Bloggers 101, 101 things about me…

I’ve seen this on other blogs, so, thought I’d go ahead and do one too. I’ll keep mine clean though. Yes, yes, believe it or not, I’ll behave myself!  lol
1. My name is Stephanie, but I got the nickname, Kitty because I’m always curious and asking questions.
2. I grew up moving about every 2 years. I’ve lived in CA, OR, ID, WA, and AZ.
3. I’m the oldest of 7 Children. (that’s not a typo) lol
4. I have 5 brothers, 1 sister. My boys think I’m psychic, I might be, but, it’s just I’ve seen and heard it all when it comes to boys getting into or causing trouble. (Just don’t tell them)
5. I love Art and graphics, I belong to several MSN groups that are about learning and making computer graphics.
6. I love all animals, and would have lots of them if I lived in the country. Cats have always been number one though, and I’m feeding 13 of them, 4 are my ‘babies’ (all grown up now). They come running to me when I go call them. I say, "where are my babies?" and they come running. lol
7. I try to never judge anyone. I have no right to, and people can surprise you!
8. I know I’m not the greatest speller, nor do I remember much of grammar and punctuation, sooo if that’s your hang up…. pfffffffffffbbbbbbbbbbbbttttttttt lol
9. I can be a smart-ass at times, but, I have no problem with it. lol
10. I like to tease…. I’ll just leave it at that.
11. I have an eye for the finer things in life. My sister says that you could put me in a jewelry store and what I like will be the most expensive. It’s true, I can do it time and again, jewelry, antiques, cars, what ever, if I like it, it’s expensive. (Notice I didn’t say I can buy these things) My favorite tales to tell on this are both yard/tag sales. One, I bought a bag of costume jewelry, one of the rings had caught my eye. I later had it looked at, it was a ruby, with diamonds, 14 gold setting. Pretty good for a zip-lock bag full of costume jewelry for $1.00. My second favorite came a year ago. I was helping this kind older lady move from the farm she raised her kids on, same one her hubby was raised on, to a trailer park in town. Her mother was like me, a collector, lol lots of stuff in boxes to go through. We had a huge sale. Towards the end, she was pulling boxes of stuff from the barn and was gonna throw most away. I was able to convince her that people did want this stuff! (it was good!) In a pile of garbage I found an old picture of a little boy, in pajamas, blowing a horn for his toy soldiers. I told her I’d love to have it. She thought I was crazy, but gave it to me. I recognized the artist, and for a year I hung onto it because I loved it so much. I finally decided to ebay it. My free picture from the garbage made me $775.00! Ahhh life is good!
12. Oh, did I mention I LOVE ebay?
13. I started working at the age of 12, my first job was mowing an older lady’s yard with her push lawn mower. I’ve done lots of yard work, babysitting, taking care of horses, feeding pets while people are on vacation, house sitting, working in the fields, fast food, maid in a hotel, day care, worked at a newspaper, worked for a tax preparer, been a personal trainer,(what was I thinking there), and my favorites, been a travel agent and managed a travel agency.
14. I love to travel, and used to dream about it as a kid. I’ve been to almost every place I wanted to go.
15. One of my favorite places to travel is, Hawaii. I love the people, love the islands, love everything about it. The very first time I set foot on Kauai, I felt like I had been there before, like I was coming home, I belonged there. I’ve never felt that way any place else. I knew I had been there before and it was special to me, it still is. (love those big men!)
16. I love to cook, and I’m told I’m a good cook. lol That does make a difference.
17. I’m Italian (Sicilian) and Portuguese.
18. I love to laugh, and really appreciate funny people. Intelligent and funny is even better!
