs thing!


  3. Ariane
    Sep 30, 2005 @ 11:11:54

    Aww man, Kitty, now I really friggn\’ miss that town. ARGH. …it hurts….right here…. (thumps chest)Uwajimayas IS an awesome shopping center. I used to work not far from there. You know, that intersection at 3rd and Pine (by the Barnes and Nobles, if it\’s still there) is where I spent many an hour begging for change, and yet, I still wish I could see Seattle again. Fall was my favorite season there. And Brad\’s right on about the EMP being the biggest eye-sore on earth. It looks like a wad of tissue paper or something. Pretty cool on the inside though, I\’ve heard….


  4. Stephanie
    Sep 30, 2005 @ 21:42:09

    @Brad, yep I tried to cram as much in as I could. I needed a break. I thought about going up the space needle, i\’ve been up there but it was a long time ago, I don\’t think they had that viewing area in the middle. I\’m glad you had a good time, I did too, weird to think you were there. I was going to go to the science fiction museum, I love sci/fi but my feet really were killing me. lolI was being kind when I didn\’t mention the building. Toad is right it does look like a wad of paper. Why tease you with Captian Kirks chair if you can\’t sit in it? Sheesh some people! Did they have anything else? Phasers? A transporter? I\’d wanna play, they proabaly wouldn\’t appreciate it. To boldly go where no Kitty has gone before….. I had a huge crush on Spock. @Kat, Yep it was really fun, and those guys were big goofs, imagine teasing me, I\’m the one who teases! lol@ Lil Toad, It\’s a beautiful area. It reminds me of Northern California in a lot of ways, beauty every place you look. Boise calls itself the city of trees, which is a joke when you\’ve seen that area of Washington. I don\’t remember if Barnes and Noble are still there, I did notice that there are Seattles Best, Starbucks, and Cold Stone\’s on almost every freakin corner. Last time I was in Uwajimaya\’s they had 3 or 4 floors, it looks like he\’s or who ever owns it has put apartments or condos above it now, Uwajimaya Villiage. I love that store! One of these days you\’ll go visit again, but you\’ll be successful.


  5. Brad
    Oct 01, 2005 @ 23:36:24

    Yeah, there was all the different phasers, a tri-corder, a communicator, and get this, do you remember the little thing that bones used to wave over his patients in the sick bay? It was a little round thing that went "Beeyeeeyeeeyeeey". Haha. That was in there too. It looked like some old car part with some crap glued to it. Hillarious. The phasers looked like they were carved out of wood, painted black, and had some plastic crap glued to them too. There was lots of cool stuff in there. They even had the full size alien queen from Aliens, and the original Enterprise spaceship model hanging above Kirk\’s chair! It would look good hanging in my den. Hahahaha.


  6. Slobodan
    Oct 02, 2005 @ 01:43:44

    Space Needlehttp://groups.msn.com/SpaceNeedle


  7. Stephanie
    Oct 02, 2005 @ 15:17:43

    @Brad, Dang I should have gone in! I do remember that little round device he used on his patients for diagnosis, some times I would think it was funny they used that, a guy could be bloody and torn to pieces and they still needed to run that over him to find out he\’s dead. Was that the real model they used when they showed the ship going to warp speed? Very cool! I loved Aliens! Why would they have such great stuff and not let you take pictures? Did they give you a reason?


  8. Brad
    Oct 02, 2005 @ 19:03:28

    Yeah, It was the real model from the original tv show. Guess who ruined it by putting his signature in black felt pen on the side of it in big letters. Damn Sulu! The stupid reason for no pictures was all about how it is "climate controlled" to preserve the artefacts. It\’s kinda dark in there and I knew they would see my camera flash. I was with some friends, and one of them whipped out her cell phone and took some pictures. Hahaha. They came out real dark though. She took one of me next to Darth Vaders mask. It was so dark I didn\’t post it. They also had that robot from "Lost in space". Remember that tv show? "Danger Will Robinson!" Hahaha.


  9. Stephanie
    Oct 03, 2005 @ 08:27:35

    Hey Brad, do you have paintshop or photoshop? I\’ve lightened up dark photos for people with those, if you don\’t, email me the pic. i\’ll work on it for you. I\’m really sorry I didn\’t go in now. I remember Lost in Space, the robot, the whiney sneaky Dr. Smith. As a little girl I remember thinking he was so stupid for getting pissed off at the robot and calling it names. lol Do you remember, Land of the Giants, or Time Tunnel? OH Night Gallery, Green Hornet, Batman (cheesy as it was), I know there are lots more, I love those old shows.


  10. Brad
    Oct 03, 2005 @ 23:47:28

    Land of the Giants? Time tunnel? Don\’t remember those. I do remember night gallery and the green hornet, but BATMAN is my man! Freakin hilarious. Doesn\’t matter what age you are when you watch it. Probably the next best thing to Kirk\’s chair would be the BATMOBILE!!! Yeah!I posted a couple of those phone-cam pictures. They came out ok for the bad lighting.


  11. Stephanie
    Oct 10, 2005 @ 14:20:18

    @Brad, Yep I used to watch Batman all the time. I used to want to be Cat Woman, Julie Newmar. Green Hornet was great too, I had a crush on Kato, Bruce Lee, before I even knew he was Bruce Lee. lol


  12. Q
    Oct 13, 2005 @ 19:52:10

    I used to travel to Seattle every month for over three years. This was about 12 years ago. The company I worked for was trying to secure retail space in the malls and I was a district manager for them, scouting spaces and checking out the business terrain.I loved Seattle. To this day, I would consider living there. You are right. There is so much cultural diversity and so many interesting things to do. I loved the market, Pioneer Square, Capitol Hill, The Queen Anne area… You really hit it with your descriptions. Great seafood! I\’ve been to DeLaurentis… had some prosciuto (sp?) and cheese… nice. The "coffee craze" was in full swing there but I hadn\’t really learned much about it. I went to a coffee shop and decided to order a Cafe\’ Au Lait. I said it like, "Caffe\’ Alot".. and the waitress looked at me and said, "You like coffee a lot?" LOL It\’s funny to think that I am now a trained barista. Oh, those were the days!I had the best Thai food that I\’ve ever had in my life in Seattle. I guess… it was all about the food!The first time I went, I had been there for two weeks, hermetically sealed inside the mall in Tukwila (um? SouthCenter? I don\’t remember) and every day I got a latte\’ and went outside for a smoke. On the 13th day I was there… I saw Mount Rainier. Oh My God!! I had no idea it was even there!Great story… very descriptive.You took me down memory lane!*s*Q


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