Politically Un-Correct

I’m going to be politically un-correct. I usually watch a comedy on TV in the afternoons, the station changed the program schedule and it’s now, Maury Povich. I don’t usually watch shows like that, but the title of "Are you my baby’s Daddy" caught my attention, what really shocked/ pissed me off/ made me sick, was the two young black women they had on there, had been there before… not once, or twice, not even three times. One girl was there to test her 8th man to see if he was the father of her child, the other was testing the 7th man. WHAT THE HELL! One was married, and I had to wonder, why after about 4 yrs she decided to tell her husband that he wasn’t the childs father, and from the looks of things she had no idea who was. Normally I’m a live and let live person, but, how messed up can you be? Bottom line, neither of the latest men proved to be the father, so it’s on to try and find man number 9, and man number 8. My only thoughts on this, it comes down to money. That’s all the women are after. Before the men were disproved, each of them were just certain that man was her baby’s daddy, and he was gonna pay child support, take care of his child. I didn’t notice either of them saying, I’d like to have you be part of our childs life, nope it was, your gonna pay! I was embarassed and sickened by the whole show, and the fact that the women got so pissed off because the guys they were having tested weren’t exactly happy to be there, and actually called them names. Sad, but they were names they earned. Don’t get me wrong, I think Men should be called sluts or whores too, if they earn it. I watched in fascinated horror, not being able to tear myself away from the twisted metal, smoke and fire of the whole wreck, poor excuse for a show, and people. After each was proven not to be the father, they of course were happy and relieved, the women, after having gone through this umpteen times already, still felt inclinded to weep crocodile tears and show a poor display of histronics. They both kept saying, "this is soo hard". I guess it would be, but I have 4 words for you and others to take to heart… KEEP YOUR LEGS TOGETHER, OR, USE A DAMN CONDOM! MEN if you don’t want to be accused of being someone’s Daddy,…. DON’T have sex with her, OR, USE A DAMN CONDOM!!!!! Children aren’t ‘cash cows’ or your road to welfare easy street, they aren’t weapons to use. If you have to test 8 or more men to try and figure out who got you pregnant, then you deserve for it to be, "so hard" you deserve for those men to not have any respect for you, after all, did you have any respect for yourself? I would think your Mother’s would have taught you better… LISTEN to them, if not, have enough respect for yourself and start NOW to change and be different. If you were my daughter, I’d wanna slap you silly, no matter how much I loved you, and I sure as hell would NOT let you go back on TV and humiliate yourself any longer. Deep breath, calm, think calm.  I won’t be watching that show ever again.

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  1. Advice For Dummies
    Sep 19, 2005 @ 17:37:36

    You know this crap is all staged too. Don\’t kid yourself


  2. CharlotteMae
    Sep 19, 2005 @ 20:40:41

    When we got satellite tv a year and a half ago… I watched that show once and thought…..What?????????????? Whatever happened to the button method of sterilization for women in a doctors office who don\’t want anymore kids…. and the snip snip for guys… I am a firm believer in birth control and if people have not found a permanent method when they have had all the kids they want then they have chosen to have more kids…. until then….. condoms, foam, the pill whatever it takes… it is called BEING RESPONSIBLE!!!! Got me on a soap box..because there should not be more free money for having more kids… hugs, lottiemae


  3. Stephanie
    Sep 19, 2005 @ 20:50:41

    Kinda along the lines of Professional Wrestling huh?


  4. Stephanie
    Sep 19, 2005 @ 20:52:07

    I\’ll move over Lottie, I was on one too. I agree no more free money for babys!


  5. bren
    Sep 20, 2005 @ 04:47:08

    It\’s pretty disgusting to watch, sometimes ;^D I don\’t know if it\’s all staged – perhaps it is. But isn\’t it a shame the producers feel the need to keep beating the point how stupid and careless some women are? It\’s what ever gets the ratings, I s\’pose.


  6. Duncan
    Sep 20, 2005 @ 16:21:49

    Are you my mommy?:\'(:\'(Do I get any money now?Please :((K)


  7. Stephanie
    Sep 21, 2005 @ 10:11:42

    @junque, you\’re right the men are just as stupid, it must be for ratings. I\’m not sure if they stage it or not, either way it\’s pretty sad. I guess I got so mad because it\’s the innocent babies that will ultimately pay the price.@Dunk, LMAO "Are you my baby\’s Daddy"? (watches as Duncan runs screaming from the blog) LMAO


  8. KatSoup
    Sep 24, 2005 @ 19:15:56

    Oh man, sometimes I\’ll flip through the channels and that shit puts me in a trance, ……I get all caught up in it. Then a comercial comes on , I realize Im an idiot for caring WHO the daddy is. You always make me laugh.


  9. L
    Sep 26, 2005 @ 08:21:18

    Those are absolutley horrible especially when they have the kids waiting right there backstage. My husband watches them. He says he watches because he can\’t believe how badly people can act. I must confess though that I enjoy the shows where you have to guess who\’s a woman and who\’s a man. I wish I looked as good as some of those guys. Most of them were probably those boys you grew up with that had such beautiful eyelashes and curls that it just didn\’t seem fair.


  10. Stephanie
    Sep 26, 2005 @ 22:11:56

    Hi Kat, ya know it\’s like a wreck or a fire, your don\’t wanna look, and yet you do. It\’s so easy to get sucked in!lol @Running, I forgot they did those shows! I\’ve seen one of those. I can usually tell, and if I can\’t I look for an adams apple or if they are wearing a scarf. It\’s sickening how good those guys look! I\’ve always wanted long legs, the ones I saw had great legs!


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