19. I’m a movie addict. Have been since my old babysitting days. I love a good sci/fi, horror, or comedy. Not too thrilled about westerns.
20. I really enjoy learning new things. (I’ll let you interpret that how ever you wish) lol I am being good after all.
21. One of my hobbies is Bonsai.
22. I’m a ‘collector’ I have collections of, old milk bottles, Japanese dolls, brass, cats, yep both real and knickknack, cookbooks, a few antiques (I want more), some antique jewelry (I want more), Chinese watercolors, I have a signed David Lee, print from one of the times I was in Hawaii. He does gorgeous Chinese style watercolors on silk. I can’t afford his real stuff, but I love my print. (want more!), milk glass, antique fruit crate labels, coins, oh heck, you get the idea. lol
23. My favorite TV shows are, Simpson’s, Malcolm in the middle, reruns, King of the Hill, CSI, Law and Order(s),Star Gate, Medium, Lost (unless they start to bore me or screw up the story line) Antiques Road Show, anything History on PBS, Moonlight, and Journeyman. I like shows that make me laugh, or think. I’ve come to accept, on TV, dysfunctional is funny. lol Go figure.
24. Have I mentioned I like to tease? LOL
25. I love Roses and flowers. I grow roses and do very well at it.
26. I enjoy gardening.
27. I’ve always been independent, but have my times when I love being cared for. I’m just not used to it. lol
28. I love caring for that special person in my life, and making him/them (my children) feel special and loved.
29. I was very shy and quiet as a kid/teen, unless I knew you well, then I was a big flirt.
30. In High School I was pretty much a big flirt. (OK so some things don’t change much)
31. I’m A LOT older now than I was in High School. lol
32. OK, I will say, I’m past 40, and thank heavens not 50 yet.(When I get to 50, I’ll change this to say, Thank heavens I’m not 60 yet!) LOL
33. I’m a sensual person. I like tastes, textures, feelings, etc, that bring pleasure.
34. I love spicy foods. Sweet and spicy probably more than just regular hot spicy, but, it’s all good.
35. I have a dear friend who now lives in India, and when he gets married, (hint, hint) I’m gonna go to his wedding. I’ve always wanted to visit India.
36. I’m told I have a sweet voice. I’m being corrected, I have a young, sweet, sexy voice. lol
37. I have dark brown hair, and big brown eyes. Big brown eyes came in handy when I was younger. lol
38. I had a cat that I loved very much, live to be 21 years old. I still miss her.
39. I love old cars.
40. As a kid I used to collect rocks, coins, and comic books. I had some really good ones, but every time we moved, my parents would throw our stuff away.
41. I love to read. I used to read more than I do now. As a kid I would read books that really weren’t appropriate for my age, but, I did stumble upon some great writers like that. Steinbeck, Asimov, Twain, HG Wells, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Bradbury,I would read everything, I loved sci/fi the best though. Other girls were reading teen love stories, I was reading Asimov, and other sci/fi writers. I never cared for Piers Anthony though, he got too detailed on crap that didn’t matter.
42. I love to make things. I sew, paint, paint watercolors, do embroidery, crewel, a little calligraphy, crafts, etc etc. What’s that saying, student of many things,  but master of few? I’m not sure that’s right, but that’s me.
43. I grew up and went to school with Harmon Killebrew’s kids. He used to come and talk to us, an interesting man.
44. My favorite color isn’t just one color. I love Reds, dark purple, dark greens, dark blues, and peach.
45. My favorite foods are all kinds. I like Italian, Chinese, some Japanese, Indian, Moroccan, Greek, Vietnamese, Mexican, and good ol USA Seafood, lobster, crab, OH and Prime Rib. lol
46. I’m 5ft 4inches, and as far as weight goes… well, I’m working on it!
