Hotter than Hell

Hi, I’m Stephanie,

I love, cats, bonsai, roses, gardening, reading, painting, antiques, graphics, my friends, family, traveling, etc etc. I really appreciate intelligent, funny, honest people.

I live in a desert area. Summer’s are really hot, in fact today we are 102/3, depending on which news guy you believe. Anyone have a spare air conditioner they want to donate? LOL I’m glad I don’t live in Arizona, or near Death Valley. How do you people cope? I’d never leave the house. I’d become a total shut in during the summer.



5 Comments (+add yours?)

    Jul 21, 2005 @ 21:07:25

    Well to let you know that monsoon season has started in Phoenix, Az., even tho the temp it hot and in the 110 range it not really that bad when you get used to it LOL. Type at you later Bye!!!


  2. bob
    Sep 27, 2005 @ 01:26:38

    hi! hope you\’re well! love your blog :p


  3. Stephanie
    Sep 27, 2005 @ 12:06:34

    Hey Bobosaur! I\’m doing well, and thanks! I enjoy yours too!


  4. Bruce
    Sep 29, 2005 @ 20:50:13

    Stephanie, I am still thinking about your question… and I will answer… with you in mind ;-)(((hugs)))


  5. Stephanie
    Oct 01, 2005 @ 10:13:10

    OK, i\’m waiting! lol


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