A few lines about nothing…

I admire those of you who can seem to do this so effortlessly. Let’s see, a little about me, I’m OLD, a Mom of 4, been through some things in life that I thought would make me crazy…. ummm maybe it has! I love people with a good sense of humor, and intelligence. I’ve met some of the most beautiful people on this earth, the ones without humor or a personality, might as well be window dummys. I’ve been blessed to have been able to travel. I still need to get to the orient, (China, Japan) been on my list since I was a little girl. Gotta get back to Hawaii, I love the people, those big men! Those great HUGS! lol
As I sit here, my feet are being attacked by one of 4 kittens. My kids know that I’m a soft touch, my oldest has rescued 3 strays and sent them to me. lol The last one was preggers, i’m now feeding 9 cats…. anyone want a kitten???? HUH?? Come on, you know you do!
 If any of you like to play online games, check for me in Pogo, my player name is kittycatlane_   come on in and play, I’ll kick your butt! LOL (unless it’s poker, I SUCK at poker) www.pogo.com
BIG HUGE HUGS, Kitty (Steph)

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bruce
    Oct 08, 2005 @ 20:42:36

    Thanks for stopping by… but calling me an idiot was a supprise. I am kidding, but sometimes it is difficult to listen to my own advice. The only reason that my comment is here is that I was admiring your 101 and the "few lines about nothing". You do sound like your put together very well… and what was it about judging other people ? I\’m just a little tired… forgive me.


  2. Stephanie
    Oct 10, 2005 @ 14:40:01

    Hi Bruce, I left a message for you at your space, but, that, Idiots was not aimed or even meant to be for you. I was generalizing, and never meant for you to take it personally. I\’m so sorry! YOU are NOT an idiot. BIG HUGSSSS


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