47. I like big men. Big tall or tall and big. I grew up around small, mean men, (I know they aren’t all mean just because they are small, but I’m going by experience.) and a man who’s stick thin, well, to me that means too much self control to ever let go
and be hot in bed. LOL (kitty’s philosophy)
48. I have 4 children that I love, love, love! My youngest is 13 and I have not given her permission to keep getting older!
49. I’ve never understood people being into S&M, but if I had to pick, I think I’d try being a dominatrix (spelling?) I don’t think I’d be very good at being submissive. Being on top,
It’s a good thing! But, then again so is…. oops forgot I was behaving.
50. I’m having a heck of a time coming up with 101 things.
51. I think accents are sexy. A good one is Southern, very sexy.  Aussie is a hot accent too, or, an Italian with some New York thrown in. hot hot hot.
52. Some of my favorite quotes comes from a friend, Don. I’ve met Don and his wife Lorey in real life, they are hilarious. His quotes, "Hurt me, hurt me, make me write bad checks" LOL " Let’s party, I’ll bring the chips dips chains and whips." 
or, "I know enough to get laid or get my ass kicked in 7 languages" Gotta love the guy! lol
Another one is from Steve, he lived in this same lil heck hole of a town I do, he escaped, run Steve, RUN! Steve’s quote, "I’m a lesbian in a man’s body". Oh, and yes Steve, you do have a great butt. lol
53. I never use the F word. No matter how mad I get… I can slice and dice you without using it.
54. OK, I ran out of steam here, so, I went blog surfing to see what other people had said on their, bloggers 101. I came across, Bob’s site, it’s called, don’t point that thing at me.  Here’s his link, and thanks for giving me some ideas and laughs Bob.!1pUF6Uf-HMEadMKabOuCsrdw!460.entry
55. I have a thing about Men’s eyes, arms and hands. I then check out the butt and legs too, but tmi? huh
56. I’m afraid of heights, spiders, and bugs that cling to you.
57. I get sick watching fear factor, not for any amount of money would I ever eat or do those things. 
58. I was born in Dec. and I’m a Capricorn, but, I’m not a cold, all business Capricorn. I resent that generalization.
59. I’m not fat, I’m ‘fluffy’!
60. I loooove Chocolate, the smoother,the richer, the better.
61. I love touching, hugging, snuggling, holding hands, the feel of skin on skin. (Among other things)
62. My mantra, I will behave, I WILL behave. lol
63. I don’t smoke,  never even wanted to try it. I don’t drink, too many addictive personalities in my family. Don’t mind if you do though. lol
64. I make the things I do, look easy.
65. My pet peeves, Women who dress in expensive clothes, made up to the hilt, who’s children are dirty, hair not combed, ratty clothes. Pisses me off to no end.
Body odor and bad breath… men, I’ll be blunt, if you want sex or oral sex, you shouldn’t smell like a dead body that’s been out rotting in the desert sun for a month… nuff said?
66. I actually could care less if you leave the toilet seat up or down. I admit it’s nice to have it down in those times you are in a real hurry, but, it’s not that big of a deal to get upset or argue about.
67. I try to live my life by, "don’t sweat the little stuff, and, it’s all little stuff".
68. I love to dance, especially when it’s a really good sexy beat to the song.
69. I play on pogo, it’s a game site where you can chat and play games. I kick butt at gin and spades. I suck at poker.
70. I have a mind that remembers worthless bits of info, so I’m good at jeopardy, and trivia. (I’ll take you on Bob)
71. I don’t take myself too seriously, nor anyone else for that matter. I’m not a total goof, but, life is too short.
72. I’ve flipped thru the Kama Sutra, and my thoughts… some, do-able, others, not even if I was double jointed!
73. Pleasure, not pain!
74. I plan on going back to college. I’d love to take some art classes, computer graphics, psychology, and drafting. Who knows what else.
75. I’ve always had a thing for shoes. Expensive shoes. I hate seeing a woman, or man who’s’ dressed really nice, and wearing cheap shoes.
76. It takes a lot to really make me mad. Hurt a child, animal, or one of my loved ones, and you’ll be front row. Me, you can say whatever about.
77. I love how men are so comfortable with their bodies. No matter how big or small, they are OK with it. I admire that.
78. I always say, "You can ask me anything". I may not answer, but I usually do. I can’t think of anything that would embarrass me, so fire away.
79. I have mutant dust bunnies under my bed.
80. I have my ears pierced, twice. I can’t wear any jewelry, watch, anything unless it’s real  gold.
81. I’ve always loved Oriental stuff, furniture, clothing, antiques, china, etc etc.
82. I admire men, and women, who, when faced with a tough choice, will make their decision based on what’s best for their child, or children, no matter how much it hurts them personally. That is REAL love.
83. I love spring, new things growing, time to plant gardens, love is in the air! lol
84. My car plates say, Meow to You.
85. I wanted Purrrr, but it was already taken.
86. I have a dark blue and green Beta male in a 1 gallon tank right next to my monitor. I love to watch him swim, it’s soothing. He’s a, ‘taco short of a combo platter’, he sees himself reflected in the tank, and thinks it’s another male. He spends most of his day, posturing and threatening himself. lol
87. I love old houses, those big beautiful ones, wrap around porches, built to last.
88. Auctions, yard sales, estate sales, alllll good!
89. I read everything my kids read. (Junie B Jones to Redwall, Beverly Cleary to Harry Potter) I like knowing what’s going into their minds. (OK, I would have read Harry Potter anyway)
90. I’ve met 7 people in real life that I met online first. We were all very careful, had a fantastic time, and think the world of all of them.
91. I usually sleep with a window open, even in the winter.
92. I love flip flops. (can you tell I’m running out of steam?)
93. I’m beggin ya, Men, don’t wear speedos, PLEASE!
94. Guys, a kiss isn’t smashing your lips up against ours and ramming the tongue down. There should be finesse, technique, some tenderness, licks, nibbles, gentle, or not gentle sucking…. ummm is it warm in here? lol 
95. I don’t like riding in a car with people who, don’t  use the AC in summer, and won’t open windows. In winter, they blast the heat so much it’s like being in Death Valley during the summer.
96. I actually like doing taxes.
97. I like people who are honest, blunt even. I have three friends that come to mind, Vanda, Dennis and Don, people seem to be offended that they are honest and straight forward. I’d much rather have a friend that is up front and honest with you, than one who lies and plays games. Which one would you trust?
98. I admire men who are kind, loving, compassionate, smart and funny. I like men who enjoy touching and being touched, with a strong sensual streak.
 I don’t admire, Muy Macho men who have tempers they can’t control, have no respect for women, and are violent, or businessmen who throw temper tantrums at the airport.
99. If I had the money to live any place I wanted to, I’d have a home on the Island of Kauai, one on the Oregon Coast, or Seattle area, and one in Southern California. LOL I’m greedy.
100. I love Chinatown in San Francisco.
101. The views expressed here are those of Kitty (Steph) and not necessarily yours, nor do they have to be yours for us to be friends. Fine Print, offer and opinions not valid in Walla Walla Washington, or Cucamonga, California. Void where offer is prohibited. Offer good for 18yrs and older only. A running computer with any system is required to run this blog. Kittycatlane will not be held responsible for errors in typing or grammar. Actual opinions may vary, depending on my mood and PMS! Kids, don’t try this at home! If you keep doing that, you’ll go blind……..
 This quote is sooo me! Thanks Rain!
One of the advantages of being disorderly is

that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.

A A Milne


18 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gordon
    Sep 03, 2005 @ 19:00:20

    Hi Steph, I loved the 101 things about you. I did learn one or twings about you I didn\’t know. Glad you kept it reasonably clean…lol…..


  2. K.T.
    Sep 04, 2005 @ 20:42:26

    Thanks for stopping by. My music is working now! 101 things….I see that on blogs all the time, I\’d be lucky to come up with 10 things! I read Kenny also, truely an amzing guy. Mr T


  3. bren
    Sep 09, 2005 @ 22:23:04

    This was GREAT! It was nice getting to know you.


  4. Oklahomo
    Sep 11, 2005 @ 09:05:09

    Capricorns are cold and business like??? Hmmm, well, I guess I might be sometimes…but I oh so like to have lots of fun too. So, ebay…I like that too. Now, I don\’t "like" paying taxes, but I don\’t mind the math and calculations to actually do my own. Why do people feel the need to pay someone else to hit the add and subtract buttons on a calculator??? Another reason why I believe technology is leading to the dumbing down of this nation.So, salt and pepper are exotic spices huh??? LOL…your family is not ready for me then. I always kick it up a notch…BAM.~Cajun


  5. Stephanie
    Oct 10, 2005 @ 14:22:57

    Cajun, i\’m still waiting, and drooling, while i\’m waiting for recipes!


  6. EdgyKay
    Dec 18, 2005 @ 18:40:35

    Two things come to mind immediately:* Harmon Killebrew (Go Twins!!) and I share a birthday. June 29th. Yay for us!* Husband and I went to Kuaui on our honeymoon. We spent two weeks there. I could spend 200 years there…* (OK, three things) I LOVE your story about the free painting selling for $775 — Antiques Roadshow is my favorite! You are a lucky Kitty!* (OK, four things) We have four Betas. My favorite, Tsu, sleeps on his side for about 20 hours out of the day. EVERY SINGLE TIME I walk past his bowl, I gasp and flick the side, to make sure he\’s still alive. Sneaky fish.Nice job, Steph!


  7. Sun Goddess
    Jan 18, 2006 @ 22:42:02

    Ooo I love these lists! I have 2!I think I am the only one.


  8. CravingNatureGirl
    Jan 23, 2006 @ 23:48:57

    Wow! I feel like I know you already 🙂 We have several similarities, like your #s 24,30,33,34,45,46,68,82,97 and thank you for throwing in #94! lol You sound like a lot of fun! My site is fairly new and humble, but you should check out my 101 list. Nice meeting you!


  9. Nikki
    Jan 27, 2006 @ 23:12:06

    Aloha from Hawaii!  I love shoes and I totally agree with u on #75.  Why bother dressing up if u dn\’t have the right shoes, right?  Well love reading ur stuff.  Keep it up!


  10. Harold
    Mar 02, 2006 @ 22:45:48

    LOL… NICE read.. very amusing and illuminating 😉


  11. strollerguy
    Apr 18, 2006 @ 00:24:29

    Well, interesting list. I think. It\’s the first "101" list I have actually looked at.
    MANY items caught my attention (being a guy!), but perhaps the two that I will "take with me" are your "reading list" and the fact that you choose not to use the "F Bomb."
    I heard a long time ago that folks who "cuss" do not have anything intelligent to say. I am still working on that one – it is "where" I want to be.


  12. asad
    May 24, 2006 @ 18:36:34

    how are you?welcome to my about you ?


  13. Jane
    Mar 01, 2007 @ 08:53:27

    I\’m deeply disturbed by number 96.  I\’m not sure we can be friends.


  14. SAAM
    May 30, 2007 @ 15:12:08

    Ok, I think that is the first time I\’ve read that.  Very cool.
    We are a like in some ways (except I\’m alleric to cats!!):  I\’m 5\’4",  I like crafts and always have something on the go, Bob says he\’s "a lesbian in a man\’s body" all the time!,  I like shoes (so does Marissa-take after my mom!!),  I like yard sales!! And chocolate!  And gardening.  yay to your # 93 & 94
    Take care


  15. Jean
    Jul 08, 2007 @ 18:17:43

    OMG! I think it would probably be easier for me to say which ones are not alike than which are!!LOL No wonder we both like the nut, and you wanted me out of your head!! We\’re almost twins! Well, I know we\’re both "unique", but we do have a lot of similarities. cool. My first cat lived 26 years.


  16. Lola
    Oct 27, 2007 @ 17:14:40

    Well, you are an eclectic mix of everything.  And I think that is wonderful.  I love art too, and have brown hair and brown eyes. Your  #65 is still making me chuckle.
    Take Care!


  17. Unknown
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 10:37:11

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